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  1. for me, it's fixed.
  2. same here, super slow since three days. I create more changes within a given timefrime than Filterize is able to process.
  3. what exactly result do you get? have you for sure the latest versions of Web Clipper installed? (just de- and re-install it) what system (Mac, Windows)?
  4. +1 here - thanks for reporting you're already working on it
  5. those Tables are a nightmare on iOS using DEVONthink.
  6. I'm using DevonThink since two years now, main reason is I'm not allowed to store any business data on a 3rd party cloud. I decided then to leave Evernote for my personal stuff, too. Well, after two years I'm currently migrating my personal stuff back to Evernote 🤪. Devonthink is great on Computer-only workplaces, full feature set available there incl. RTF text editor available, etc. Using on mobile devices it's no fun - at least for me. I don't need a super complex file storage system - I'm looking for a nice-notes, nice-checkmarks, nice-reminders, nice-camera, nice-Tags, super-efficient tool that provides those features on iOS as well.. It's a week now back on Evernote and I'm blown away to see how smooth, fast and reliable it works (OCR, sync, off/on-line). It has it's "rough edges", sure, but these are minor issues. So, there is a Premium user back, incl. Filterize automation & tag hierarchy system. Love it.
  7. @DTLowHi, are your .eml AppleScripts still available? the llinked note seems to be no longer available - thank you very much in advance!
  8. just use Noteshelf, it has auto-sync to Evernote (as a JPEG snapshot per page within a note), you can tag them in EN, you can move them to different notebooks and continue to change them in the Noteshelf App. The content get's updated in EN without any manual steps and not loosing any tags etc. And, based on EN's OCR, you're able to search them by content. Please keep in mind: adding all these features into one super fat Evernote App may not be a good idea regarding performance and usability.
  9. * update: sometimes it seems there is some time needed until search results are available on all devices same here, one note with an image - on my Mac it finds the note (searching for a word on that image) while on iOS and the Web version it's not found. Strange, because I thought that OCR engine runs on the Cloud server of Evernote, so why only the Mac is able to find that one note. And yes, of course, I do have OCR'd images in notes that are found on both, Mac OS and iOS. I'm currently investigating a possible "come back" to Evernote...not a good entry
  10. in the meantime two possible workarounds (I know it's cumbersome). You just have to create a link (tel://phonenumber, e. g. tel://+49123456789) and then you're able to tap on it and make your phone call. Problem: iOS App doesnt allow to create links, MacOS App doesnt allow to use tel:// as an URL 🙄 (1) copy & paste the link you have created before in another app who supports this (e. g. Textedit.app MacOS, mark your phone number and choose "add link") (2) use Evernote Web Application, mark any text and just "add link"
  11. Noteshelf has an automatic export AND sync with Evernote, so, no need to export Notes to Evernote, even if you change an existing note in Noteshelf, it will be updated automatically in EN
  12. this works for me both, using EN built-in sketches as well as auto-synced notes with Noteshelf App. Maybe it takes some time until the servers have OCRd the images.
  13. for annotations: give Noteshelf a try, it has an integration with Evernote, means your Noteshelf notes (e. g. handwritten notes or annotated PDFs) are exported (and continuously updated) to Evernote (as a note with images). You can even tag those exported notes in Evernote - Tags remain even if you update the note in Noteshelf. So, for quick & dirty annotations I use the EN built-in tools, for more I use Noteshelf.
  14. I use notebooks only to share a number of notes with others. Temporarly I use them when I create a new project and not yet sure what Tags I should use - just put everything in there and after completion I tag them and move them to my main notebook.
  15. While OneNote on a Mac may be an option, using it on an iPad is no option for me because of it's limit space for reading Note titles - to narrow. No Tags - so, nice to create a note, e. g. using your Apple Pencil, but a pain to find it again.
  16. 8.19 - and the "preview" of possible 'edit the table' capabilities are gone 🙂
  17. filterize.net if you‘re fine with 3rd party services (and pay them) - there is an automation available for recurring reminders.
  18. iPad-only will be a challenge. Not because iPad is a poor device or because iOS is a poor OS. It‘s all about the Apps. Many of them seem to be designed as „good enough“ - unfortunately.
  19. Hi, after updating to latest version today I saw those little symbols while editing tables - they are there but don‘t do anything - is this a pre-early test? 🙂
  20. got it - sharedate:* shows Notes with a public shared link - OK. If you share to specific persons / email accounts the search argument doesn‘t help (does not find those Notes).
  21. ah, OK let‘s see what I‘m doing wrong. In the search field I enter „sharedate:*“ (searching on iPad within „all notes“). I only get 2 unshared Notes, while my 4 shared Notes are not shown. Any hint? Thank you, Kind Refards, Klaus
  22. I do a lot, hmm almost everything based on Evernote. You asked for „special“ use cases, rigt? hm, this depends to individuals of course, maybe that one, it‘s simple, but I really love it: while traveling, hiking, biking, cycling, riding, etc., I just take a photo wihin EN to collect special places (nice view, car parking, nice trail for Mountain Bikes, special environment for Horses). Since the GPS location is attached automatically to the note it‘s easy to find those locations later - unfortunately you need a 3rd party App to browse your Notes using a Map (e. g. ideaplaces)
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