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  1. Bug: drag & drop of a Thunderbird email directly from Thunderbird into an Evernote note causes the Evernote application to freeze/crash. When I first drag the email to the Windows desktop and then drag & drop this .eml file from there into Evernote, everything works fine. I cannot say if this bug is new to version 6.17, since I updated directly from version 6.9 recently. I would be glad if this could be fixed.
  2. I recently changed my credit card information for the next billing period of my Evernote Premium subscription plan, but I couldn't find a way to change my old postal address to the current address. (The street address is printed on the Evernote subscription bills and should be correct since I need the bills for tax issues).
  3. Another annoying bug: drag and drop of files into an Evernote note places the file anywhere near the place I would expect it to be placed, but not at the correct place. In previous Evernote releases (my last was 6.5), the file was placed at that position in the note where I dropped it (independent of where the text cursor was at that moment). This is how I would expect the drag'n'drop functionality. Now, in 6.9, the file isn't placed at the position I drag it -- and not even at the current text cursor position. It is placed in the middle of the text in the following text row ... I observe this bug with different file types and sources, e.g: drag'n'drop an .jpg image from the Windows desktop drag'n'drop an e-mail in .eml format from the Thunderbird e-mail client I didn't have problems like this with Evernote 6.5
  4. Bug in saved searches (search operator any changes randomly to all): I upgraded from Evernote 6.5 directly to 6.9, so I don't know if this is a new bug -- for me it is a new one. Do the following: Type in a search query with the "any:" operator, e.g.: any: house garden Then save this search. Click on this saved search several times and observe the list of search results (the number of notes matching the search query). You'll see that the search result changes randomly between a result list for any: house garden and a result list for house garden (= Boolean operator and instead of or). You can observe this as well at the top of the middle column, where the search operators can be changed by drop down fields. You'll see here that "any" changes from time to time to "all". This is really annoying since I work extensively with saved searches. At the moment I always have to check if the result list really shows what the respective saved search is intended to show. @chronistin: The new image viewer that opens when double-clicking on an image in Evernote is useful for users often collecting lots of images in one note. I normally scale down the images to small thumbnail sizes to have a good overview over all images collected in a note. Now I can use the new image viewer to toggle through all the images in full resolution. Before, I always needed to open every single image with my external image viewer to do the same. -- You still can open images with an external application: right-click on the image an select "open" (for your standard image application) or "open with ..." (for being able to choose the application).
  5. Great news. BUT: Please DON'T launch this feature without adding a corresponding option in preferences that disables it! There are several occasions where we have to type in ordinal numbers like "1." at the beginning of a line without wanting it to be automatically converted into an auto-numbered and auto-indented list. The same is true for typing an asterisk with space or typing a line of at least three "-". Personally, I prefer using shortcuts like CTRL + SHIFT + "-" (to insert a horizontal rule, for instance).
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