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  1. Hi, I have my notes set to a font size of 14pt. When I print the notes, some of them come out with a very small font size when printed, yet all notes are set to the same font size in the note. The notes that have the much smaller print font size seem to be the ones with more content in them. How can I make all of my notes print out in the font size that is selected in the note?
  2. Hi, I don't know when it started, but at some point Evernote started tagging my clips automatically based on the text in the content being clipped. I searched the forums and found how to turn this "feature" off so it wont' do it anymore, but now I'm stuck with HUNDREDS of one-word tags cluttering my tags list and would like to get rid of them. To solve the problem, I click on the icon for TAGS in the left sidebar, which brought up the whole list of tags. I then did a CTRL-A (on a PC) to select all of the tags I held down the CTRL key and clicked to de-select any tags I wanted to keep. I had to scroll to the right several times to get through the list because there were so many tags. It was pretty easy to quickly see which ones were auto-generated without reading all the tags because the auto-generated tags usually had a (1) or (2) next to them indicating how many times the tag is being used. The tags I created myself were used more than once. Once I had selected the tags I wanted to delete, I clicked the Delete key on my keyword. You could also right-click and select Delete from the context menu Hope this helps someone else who finds they have accumulated a lot of unwanted tags.
  3. Please create a setting so the user can set a default style/format for their link notes. Currently (on Windows desktop) when I right-click and "Copy Note Link" and paste that link into another note, the hyperlink is light green and not underlined. The text of the link is the title of the copied note, so when it's inline with other text, you don't even notice it's a link because it's not underlined. It's tedious to have to change the font color and apply an underline to a link every time a note link is created... just to make it stand out. If the link (note title) is not underlined, it merely looks like some text that is green for emphasis. Even if I couldn't set a default color for a copied notes link, at the very least, would you please allow me to make all copied note links be underlined by default so I don't have to manually do that each time?
  4. So I've done a little more testing/troubleshooting. For me, the problem only occurs on new/additional tabs opened beyond the first/main browser window tab. However, if I reload/refresh one of the additional browser tabs, then I can clip to that tab as well. Even if I refresh, then jump to another web page inside that additional tab, I am still able to clip the subsequent web pages loaded into that tab. Again, I never seem to have a problem on the first/original tab of the browser, but I'll keep watching that and post if it occurs. Regardless of the workaround of reloading a tab, it's still a pain in the butt to have to reload every new browser tab you want to clip from.
  5. @pnewcomb Does your context menu allow you to clip a Simplified Article? My doesn't. It only allows full-page, bookmark or screenshot. What version of clipper are you using?
  6. I've been trying to troubleshoot this problem a bit and see if I can see a pattern of when/why the "The clipper couldn't start on this page..." error box comes up, but there are many factors to test. Since Evernote isn't troubleshooting the problem, maybe people in the community/forum can do some testing and post their results. Here are some things to consider: When I right-click on a page to get the context menu, then I can clip bookmark, full page or screenshot. Unfortunately, the one I use 99% of the time is "Simplified Article" and that's not on the context menu clipper. Why does the clipper work when it's initiated from the context menu, but not when it's started from the Chrome Clipper icon at the top of the browser window? I got the error on a page, changed my clipper option/Default Clip Action to something other than "Last Used Action", then I could clip that page. But is there some other factor (time? domain?, etc) involved? Does merely opening the dynamic Clipper Options window reset something? We know that changes in the options are auto-saved, so does opening it save a cache? reset a memory array? clear a buffer? At one point, I was able to clip a page that previously gave me the error, but only after I successfully clipped another site page. Can you successfully clip for a certain period of time before you start getting the error message again? If you don't get the erro box on a page, can you then clip any page on that same domain without the error box? Does the clipper cache domain names? Does it have anything to do with the Option Setting you have for "Default Clip Action" ?? Some troubleshooting factors/variables to consider: Time on a page Time on the domain Reloading a page Can/Cannot clip pages on the whole domain/site Clipper Options - Default Clip Action Clipping works/not work on other websites, once you successfully clipped on another site (but only for a period of time?) You'll want to clear your cache in between tests. Here's a shortcut to your chrome "browser clearing page" chrome://settings/clearBrowserData
  7. I'm also having this "Clipper Couldn't Start On This Page..." error. See screenshot. It was happening on every web page I tried, then I uninstalled and reinstalled the clipper and now I can clip some web pages, but not others. Here's a link to one that fails: http://davesgarden.com/community/forums/f/containers/all/ I"m using Clipper Version 6.10.1 and Chrome Version 49.0.2623.112 m I tried getting Console information as you suggested earlier in the thread, but when I went to the browser tab, tried to clip a web page and got the error window, nothing was entered into the console window.
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