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  1. UPDATE: workaround found. I found a workaround. Turns out that as long as you use the old version of the clipper, the cookie (enAppInstalled) will be re-introduced. Once you have the cookie, all Evernote links (https://www.evernote.com/shard/...) will continue to prompt to launch in desktop.
  2. Hi everyone here, thanks for the discussion, which was very helpful. As of May 2020, this problem is still outstanding, so I created a new thread to gather people. Check this out if you are still experiencing similar issue:
  3. Hi (whoever has arrived here from Google or elsewhere) I have created a new thread for users with this issue:
  4. So this is a long standing issue which does not seem to attract the attention of Evernote dev team so I'm trying to see how many others still have this issue too, and what may we do about it. Basically, I think any user of the desktop version (not the new beta) would agree that the web version (classic or new) is much more crippled in comparison. You cannot edit attachments (e.g., to annotate PDFs), merge notes, etc. There are two 'outstanding' bugs. The first is that the button "Copy Internal Link" does not do what Ctrl + Alt + L does, despite labelling the latter as a shortcut of t
  5. Yes! Able to reproduce your solution in Windows too. Strange that using keyboard is different from the right-click menu. Maybe by design, or omission. But thanks!
  6. Hi, I basically registered for the forum in order to share the following workaround. Background Around the time of writing, Evernote is rolling out the new web interface. There, deliberately or by omission, it no longer triggers the desktop client (hereinafter Windows 10, (308273) Public (CE Build ce-62.1.7539); I also use iOS and Mac OS, but I haven't tested this thereon). This is a problem for some users, like me, who like to use the desktop client (for example, after clipping a web page). The desktop client is much more responsive (it may be a matter of ms, but
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