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  1. I am wondering if the issue with thumbnail view freezing the application has been addressed. Maybe I was the only one but when opening my reminder list in thumbnail view caused EN to hang and become unresponsive.
  2. Hello All, Since being new here I hope that I am using this forum correctly, If not please excuse. Noticing that EN is hanging in the following situation - wondering if anyone else has / is experiencing the following 1. system hangs on thumbnail view ONLY when reminders are opened ( i have a ton dated and non dated ) When I switch back to snippet view and open the reminders no problem, but if i go to thumbnail view I have to close the reminders list or it hangs. I have to basically force close the application. and relaunch.
  3. I wil send them - but i should clarify - the program freezes and becomes unresponsive... That might be technically different than a "crash"
  4. Just downloaded and installed - Crashes on thumbnail view -
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