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  1. 8.19 - and the "preview" of possible 'edit the table' capabilities are gone 🙂
  2. filterize.net if you‘re fine with 3rd party services (and pay them) - there is an automation available for recurring reminders.
  3. iPad-only will be a challenge. Not because iPad is a poor device or because iOS is a poor OS. It‘s all about the Apps. Many of them seem to be designed as „good enough“ - unfortunately.
  4. Hi, after updating to latest version today I saw those little symbols while editing tables - they are there but don‘t do anything - is this a pre-early test? 🙂
  5. got it - sharedate:* shows Notes with a public shared link - OK. If you share to specific persons / email accounts the search argument doesn‘t help (does not find those Notes).
  6. ah, OK let‘s see what I‘m doing wrong. In the search field I enter „sharedate:*“ (searching on iPad within „all notes“). I only get 2 unshared Notes, while my 4 shared Notes are not shown. Any hint? Thank you, Kind Refards, Klaus
  7. I do a lot, hmm almost everything based on Evernote. You asked for „special“ use cases, rigt? hm, this depends to individuals of course, maybe that one, it‘s simple, but I really love it: while traveling, hiking, biking, cycling, riding, etc., I just take a photo wihin EN to collect special places (nice view, car parking, nice trail for Mountain Bikes, special environment for Horses). Since the GPS location is attached automatically to the note it‘s easy to find those locations later - unfortunately you need a 3rd party App to browse your Notes using a Map (e. g. ideaplaces)
  8. 'sharedate' is no longer a search argument in Evernote, right? I cannot find any documentation about it. http://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php
  9. good workaround - one little issue (I guess), the link is not stored, right?
  10. Note Shelf 2 - esp. the auto Evernote sync is nice
  11. give Note Shelf 2 a try if auto sync to Evernote is important to you - as it is for me, works very well. Note Shelf creates a Note in EN and all pages are sent as images automatically. You can Tag the notes, set reminders, even move to a different Notebook, no problem - Sync still works.
  12. I use a Table with one cell and put the image into that Table cell - works better than just put the image into the note
  13. Atls - still not back 😞 IdeaPlaces as a workaround could help, btw
  14. yes, adding a row on iPhone would be cool. In the iPad I just use zhe Tab key - but there is no on iPhone keyboard :-(
  15. Support has confirmed the issue. The point in my case is: I cannot reproduce the issue with other PDFs, right, but this one PDF (it‘s a small one, a receipt) do habe that issue. Support has my note, my PDF and screenshots showing the problem. As mentioned: if you search within the PDF for „labello“ EN finds the word, if you do a global search no single note is found.
  16. yes EN's OCR works good - the only issue I have with PDFs: using iPad is no fun because PDFs are not shown inline. So if a note is found based on PDF content you're not able to identify what PDF document has that text you were searching for and no chance to search the PDF itself for a particular text. So, either you scan your docs with EN and save them as images to a note (not PDF) - they're shown inline - or use a 3rd party OCR software to get the PDFs OCR'd. Then EN is still able to find them and you can easily search within the PDFs - the question then is: who is doing a better OCR job? EN or the 3rd party App...
  17. I've a OCRd PDF containing the word "labello". If I do a search on Mac for "labello" nothing found. Do I exactly the same search on iOS I get that one note containing that one word. Interesting is if I open that one note on my Mac and do a search within note for "labello" then it highlights the word - it finds that string - but not if you do a "global search" (not that "within a note search")
  18. Hi All, until today I completely ignored that Spotlight issue topic - because I don‘t use Spotlight to search EN content. But... I opened a support ticket a few days ago because EN on my Mac didn‘t find a particular note when searching for a particular word - while EN on iOS and on the Web did find it! The answer from EN support is that the issue is related to a known Mojave Spotlight problem. Uuups, does that really mean EN client Apps on different platforms are using different search algorithms? I‘m surprised about that, esp. because usually I get similar/identical search results, regardless what device I‘m using for searching.
  19. all of you having issues please file a support request / bug report. This forum MAY help, but doesn‘t fix software bugs 🙂 EN has to be aware of that, so send them bug reports, just do it. Now! 🙂
  20. what happens when pressing the Tab key on the last cell of the last row? usually a new row is generated then.
  21. 1000 Tags?? wow, thats pretty a lot - mabe that little popup window is not developed for such a huge number - how do you remember all those Tags while tagging? Ever tried to consolidate?
  22. I just press on TAB on my iPad Pro at the last cell of the last row and a new row is being inserted - I'm wondering how to do this on my iPhone...
  23. Those three are my almost most important features 🙂 so, it depends on you...after one year with DEVONthink I migrated about 75% of my work back to Evernote - both have now there special need and I use them both. Evernote is so nice & efficient and I‘ve alteady re-worked my workflow during migrating, re-migrating and re-re-migrating (don‘t tell anyone how much time I spent) - I love Evernote Tags, Note taking capabilities and it just works perfect, esp. on mobile devices - the area DEVONthink fails.
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