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  1. Any updates in this? Still not working in certain sites... for example youtube.
  2. Not working for me at the moment (july 2020) win10 + chrome Anyone else?
  3. Once i get a reminder in my phone , if I go back to the desktop app it doenst show anmore If there was a Button in the tool bar with sort of a history of past reminders... with dates i think it would increase productivity. Thnks.
  4. Another PRO user requesting repetitive reminders. Please have them ready before WUNDERLIST dissapears.
  5. I want to see two pages. Most monitors are wide nowadays and will be much productive to see two pages instead of one.
  6. I used to open all links in the desktop app. First the website opened and then right away jumped into the app. Thats what i want to continue doing and I cant
  7. Still not able to open http links in Desktop app after deleting all cookies... Please EVERNOTE fix this.
  8. not working for me.. cant see the cookie from evernote.com called ‘enAppInstalled'
  9. yes... same problem in Windows too. Please fix the extension.
  10. Any solution to FIX the "SPACE" problem when adding the title? ITs been months with this now....
  11. Ok, I have done this and works. Im in Windows 7 with chrome. BUT PLEASE EVERNOTE fix the extension.
  12. This is a must EVERNOTE. PLEASE FIX THIS Search folders... comments.. Why did you remove this????
  13. Still no solution.. youtube web clipper has gone from my chrome evernote web helper
  14. 2017 and I still cannot tell my Evernote camara to take pictures in a reduced size... I have to do workarounds. Is it that hard to implement it in the app? Sometimes I wonder if its worth it to keep paying the premium subscription.
  15. Any solution to this request? My workaroud: I clip all of them one by one , and then combine all notes in evernote and add tags or move to a notebook
  16. Thanks fot the note. Is there a way, once you have selected the Desktop app by default, to remove the message thats appears that you have to Syncronice from the server ?
  17. I always fell that we, android users, are forgotten in Evernore. Nor only this app for example... Still waiting for something as usefull as presentation mode.
  18. Common guys.. time to have this Feature in Android! PLEASE
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