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  1. Allow entry of page elements inline, as in Notion or Roam research: typing / opens a list menu with a choice of items like list, checkbox, header, page etc. Extremely convenient for keyboard focused usage.
  2. Add the right click context menu's for formatting that are pretty much standard for most other applications. On a wide screen, selecting a text and turn it in a todo box required to move the mouse to the upper right corner, click insert, and select Todo. This is madness for day to day work. A right-click context menue should offer a formatting box for such things.
  3. As with tags, allow to edit notebooks where they are best seen: in the left hand list. (Why require an extra menu for this at all ?)
  4. Allow the tag manipulation in the tag area always listed. The current workflow is based on a duplication of the menu (when clicking on TAGS), where essentially the same representation opens with no additional value. Allow to edit tags where they are seen first.
  5. Allow to rename a tag by clicking on it twice, just as in the file explorer. The current workflow is super redundant and time consuming when renaming many tags: click on ... icon to the right of the tag, click on rename, then rename, click OK in a box. This workflow has been solved on multiple operating systems by clicking on e.g. a filename twice, renaming, Enter. Done.
  6. Allow to right click on a tag to open the context menu in addition to clicking on the ... icon to the right of the tag. Just as in file exlorer.
  7. In autocompletion of tags, show all tags that contain the entered string. Partial-tag completion. You do this on the Webclipper. It's massively useful to keep tags consistent.
  8. Allow selection and movement of multiple tags, just as in a file explorer.
  9. Currently, the app opens with "All Notes" as the default view. Allow to set a custom default notebook when opening the app. I would need the Inbox much more, for instance.
  10. I agree, this is hugely important to organise tags on the macOS client. Evernote, please provide partial tag autocompletion to the macOS client, just as it works on iOS, webclipper, and web application.
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