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  1. Yes! Able to reproduce your solution in Windows too. Strange that using keyboard is different from the right-click menu. Maybe by design, or omission. But thanks!
  2. Hi, I basically registered for the forum in order to share the following workaround. Background Around the time of writing, Evernote is rolling out the new web interface. There, deliberately or by omission, it no longer triggers the desktop client (hereinafter Windows 10, (308273) Public (CE Build ce-62.1.7539); I also use iOS and Mac OS, but I haven't tested this thereon). This is a problem for some users, like me, who like to use the desktop client (for example, after clipping a web page). The desktop client is much more responsive (it may be a matter of ms, but that is significant in terms of UX) and support power-user functions like hotkeys. To make things worse, now it is no longer possible to copy and paste the internal (evernote://) links. Together with the above issue, this has disrupted my default workflow, which integrates Evernote (mediated via internal links) with other things, like OneNote, Todoist and so on. This seems to be not a bug, but by design. The Evernote support page says: Note link behavior differs based on where the link is pasted. If you paste a note link within Evernote, the link will open directly in Evernote. If you paste a note link anywhere outside of Evernote, the link will open in your device's web browser. If you have any other issues, submit a ticket so we can help. (emphasis supplied) (by the way, as users here may know, "submit a ticket" is not really a real option for big companies like Evernote.) Workaround This sounds ironic, but the workaround is actually to first paste the link in a note (for example, create a table of contents) and then copy the internal links on the web interface. This way, you can paste the internal links as-is, without being converted to the https links. Please let me/us know if there're quicker workarounds to use the internal links.
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