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  1. I didn't find anything helpful on the forum or Google; has anyone seen this before? In an e-mail there is a "Save to Evernote" button. When I click it, it takes about 8 minutes and then it comes up. If I click it multiple times, then I get multiple windows with errors that it could not access the content, and one window that eventually comes up and allows me to save it. I am running Outlook 365 32-bit (so latest via Microsoft online updates), Windows 10 (latest), and a very fast machine with 64GB RAM and SSD drives. Otherwise, the standalone Evernote app itself behaves normally. Evernote, Plugin version Office 16.0.11126.20234 Version 1812 Build 11126.20266
  2. It's actually not tricky, since for example (thanks to the work of the W3C) URL's follow a standard, non-platform-specific format. Simply place a file URL into the note, of the form: FILE:///<path-to-file> Or, they can extend the protocol using URL specifications, and for example do something like: DROPBOX:///<path-to-file> Such a protocol extension has been available in desktop and mobile operating systems for at least 10 years, I believe even longer. When you install an app, it registers with the OS that it handles the "whatever:///" protocol, so again Dropbox and the other cloud drive providers would have to handle URL's of such a format. I bet there are other ways to do it as well.
  3. I'd disagree, it depends upon the Dropbox API that is avialable (and of course, by extension, all the other web drive services - WebDAV, One Drive, Google Drive, etc.). If the API is available, then it works cross-platform, and Evernote could take advantage of it. If the API is not avialable, then Evernote certainly could contact these companies and work with them to develop such an API. So, as a professional developer, I know just how easy it could be - and that the right way to do it is for each cloud service provider to build an API call that allows you to reference a path, and dereference that path given third-party apps on various target platforms incorporating the drive providers' API.
  4. I am totally SURPRISED that this feature doesn't exist! I had to create a FILE:/// URL by hand to do this, and that worked. What I want is: Insert / Hyperlink / To File. Browse and pick file, click OK. @cwb, this is not the same as an attachment - we don't want the file contents embedded in the note, simply a link to it. What would be TOTALLY awesome, would be if we link to a Dropbox folder, if that worked in Evernote across devices (e.g. we link to a Dropbox folder in Windows, then open the note on a Mac, iPhone, iPad, etc. and tap the hyperlink).
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