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  1. I am running Evernote Windows Version 10+ on my computers and the legacy app on my Android phone. I have a saved search that returns notes created today (created:day) and another that returns notes updated today (updated:day-0). (I also have similar ones that return that info for the last 2 days, 3 days, and week, but let's just use these 2 ). I've used these two saved searches for years and they return correct results. The results I get on my the Windows search and the Android search are different from each other. Last night, I was seeing Windows miss notes that the Andoird app returned
  2. This solution worked...but I had to add one thing: Clear the old search. Below is the set of instructions you provided with the addition of this step. Open Evernote Notice it's displaying the results of an old search Clear the old search Close the Evernote window Notice that Evernote is still running in the system tray Click Quit Evernote from the system tray icon Open Evernote again - this is the important middle step. It doesn't display the old search Shut down PC Start PC Open Evernote Evernote opens without displaying the ol
  3. Proclus, I am finding that if the "checkbox" is the first item in the line, it concerts to a member of a "checklist" upon hitting <enter>. If the checkbox is something other than the first item, the checkbox holds as is. An example might be a person is using an EN note as a to-do list, and one of the items is "Drink 8 glasses of water." The person would have a "checklist" of which "Drink 8 glasses of water" is one of those items. To the right of that task, the person creates 8 "checkboxes." During the day, the person clicks one of the checkboxes to put an "x" in it. You would fin
  4. When a add a checkbox, enter text beside it, and then hit <Enter>, that checkbox turns into a member of a checklist. Is that how it's supposed to work? Here is a short Loom that shows what is a seeing: https://www.loom.com/share/384dbc6749b441d4b6f2fbe41c78fbe2
  5. Mike, Thanks for the response. I did give that a try...close Evernote through the system tray and then rebooting. Evernote opened to the same old search.
  6. Mike, Thanks. I am totally rebooting the computer. When I open Evernote, there that same old search.
  7. I am running Evernote 10 for Windows on my laptop and the legacy Windows Desktop client on my desktop computer. On the laptop (Windows 10 software), I conducted a particular search. Ever since, when I open the Evernote Windows 10 software on that laptop, it opens with that search term in the search window and the results of that search showing. I have conducted many other searches since on that laptop. However, each time boot the computer and open Evernote, that search term and results show. I am not seeing that problem on the legacy desktop client on my other computer nor on Ever
  8. Wow, thanks! That worked on Evernote Web and Evernote Windows desktop.. That does give a solution...combine the two shorts and enter Shift + Alt + D and then Shift + Ctrl + D to get the date and time. Not nearly as convenient as Ctrl + seicolon and will take some getting used to, but that will work.
  9. I use the date/time shortcut frequently inside notes. (Control + semicolon). In the new Windows desltop software, I see on the list of keyboard shortcuts that Shift + Alt+ D inserts date and time. For me, it's inserting the date but no time. Does anyone have any insight into this point?
  10. Thanks for the replies so far. I tried exiting Evernote and opening the program again. I also tried using F5 to cycle through the views in the preview pane. Neither solved the issue. I went to Evernote Web. The note displays correctly in the preview pane there.
  11. I have only noticed the following issue on a couple of notes, but am interested in the cause, a quick way to find other notes which may have been impacted, and the easiest way to resolve the error. Lets say I have two notes: Note A and Note B When viewing Evernote for Windows in the side panel, I see a note that has the title for Note A, but the preview and preview picture are that of Note B. When I open that note, I see the title for Note A and the contents for Note A. In other words, when I open the note, it displays correctly. Note B displays properly in both the sidebar and
  12. Someting along the line of the Broken Link Checker site was along the line of what I was thinking. I tried entering the URL for my Evernote account. I got a message that you had to have a padi account for any url with a "/". Probably the best option is not to worry about it and just delete links as I try to use them and find they are broken.
  13. I am moving all of my bookmarks from Google Bookmarks into Evernote. During the process, I am (no surprised) finding broken links. I have by no means tried every single link, so I am sure I have missed some. Is there any way that I can find links (URLS to outside sources) to web pages that no longer exist?
  14. I want to be clear that every Gmail thread has its own link, just as if it was a webpage. I can put a link to a Gmail message in an Evernote note. Here is the results: 1. In Evernote desktop client, click the link to the Gmail message and Gmail opens to that message. 2. In Evernote web, click the link to the Gmail message and Gmail opens to that message. 3. In Android mobile app, click the link to the Gmail message. The Gmail app does not open. Instead, the Gmail inbox opens in the broweser on the mobile device instead of opening to the specific message. That's where the problem
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