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  1. After capturing any web content on the phone by using the "share" tool, the EN Android's client shows up (not always I must say, but mostly it works). When popping up, it shows the name or filename to be captured, along with scroll-down lists of notebooks and tags so that you can fine-tune the filing opreration instead of just saving the capture in the default notebook or whatever. These scroll-down lists show notebooks and tags duplicated. No further issues: if you select one of the replicated names, all of them are properly selected. Just a minor bug, but just mind it and fix it when you can!
  2. Yep sure, 1st thing I tried. Solves the problem only partially, there still some duplicates with recent notes or as you make new updates, thx
  3. This has been happening since the first 10.0 release for Android, please fix it, it's confusing and annoying
  4. Well they're spoilt for choice. We develop Electron APIs in C++ so you can expose C++ objects /services through the Electron API. Since bindings are mostly performed using Java, they can rely on the powerful existing Java services as well. As for Chromium, it's been traditionally compatible with the page-break-* feature.
  5. As a user, the question for me is just a feature I've been proposing for the past 12 years. As a computer engineer, it's a question of feasibility and opportunity, pondering costs and benefits. They've been using C++ since 2010 if I'm not wrong. Whatever the structure of the current EN framework, they'll likely be generating pdf from html by resorting to a library like wkhtmltopdf. They can't use wkhtmltopdf (GPL) because EN is a commercial product, but they sure rely on a some propietary alternative. By resorting to the css trick they don't even need to touch the library; you just have to provide the proper html stream. It all depends on how many users ask for the feature (quite a number, for the last 12 years I must say). The new EN architecture should make things easier, according to Ian. They are by not means user-agnostics after all (altough some times it looks as if they were he he, but we got used to it!)
  6. Precisely my friend. Just because EN uses HTML, pagebreaking can be implemented in a pretty straitghtforward way. They only need to plug a CSS interpreter to the clients and process "page-break-after / page-break-before". It can perfectly be inlined in html, no need for separate stylesheets, to keep it simple. To make things even more simple, that css interpreter doesn't need to parse standard CSS but just the commands EN decides to consider, like the one I'm proposing. This is far different from common browsers, whose CSS must parse a sizable ammount of (not always standard) commands. One of the reasons some browers show issues when processing page-break-* commands is because they do not have control over the whole cascading, and if a parent container set a float positioning scheme, pagebreaking doesn't work properly lest you kill the float. In the case of EN they just have to process their own CSS subset. The css intepreter in an EN client could be just a really small nifty piece of code. It's far from a technical limitation.
  7. Please allow the users to select the radius of the erase tool. In its current state is too big for erasing small bits (like something inside a box) and too small for erasing big areas Please add a copy & paste function. Selection works fine, but you can only move the selection around, not to paste it elsewhere The old ink note in EN pre-10 could inspire some improvements in current post-10 sketch tool. Despite its huge limitation of requiring separate special notes, hampering portability, it's remains better in recognizing shapes, and it includes copy & paste. Being able to paste and edit images (unifying or avoiding the use of old good Sketch for images) would be a plus in the future
  8. Syncing takes more than desired sometimes in the EN Windows client. It interferes with your activity slowing down or even blocking the client, severely interrupting your workflow and playing havoc while you're at a critical meeting taking notes or looking for important info. To top it all off, when you must dash out by just closing the lid of your laptop or even orderly shutting down your desktop PC, there's no way you can ensure the latest changes have synced. EN does not always synces the latest changes before closing the client on Windows. So please bring back the precious traditional sync button . You could also allow back the user to stop background syncing for those situations where you're on a rush and need all the EN client power working locally. Keep the good job -- JL
  9. Syncing is sluggish. Webclips or info sent to EN on the cellpone is not syncen until you actually go all the way to the concealed manual syncing option and force it. So please move up the feature to a more accesible point.
  10. The new Home screen would get much more useful specially on the cellphone client if there were a widget to see notes listed by reminder date, if any This could be achieved by just adding a new tab, maybe de default one, to the widget that lists all the notes
  11. Delayed syncing on Android's EN client causes duplicates and confusion because the delay is usually too long, also affecting items sent to EN from within the cellphone (clipped URLs, or whatever files you internally send to EN) Thus, one has to manually force the sync before switching to any other client (PC, Web) Please, let the user decides upon syncing frequency, or place the manual syncing option up in the client so that you can force it in not more than one click
  12. EN 10.9 for Android EN notes created on the Home screen vanish whenever I power off and up or reboot the cellphone this has been happening for the past few EN releases for Android
  13. Evernote client for Android (OxygenOS 11.GM21BA) - EN release 10.7.2 (1112038) When listing all the the notes, recently updated or visited notes appear duplicated. Such duplicates do not actually exist in EN Web or my PC client. When listing notebooks, entire notebooks appear duplicated as well, without being actually duplicated in the data base as seen on the Web or Windows EN clients. This causes a real mess, since editing one of the fake duplicates in cellphone may cause a real duplicate in the database. This makes me waste precious time. Other than that, notes added on the home screen vanish out of the blue after rebooting the device, erratically. I haven't been able to find a pattern to reproduce this fact: sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. Please fix this mess (which is far more important than adding frills and whistles to the app )
  14. It used to be in old ink notes (EN <10) and it was a really useful feature (absent in MS One Note, BTW) Background patterns and colors are gorgeous, thanks for the improvement in En 10.10.5, but the ability to select, copy /cut and paste the selection in a different place would rocket the usefulness of the sketch tool. --JL
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