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  1. And as a work around it would be very easy to add a function where the user can unlock the note herself. The problem, as I see it, is that it gets locked and never unlocked. Why not just let the user unlock it, and take responsibility for any possible lost information that an unlock in the wrong situation could mean. You could go even further. This kinds of locks seem to be used only during synchronisation. Why not automatically unlock notes that have a synch lock for a very long time, like hours och days.
  2. I am very pleased to see all the work the engaged people in this forum are doing, sharing experiences and adding to the body of knowledge. One thing that I highlighted when I started this thread was the fact that the app, when encountering a problem (even if it can be considered a bug), just throws up an undocumented icon, without any extra information. I really do like easy to use apps where I don't have to read the manual. But, when in doubt it is nice to look up what the icon is considered to communicate to me. A padlock symbol for me, indicates some sort of lock, but since I neve
  3. @Shane D. You say the team is currently working on the issue. Which one of them? I see two. The problem that these lock appears, which is a technical problem is one. The problem that the app appears incomprehensible to users, which is a user design issue?, is the other. Technical problems, bugs and so, are normally solved by the developers given some time. The user being shielded from useful information is trickier, since normally nobody wants to take such a decision. But it might have greater impact on how the product is perceived. I hope you do not forget the UX issue.
  4. Hi again, I get no errors at all while syncing. That adds to the confusion about the symbols. Clicking on the red triangle, just scrolls the list away. Very strange behaviour, but consistent over time. I have to scroll back several pages to try again. Same with slow click. Clicking on the lock symbol within a note, just makes it disappear, just to come back next time I touch the note. No information disclosed. That is why I think that things could improve. Don't just cease to work. Please, tell me something. I have similar problems with other modern applications. Skype for
  5. Dave-in-Decatur, Thanks for all the information, and thanks for filing it as an issue. Nice to hear that the developers are on to it. One thing that could improve (except bugs) is the information of what all these symbols mean. Exclamation marks, locks, and other. They are not listed anywhere, what I know. That might mitigate some harsh comments. Then apparently you get more information from the payed for app than I. That makes it easier to see if it is a bug, or just me being an uninformed user. Most of us want to be good users, but are not given the information we need for tha
  6. Oh, sorry guys-. I really got this wrong. Reading too quickly, and reading the text of persons taking things seriously, fooled me into thinking gazumped actually worked at Evernote, and that he answered to me. I know, I shouldn't assume, but I did. I am sorry for that. gazumped, please disregard the part that was aimed at Evernote. You do not have to cover for them, but nice that you actually did. There seem to be some dedicated users here. And you are right when you say that they will not fix problems they do not know of. My point is that I cannot make them aware of this. I understand if
  7. Hi gazumped, So, your suggestion to how to go about this bug, is that all clients that finds i pay you for another version of the product, even if they do not need it. I understand that you do not earn any money on people not paying for an upgrade, but that is part of your selected business model. Accepting that the product contains bug, and refuse to see it, is not consistent with how I would handle the community. Support for me, is helping me when I cannot do something for some reason. But filing bug reports is not support. You helping me with a specific problem is, but not
  8. Hi, Thanks for quick answer. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F) running Android 8.0. I cannot guarantee that I have had a strong network connection at all times. Have that created problems Before for some? The notes are viewable, and editable, in the web version. I changed one note from the web. The app then added as a prefix the text "Anteckningskonflik", which is note conflict in Swedish. I changed the name of another note that was also "locked", and that updated the one in the app corretly. But it is still locked. The note with changed name now have another Icon in the
  9. After using Evernote on Android for quite some while, suddenly one on my notes was decorated with a lock symbol. It was not possible to edit that note anymore. Now, some months later I have three such notes. There is no information whatsoever on what this lock means, why it is there, or what to do about it. In the message list, there is a small triangle in the upper right corner, with an exclamation mark. Not information here neither. Obviously the app has detected some problem, but equally apparently it does not want to disclose it to the user. And, of course, nobody else than the user w
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