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  1. Evernote client for Android (OxygenOS 11.GM21BA) - EN release 10.7.2 (1112038) When listing all the the notes, recently updated or visited notes appear duplicated. Such duplicates do not actually exist in EN Web or my PC client. When listing notebooks, entire notebooks appear duplicated as well, without being actually duplicated in the data base as seen on the Web or Windows EN clients. This causes a real mess, since editing one of the fake duplicates in cellphone may cause a real duplicate in the database. This makes me waste precious time. Other than that, notes added on the h
  2. It used to be in old ink notes (EN <10) and it was a really useful feature (absent in MS One Note, BTW) Background patterns and colors are gorgeous, thanks for the improvement in En 10.10.5, but the ability to select, copy /cut and paste the selection in a different place would rocket the usefulness of the sketch tool. --JL
  3. Thanks Shane The editor freezes often, any time, and it takes it up to half a minute or even more to turn back responsive again. - opening external links - opening a pdf - after pasting an image or whatever - when fixing a misspelled word, because the editor tries to show the list of proposed correct terms even if you don't want it to do it. ,,, So I'm in the middle of a critical meeting, must open a pdf or reach a link, or edit a misspelling or change from one note to another and EN freezes and I must make everyone in the meeting to wait for me to reqch or c
  4. The complete deployment will take about one month; by mid-April should be complete according to the info I got from EN
  5. Thank you all for following and commenting this post, and thanks EN for hearing. Evernote annouced yesterday that the new release 10.6 for iOS and Android version is already being rolled out, with the Simple note widget and "Add to home screen" widgets back (besides incorporating mobile Table editing).
  6. Same for me The problem in not just the DRAM usage (which goes well beyond 1 GB in my case) and, occasionally, CPU, it's just the poor resposiveness (it freezes in many occasions). I've been using EN for more than 10 yrs and EN 10.x has increased DRAM and CPU requirements by several notches
  7. I strongly agree. We need critical notes /notebooks to be reached at one-click, not by serching. A quick compromised solution until restoring the feature would be to include in the new widget a direct link to shorcuts
  8. Strongly agree with the request. We need to reach a few critical notes /notebooks in one click, not searching for them. Please restore the ability to create a direct link to a note or notebook on the screen
  9. The new sketch tool in EN 10+ is pretty anorexic. It would greatly benefit from a copy & paste functionality and shorcuts to select the tools. I've mentioned this quite a few times in separate threads but, apparently, nobody is interested in this tool (but me!) A copy / cut & paste function would make a great great difference I admit after revisiting the OneNote editor that this new EN sketch tool is better nonetheless The Ink Notes editor in EN <10x (which I used heavily) was much better. It couldn't be used anywhere in a note, a shortcoming now overseeded, but shoul
  10. Search not working after update to 10.8.4 Host OS: Windows 10 it works on my Android phone though, not an issue of the server side, apparently
  11. The limit of a maximum 50 notes selected in the note panel still lingers since the first beta version. I wonder if it's possible to remove this nagging limitation and get back to the power of early EN
  12. As far as I'm concerned, the problem seems to have been solved, but @PinkElephant's explanation sounds accurate
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