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  1. Evernote Windows 10.6.9 and Adnroid 8.13.3 but must depend on common backend indexing. Recently updated notes do not appear in searches even quite a few hours after. For example I edit either a preexistent note or one just web-clipped, and add the term "foobar". Then I search for "foobar" over the whole database. No matter how I order the notes (recently edited or recently created) note with my last edition does not appear in the search results. However, the search finds other notes containing "foobar", even if they are in the trash bin.
  2. I suggest to fix the Home icon on the left panel so that it's always available, like the search box and new note button
  3. A widget gathering notes with alarms would come in handy, for people happy with new Home feature (I found it rather redundant, truth to tell... I'd rather prioritize re-egineering the (now abstent) Options architecture, or a copy&paste functionality and other improvementes for the sketch tool)
  4. Please add the copy & paste feature to the new sketch tool... Otherwise it's pretty useless In the long term, reaching the functionality of the old Evernote's Ink notes would we great...
  5. Please add the capabily of copying and pasting selected objects in the new sketch tool. It really would foster the limited usability and productivity of this tool. Also, it would be optimal to endew this new tool with the excellent basic capabilities of the Ink Note editor of pre-10 versions
  6. The ability of inserting sketches into notes is one of the coolest features of EN 10x, longly awaited for many of us. The editor is far too basic, though. However, the edition capabilities lag long behind those of the gorgeous editor for handwritten notes existent in the older versions, and even behind those of the traditional sketch editor still embedded to edit images in EN A desiderable minimum feature in the new skimpy scketch editor would be the ability of copy and paste regions selected with the selection tool
  7. I'm experimenting trouble with duplicates and even triplicates of notes edited in one computer that appear twice or thrice in another. I had seldom had this problem before. I'm using the last 10.2 release, same updated Windows 10 Pro in all the three machines I use (+ cellphone, Android).
  8. Well what I've been doing since I joined the first beta testing program is to keep different versions in different computers, but honestly, as a senior computer engineer, I can't make heads or tails of this mess.
  9. I understand the pressure on the developers team but please do not underestimate the pressure we users undergo everyday on our work A few critical examples: - Properly merging notes and generating a single pdf leveraging EN has been saving me bags of time for years when it comes to deliver press-clipping reports for example. In the absence of user preferences, I can't select the proper settings when merging, nor properly select the information I need on the header of the destination pdf file. Source URLs get lost in many cases whe merging, despite the fact they were included as prope
  10. Thank you kindly. I had seen the panel before but missed the "three dots" menu.
  11. On the side panel, tags don't show the number of notes tagged with each tag (as it happens with notes in a notebook, as it's already been reported). Thus, you can't see at glance unused tags, in order to remove them On the other hand, since the r-click context menu has dissapeared, I really don't know how to remove unused tags or tags mistakenly created Acknowledging that you're trying to keep cross-platform compatibiliy, please fix the issue as good as possible
  12. yep but greek letters are used in engineering even in arabic, russian or chinese texts
  13. I see the point, I can understand cross-platform compatibility, thanks for your comment. In that case, a adding a "symbol" font would be a must for all of us dealing with science & engineering stuff. I often resort to copy-pasting entire formulae or to insert editable jpgs (now much easier with the sketching tool), but greek letters are unavoidable and it's a nuisance not to have them at hand.
  14. Besides losing URLs when merging (please fix that ASAP) it also happens that when merging a note with another that already was the result of a previous merge in the older version, the headers generated for the old merge now appear as (narrow) table cells, messing up the whole thing and requiring manual fixing. Please note that merging notes is a technique used to quickly generate press-clipping reports. The productivity you gain gets utterly lost if you have to manually go over every old header.
  15. It's quite useful to be able to see the number of notes per notebook in the left-side panel. Please restore that feature
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