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  1. Might be true for a teams version. But speaking from a general perspective. This is a feature requested for so long. And we all hope that it will be implemented soon.
  2. we all get only 512GB SSD which are always full. the pholosophy is to be focused what is really needed. the same is true for very very limited space on outlook exchange. the more you need, the very much more you boss has to pay for every GB. again, just in order to be stay extremly focused every day and do what matters. I use my EN with my colleauges because we have our own businesses running simulteanously. wheter EN or our own servers... the philosophy does not change: relief from old issues and starton a blank page. this includes to say bye bye to the old files, somehow :-). i am currently working by the way, casual 15 hours saturday.
  3. if those 2 can be merged in 1 or should be seen as separated, i don't know. what i simply know is that i want start my new projects with my employees with an absolutely fresh mind and setting on my laptop. for this... i simply don't want those old files on my laptop anymore. it is our feeling of relief here at mckinsey 🙂
  4. @PinkElephant The point is that I clean up my computer form old projects and files, once I am done. So moving it to Evernote... However... I know that my laptop is stil "full of those old" files. Even if I delete them. Because I moved them to Evernote, it is still somehow on my computer and again, no free space was created on my computer. I mean so many people would appreciate that and the fact that you have it on the apps already show, that the solutions exists and is implemented. But not for Windows / Mac so far. I hope this will come soon. People are waiting for a solution that exists actually now for years 😞
  5. +1. missing this function for so long. a function that is a super basic thing for othe apps that. i want to take notes... simple, quick /h1 /h2 /h3 and lets go... but i have to use the mouse to select on the top the different formats. takes so much time...
  6. with the new v10.20 ... there is a significant increase in speed. wow. truly, a great job dear EN team !!! whatever i do now... the response time is amazing.
  7. @DTLow I know this, of course. However, the way I request it is much moe valuable for most of the users. As you mentioned, it is already implemented in the Android app, for exmaple.
  8. +1 It would be great if one can decide how much cache Evernote is allowed to use. Or which Notebook should be only in the cloud and not as a copy with all the files on the computer. Use case: Notebook PDF archive - where I want to put larger documents from projects but I do not need them in the Evernote folder in Windows anymore. Great to see them but it would be cooler if those files are not on my computer. I have just a small SSD. Or / and in addition a variable cache one can define between for example 100 MB and X GB. So Evernote just temporally saves only those files one is relatively often working with.
  9. I had the 500, 1500, and now 1600. The 1600 is just a little bit faster than 1500, that's it. However, I am very happy with it overall. As @PinkElephantmentioned, 1500 and 1600 can be used without a computer. This was critical for me. Sometimes I am on a business trip and my family just puts all the letters into the 1600, done.
  10. @aukirk As described above, this is exactly the reason / case people use Instapaper I understood so far. EN just get those pieces that worth passing through. The rest is the long list in Instapaper etc. while EN represents the selected short list.
  11. I absolutely agree with you @PinkElephant. I just didn't see any argument for having Instapaper while using EN. Some tried to show the advantages on different YouTube videos. But I was definitely not convinced. One core argument was: Instapaper makes articles much more clean. So Instapaper becomes the inbox for ALL articles. And once you like the article, you can send it in this very clean format towards EN. So EN will contain ONLY those filtered from yourself by scanning in Instapaper first. Whatever, I don't care 🙂
  12. I am a little confused when it comes to Instapaper. The main argument is: Instapaper makes an article clean, so you can send it e.g. to Evernote. However, the Evernote Clipper has an article option as well, where you get a very clean article format. So is there a case where the free version of Instapaper gives me productivity advantage that the Evernote clipper does not have?
  13. I understood this approach. However, wouldn't it be easier for everybody just to be able to copy multiple notes simultaneously as it can be done with 1 one, that's it.
  14. Today, I had the same problem. When I select multiple Notes with CTRL on Windows, I am not able to copy those selected into another folder. I have to do that one by one. I can move all of them simultaneously (in the blue bar that pops up below), but not to "copy all selected noted to..."
  15. Again, I am not saying that I am against EN or what they do. But we are talking about note taking and note overviews. And those synced blocks are nothing than allowing me to see my existing notes in different ways and make sure that changing a note here will show me the same result there. Nothing more, nothing less. It was just a feedback from "those professional" people loving EN but missing simple "note taking issues" on a daily base. Maybe this forum will get 1k up votes for pushing the importance of a feature like that :-).
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