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  1. You can find many other daily note Templates at... http://simplifydays.com Have a look there!
  2. I totally agree! I'm now using Alt+Shift+T to search for the TAG in the Tag Picker and then I drag & drop the Tag into my Note!
  3. +1. Undo is very important when accidentally move a Note to a wrong Notebook, ... but also when you accidentally Tag / UnTag one or more Notes, which in some cases results on loosing this/these note/s from your search results (i.e., when you search for more than one note to unTAG altogether or some of them)!
  4. ALL of you that want to be counted on this idea you have to PRESS the VOTE button ^ at the right of the editor's image (at the top of this page)!
  5. Yes, I agree. 'Format painter is a very helpful tool and I use it a lot. I would love to see it here in EN too!
  6. ... for future EN updates: Dynamic TAG Searching, when: 1) adding Tags, 2) searching Tags in Sidebar, 3) searching Tags in TAGs Screen, When searching tags for 'xxx' string, the results must also display tags with in-word occurrences of this string, i.e., the 'iiixxxyyy' and the 'iiiyyy xxx yyy' tags, (see attachment). Actually, this is how EN Web and EN Clipper handle Tag Searching, but desktop EN can't do that. Especially in TAGs Screen, (when you press 'Tags' in Sidebar), I've never been able to find any of my tags by searching there, (I use to have more than 1 full screen of tags)! [If you want to vote for this idea please PRESS the VOTE button ^ (at the right of my picture - top of page)!]
  7. ... for future EN updates: The ability to Enlarge/Shrink a picture in a note, (i.e., by dragging the handle at the bottom-right corner to make the picture larger or smaller), is also very useful in 4K monitors, (i.e., pictures are so small). I think that many EN users will agree that 4K Monitors is not the only case: Mobile and Tablet screens is another, (i.e., pictures are very large). [If you like this request please PRESS the VOTE button ^ (at the right of my picture - top of page)!]
  8. ... for future EN updates: ZOOMing in Note Editor, will help users to read old notes with small text in 2.5K and 4K Displays. When clipping text from a site, most of the times text is in very small sizes. So, in order to be able to easily read them, in future, you have to edit each new note in EN Note Editor and change the font size to a larger one. And what happens if you're like me, that I like tidy & well presented notes? You have to edit many parts of the note, i.e., each body text under each title, leaving titles with a larger font, etc.. Now, that I've just upgraded my displays to 4Ks, as I need them for Graphics purposes, I'm also having problems to read ALL my old notes with 10-11 points text. Sometimes, when my eyes were getting tired from reading, I even had reading issues with 9 points text at my 1080p monitor. I don't want to, + I can't, change ALL my -more than 1.000- EN notes to a larger font. Small text issues with Hi-DPI displays can also be solved with a setting in Tools | Options, but I think is better to give the user the freedom to zoom each note as he wishes. [If you like this request please PRESS the VOTE button ^ (at the right of my picture - top of page)!]
  9. Good Idea! I forgot to mention this in ' ✔ My SUGGESTions &/or REQUESTs'. Have a look at my suggestions too! Thanks
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