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  1. Perhaps making this an optional setting or preference would be good. I want the displayed text of a link to always reflect the actual title of a note. Update if it changes, and **indicate** broken links when the note is deleted. This is for a workflow of progressively building a second brain. When curating notes, note titles do dynamically change as the knowledge grows. They become more specific, more general, or change entirely, etc. Yet if the linked titles to the notes don't reflect this dynamics, it becomes inconsistent and unusable. Currently, if a note is linked, you sho
  2. True, it's there at a within-note level. But I'm suggesting it at a global and tag level for a purpose: maintaining organisation in notes and tags. Its tedious to impossible to change parts of hundredths of note titles or tags by hand.
  3. Search and replace, at multiple levels: text within notes, note titles, tags. It's such a useful and standard feature to have in any text-based application.
  4. Currently, a within app link to a note, once inserted, doesn't update when the linked not changes its title, or is deleted. Update note links within a note accordingly.
  5. To work with multiple notes in parallel, allow an option (with right click?) to open a linked note in a new window when clicking on it.
  6. A lot of note-taking happens in markdown these days (Wiki / Github / Discourse / Roam / Obsidian ). If Evernote is not to support Markdown on its own natively, at least provide an import filter for markdown files?
  7. If inline anchors aren't supported, at least provide a quick-add feature for linking to another note. To link to note A within note B, you currently have to navigate to note A itself copy it's link navigate back to note B find the location you wanted to insert the link in B again insert the link. In Notion / Roam / Obsidian / MarkDown editors this is super easy: 'add link' within Note B, with the cursor at the correct insert location, opens a search option for a note title, with partial search you just select the note you want, its link gets
  8. Create a 'add link' function as in Roam / Notion / Obsidian: "add link" opens a search box to search for the note to be linked. The current way to link to another note requires to navigate to the note in order to copy it's link. This is VERY cumbersome todo, almost unusable on a large-scale.
  9. That's a work-around using keywords instead of tags. The idea here is to create actual tags inline. Currently, tags relate only to a note; the feature request is that tags can exist within text as well.
  10. This would also enable using Evernote more in the style of Roam Research or Obsidian. For example, you could write 'discussed this and that with [[@NameOfPerson]]', and automatically tag the note with a tag for that person.
  11. Allow entry of page elements inline, as in Notion or Roam research: typing / opens a list menu with a choice of items like list, checkbox, header, page etc. Extremely convenient for keyboard focused usage.
  12. Add the right click context menu's for formatting that are pretty much standard for most other applications. On a wide screen, selecting a text and turn it in a todo box required to move the mouse to the upper right corner, click insert, and select Todo. This is madness for day to day work. A right-click context menue should offer a formatting box for such things.
  13. As with tags, allow to edit notebooks where they are best seen: in the left hand list. (Why require an extra menu for this at all ?)
  14. Allow the tag manipulation in the tag area always listed. The current workflow is based on a duplication of the menu (when clicking on TAGS), where essentially the same representation opens with no additional value. Allow to edit tags where they are seen first.
  15. Allow to rename a tag by clicking on it twice, just as in the file explorer. The current workflow is super redundant and time consuming when renaming many tags: click on ... icon to the right of the tag, click on rename, then rename, click OK in a box. This workflow has been solved on multiple operating systems by clicking on e.g. a filename twice, renaming, Enter. Done.
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