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  1. Thank you kindly. I had seen the panel before but missed the "three dots" menu.
  2. On the side panel, tags don't show the number of notes tagged with each tag (as it happens with notes in a notebook, as it's already been reported). Thus, you can't see at glance unused tags, in order to remove them On the other hand, since the r-click context menu has dissapeared, I really don't know how to remove unused tags or tags mistakenly created Acknowledging that you're trying to keep cross-platform compatibiliy, please fix the issue as good as possible
  3. yep but greek letters are used in engineering even in arabic, russian or chinese texts
  4. I see the point, I can understand cross-platform compatibility, thanks for your comment. In that case, a adding a "symbol" font would be a must for all of us dealing with science & engineering stuff. I often resort to copy-pasting entire formulae or to insert editable jpgs (now much easier with the sketching tool), but greek letters are unavoidable and it's a nuisance not to have them at hand.
  5. Besides losing URLs when merging (please fix that ASAP) it also happens that when merging a note with another that already was the result of a previous merge in the older version, the headers generated for the old merge now appear as (narrow) table cells, messing up the whole thing and requiring manual fixing. Please note that merging notes is a technique used to quickly generate press-clipping reports. The productivity you gain gets utterly lost if you have to manually go over every old header.
  6. It's quite useful to be able to see the number of notes per notebook in the left-side panel. Please restore that feature
  7. The new merging procedure is absolutely fantastic, and the way the new client version deals with EN Web clipper is far superior w.r.t. older releases, including the source URL under the title, consequently preserving it when merging. But note that this does not apply for notes captured an imported in older EN Windows client releases. When merging notes captured with Web-clipper and imported into EN with older releases of EN for Windoes, only the source URL of the first note in the merging list preserves the URL. You lose the source URL of the other ones for good. Please note that this is a critical feature, because it really lead to critical information loss. This was requested in the beta version (sadly delivered on an as-is basis) This feature (including the source URL when printing or merging) was in the options panel, which has also vanished
  8. This ws requested in the beta version forum. You can type ctrl-click to avoid the two-clicks. A nuisance nonetheless. It should've been engineered the other way round: one click to jump to the target, ctr-click to get the link context menu (which is great as such).
  9. EN shouldn't have released the beta version as-is; it's been a daring decision Whereas it's not a critical feature, colored tags make live far easier when locating your critical notes or notebooks.
  10. They've just released the beta version, a daring decision Getting back system fonts ins critical. It's preposterous to have to get out of EN, launch the Windows keymap utility, look for the greek letter you need, select, copy and then go back to paste it in your note, to say de least. I support your point
  11. As in the beta version, options remains disappeared. Options are a really critical feature, please bring them back (hopefully improved & adapted to the new version)
  12. Yep, exactly, that's I'm referring to, thank you As a matter of fact, as I was saying, you don't even need any external editor to annotate inline images in a regular text note: the integrated editor, reachable by r-cliking on any image, which still exists for IOS as a stand alone app but not for Android or desktop anymore, is terrific. EN ink notes (quite competitive in their current implementation) are an entirely different word, or several different worlds, so to speak, depending on which platform we are using. - On Android, they turn into an editable object, displayed inline, along with any other doc you want to attach in a regular note. Once synced, you can edit the resulting note with the integrated SketchIt annotation tool by r-clicking on it or on any other included image. Every platform implementation resorts to a different handwriting / drawing tool. - On the Windows desktop application, they are a separate entity, with fantastic hand-writing and drawing features (including basic shape recognition). However, none of them let you paste an image into the drawing area and seamlessly draw on it. My point is that it should be technically viable. I'd dare say that each stroke in an EN ink note is internally represented as a separate object, with a nifty bunch of public methods in the class to resize, copy, paste, move and change color properties. There should be a way to import a jpg or bitmap image as a new object into the EN ink note (a cinch in C++, let alone Python) adapting the public methods to that case.
  13. You got it my friend, that's why I posted this in the "Evernote for Windows Requests" forum, in which Mac users are all welcome too needless to say! That said, the idea is not get the images as an attachment, but to be able to write over them seamlessly
  14. I'm sorry I wasn't clear enough: I'm referring to the ability to paste into ink notes, not into regular text notes. I guess you know how Evernote's ink notes work. As I expected to be obvious in my former comment, you can paste or capture virtually anything in regular notes, and annotate images withinn a note with the (still supported) integrated editor (the old Sketch-It editor that Evernote dropped out as a standalone tool a long time ago) You can't do that in Evernote's ink notes in the Windows client (or in the Android client either; can't say if it's possible to do it in Mac or IOS)
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