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Embed Tasks in Tables



Hello! A major piece of the task functionality would be the ability to add tasks to tables. The only way to do so now is with back links and those go to an entire note. This feature would make Kanban boards possible and view tasks according to personal preference.

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Evernote has stated that tasks in tables is on their roadmap, but that was a while ago (18 months):

More recently (last week), it was stated that there are "some cool [task] features in the pipeline".

Perhaps Tasks in Tables is one of those cool features.

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This long, ongoing request should be moved to a high priority. The ability and opportunity to create modern, multi-column note/task templates with tables is a no-brainer. If we can't add one of the key new Evernote features (Tasks) to a table cell, it limits the options to create robust ToDo/Task templates. 


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Please add Tasks to Tables...it is the one thing that is holding EverNote back in my full adoption. It will allow for the Task to be next to the context of the tasks. Sure I could do this in a note, but large complex notes and projects require tables to manage things in a matrix fashion.

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