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  1. True, my bad. They do appear . I just had the notebook with too many reminders.. and they appear right AFTER the dated ones. Is true that we have missed now the ARRANGING of them .. we cannot move them. We need that again.
  2. Yes I subscribe exactly this. Also when in a certain notebook I used to click in reminders and all of them appeared. With v10 only the DATED remiders appears. Those without a date dont. I miss that.
  3. Is there a place where to ask to bring things back to version 10? Im really missing a lot of things in this new version
  4. I think colour labels have been removed in Evernote 10 Any reason for this? I was already used to have different color tags.
  5. Posibility to syncronice task with Microsoft TO-Do app? (old wunderlist)
  6. YEs, I also want to do this. I want to be able to start an ink drawing, add an image, ,and continue drawing over it. In samsung notes, or xiaomi notes this is possible
  7. Any updates in this? Still not working in certain sites... for example youtube.
  8. Not working for me at the moment (july 2020) win10 + chrome Anyone else?
  9. Once i get a reminder in my phone , if I go back to the desktop app it doenst show anmore If there was a Button in the tool bar with sort of a history of past reminders... with dates i think it would increase productivity. Thnks.
  10. Another PRO user requesting repetitive reminders. Please have them ready before WUNDERLIST dissapears.
  11. I want to see two pages. Most monitors are wide nowadays and will be much productive to see two pages instead of one.
  12. I used to open all links in the desktop app. First the website opened and then right away jumped into the app. Thats what i want to continue doing and I cant
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