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  1. @PinkElephant It is not about niche product. Many other apps like Noteshelf are using the intelligence of the S Pen as well. It is about integrating the intelligence of the S Pen or Apple Pencil through a dedicated interface. I mean we are talking about EN and about a Samsung or an Apple with their pens. Both brands with the most sold pen integrated devices in the world. And these pens are so sophisticated with all their sensors. But EN makes just 1 single sensor pressure sensitivity. If we are talking about an note taking app... but the "note taking" is a 1 pressure level story
  2. Any news in terms of Samsung S-Pen and pressure sensitivity? I have the Note 20 Ultra and it has 4096 pressure levels. It looks amazingly realistic on the 120Hz screen with, for example, Samsung Notes app. But as soon as I start writing on EN... I feel like having a Samsung Note 1 because there is just 1 pressure level and that's it. So you can't do work in a sophisticated way. Maybe just for basic notes, but that's it.
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