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  1. Someting along the line of the Broken Link Checker site was along the line of what I was thinking. I tried entering the URL for my Evernote account. I got a message that you had to have a padi account for any url with a "/". Probably the best option is not to worry about it and just delete links as I try to use them and find they are broken.
  2. I am moving all of my bookmarks from Google Bookmarks into Evernote. During the process, I am (no surprised) finding broken links. I have by no means tried every single link, so I am sure I have missed some. Is there any way that I can find links (URLS to outside sources) to web pages that no longer exist?
  3. I want to be clear that every Gmail thread has its own link, just as if it was a webpage. I can put a link to a Gmail message in an Evernote note. Here is the results: 1. In Evernote desktop client, click the link to the Gmail message and Gmail opens to that message. 2. In Evernote web, click the link to the Gmail message and Gmail opens to that message. 3. In Android mobile app, click the link to the Gmail message. The Gmail app does not open. Instead, the Gmail inbox opens in the broweser on the mobile device instead of opening to the specific message. That's where the problem lies.
  4. Thanks for the info. When I put a link to a Gmail message in an Evernote note, I am not also copying the text into Evernote; I'm just putting the link because there is a reason for accessing the email rather than simply the text contained in it. That's why the link in Evernote is so useful from my desktop computer and why it would also be helpful from my mobile device.
  5. How do I get hyperlinks to specific emails to open to that specific email in the Android mobile app? If I click a hyperlink of a specific email (by URL string) that I have saved in Evernote, when I the link from the Windows desktop client or Evernote Web, that specific message opens in Gmail. When I do the exact same thing from the Android Evernote app, the link does not even open the Gmail app it does not open that email. In fact, it does not open my gmail app (Android) but rather opens to the inbox of the browser's Gmail app. How do I get hyperlinks to specific emails to open to that specific email in the app? NOTE: I really think this is more of a Gmail issue than Evernote issue. I am seeing the exact same thing with the Remember The Milk mobile app. A saw this question posed on a Gmail forum, but there were no answers given.
  6. Thanks! Found"Auto-title using location" was unticked. "Auto-title using calendar event," however, was already ticked. We'll see if the combination of both being ticked gives the desired results.
  7. I am glad that search is now working again thanks to the latest Android upgrade. I am noticing two differences and wondering if others are seeing the same thing. Also wondering if there perhaps a setting that needs to be rechecked somewhere. 1) When I search on the Android app, I seem to remember that the search would not only return notes meeting the criteria, but would highlight each instance of the search term in the notes it returned. Am I remembering that correctly? On the latest version (8.9.1), search is working, but not highlighting. 2) When I create a new note, if there is an entry on my Google Calendar at that time, the default title of the note has always been the name of the meeting. That is no longer happening. The title of the note is blank. (Maybe this is by design. Perhaps most didn't find it a useful feature.) Thanks for any light you can shed. Frank
  8. Shane, Shane, I was looking at my version number yesterday and it was 8.9.1 then. I looked at the date of the last update and it said May 10. Is it possible this announcement was written on May 10 and was just now posted?
  9. The solution suggested earlier in this thread worked for me: Android app -> Settings -> Search and Storage -> clear local search history & clear cache. However, the next day, the problem returned. Ran the same fix and search worked again. Are others experiencing the same thing? Are you having to run the fix every time you you restart the phone? Or does it have to do with every time the app syncs? Trying to identift the variables here.
  10. Scott, Thanks! That's what I needed to know. Frank
  11. Thanks for getting back with me. Of course, the experienced user knows about the ability to rename notebooks, tags, stacks, etc. The beginner does not and needs clear instructions. Here's why this point is important...If you are walking someone through setting up account, especially if you aren't sitting beside them, you want to be accurate with what the novice is going to see. Hopefully someone who has recently assisted someone else with creating an account will respond.
  12. Quick question... In the past, when creating a new account, Evernote would start you off with one notebook. It would be named for the user..."Jim's Notebook," for example. I have always taught people to rename that notebook ".Inbox." (The period in front of the word causes that notebook to sort to the top of the list.) I heard someone recently say that when you create a new account, that one notebook is automatically called "Inbox." Is that true? If so, is there some punctuation in front of the word? (Of course, I could just create a new account and see for myself, but I didn't want to clutter cyberspace with one more junk account.)
  13. Take a look at this: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/209005587-How-to-annotate-images-and-PDFs-in-Evernote
  14. Bidel, Evernote is exactly the right software to organize your notes. Wish I had it 20 years ago when I did my dissertation. I suggest your research project be a STACK and each chapter in your project be a NOTEBOOK. Each entry will be a NOTE. Use TAGS to identify the to[ic for each note.
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