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  1. Thanks! Because of a post on Reddit, I discovered & downloaded the recent update. PRINT & Acrobat on Evernote IOS are back!!! PRINT & Acrobat are very important for me & I’m extremely thankful that Evernote added those features back to IOS. Thank You! A few annoying Bugs remain, but the more I use Evernote, the better my experience; especially my ability to Edit my notes. I like the new features, in particular the “undo.” Undo is a life saver. Find In Note is still an issue for me on IOS, but before my recent update, Find In Note worked in my new notes but not my old notes (12,300 notes +). I’ve never used the web clipper so I’m not sure what that’s all about. I save web data by doing old fashion cut-and-paste and snapshots/Images. It works for me. I’m feeling better with Evernote changes in IOS. Looking forward to ongoing improvements. Thank You!
  2. Deleted APP & reinstalled APP. now a majority of my notes are in VIEW ONLY MODE. I have never experienced any of my NOTES in View Only MODE. I have 12,000 + Notes.
  3. So, I followed your instructions. it appears my Notes are totally messed up after uninstalling Evernote on my iPhone & then reinstalling it. For the first time ever since 2014 as a member, my NOTES are in VIEW ONLY mode. I believe there is another person in this forum who has similar issue. I regret following instructions. i have monthly bill pay fills in which I add to all during the month. Those notes are basically useless to me now. Maybe the VIEW ONLY will correct itself? AGAIN, in 6 years, almost 7 years, I’ve never ever had a NOTE in VIEW ONLY MODE. I unsuccessfully searched SETTINGS for a solution.
  4. I’m having the exact same problem (lag) on my IOS iPhone 7+ for about one week. I also have a very important NOTE (my November bill pay with copies of my receipts— & my Bill Pay Note is my much needed guide in keeping up with my bills). Maybe Friday or Saturday, the lagging was horrible & somehow, my Nov bill pay note was Duplicated 6 times. Most of the 6 are incomplete & the lag is unbelievable. I can’t distinguish the original from the duplicates. I’ve never had that happen before. OF COURSE, I can’t PRINT my NOV bill pay NOTE as a safety backup because EVERNOTE feels PRINT on IOS is unnecessary & EN feels that not enough subscribers use PRINT so Evernote deleted the standard (in every APP) SHARE PRINT on IOS. I thought I could remain patient, but these new issues are worrisome. Sadly, I’m actively searching for an alternative. I’ve been a paid user since 2014 with now more than 12,000 notes. I’m heartsick. I’m barely holding on.
  5. I’m extremely frustrated with Evernote v10 on my iPhone 7 plus. While I like the new features, the inability to PRINT & the inability to Find In Note is very frustrating. I’ve spent countless numbers of wasted hours trying to figure out how to work around these two important features. And then when I think I find a solution to replace PRINT, only part of the page of the page will PRINT (or save to PDF file). who thought that the standard SHARE feature PRINT is unnecessary???? Am I the only one who has the need to PRINT (with SHARE Print Feature allowing ability to turn notes into important PDF) ? Surely SHARE standard PRINT feature is vital to more users than just me. and don’t even tell me that Find In Notes works well because it doesn’t. I’ve wasted hours upon hours trying to get it to work. i’m so frustrated with my lost productivity. What good are new & improved new features when one loses the ability to PRINT /PDF their notes? i don’t know where to go from here.
  6. LONG SHOT: Are your notes that are in view only notes that are shared with you from another Evernote User ? I share some of my notes with my husband who has his own separate Evernote account & some of my notes that I share with him are in view only (in his EN). When my husband’s EN automatically updated to EN 10.4 a week or so ago, all of his notes that I shared with him had to be manually reloaded from my Shared Account Settings & resent to him. & he had to re-accept? My husband rarely uses EN so I haven’t followed up since the discovery of his missing notes after his automatic EN update. We both use individual iPhone 7 plus v14 phone update.
  7. I have the same issue with Find In Note. Sometimes it works & most times it doesn’t work. Same as you mentioned: Most times when performing Find In Note, the Note goes dark & won’t unfreeze until I CANCEL Find In Note. PRINT & Find In Note are 2 of my most valued functions in my Notes & the productivity of those 2 features are pretty much gone in EN v10.4. I’ve read in the forum that many people take time & consideration to place special keywords / placements within their lengthy notes to enhance productivity by Find In Note search to instantly move around lengthy Notes. For me that Find In Note system is Awesome & works way better than “tags”. I don’t use tags. My heart sinks every time I use Find In Note to move around my every day used Notes & Find In Note won’t work most of the time. I can’t figure out why Find In Note will work sometimes & then won’t work most times. Makes me wonder if I’m doing something wrong. I mostly use EN v10.4 on my IOS iPhone 7 plus v14. To be fair, the more I use the new EN 10.4, the more comfortable I’ve become with it. The “undo” feature is a life saver. But, the every APP standard PRINT command is IMPORTANT & I can’t believe it was deleted in the IOS v10.4 update. The PRINT work arounds are painful & a ***** shoot - sometimes the complicated PRINT work around works & most times the complicated PRINT work arounds DON’T work. My 2 cents.
  8. Not sure if this is related to your experience. My husband (Lawrence) & I have our own individual Evernote Accounts. I’m a Premium subscriber since 2014 with upwards of 12,000 notes. My husband also has a paid subscription but I’m not sure if it’s Premium. I SHARE A LOT OF MY NOTES WITH HIM. He rarely inputs data — his EVERNOTE is basically DATA that I SHARE with him. Without any action on his part, his EVERNOTE automatically UPDATED to EN v10.4 yesterday without his knowledge. He lost all of his SHARED notes when EVERNOTE updated (without my husband’s authorization). SO basically, his EN was wiped clean & all data gone. I’m working from my poor memory: I think I went to his EVERNOTE account settings? Somewhere in his account settings were the bulk of his NOTES (that I shared with him over the last 2 years). In his Settings (somewhere) was a LIST of I guess all of the Notes I shared with him. I had to manually ADD the missing SHARED notes to his EN. At the end of each missing Note heading somewhere in his settings, is an ADD button. I ADDED the notes by pressing the ADD button & doing that put the ADDED notes back into his account. It is a tedious process. If any of that makes sense. The ADD list was long & I ignored ADDING my SHARED NOTES in the list that no longer are relevant for him. I also went to my account & played around with my SHARE feature - it was complicated & confusing! Probably my fault because I had no clue what I was doing. I don’t share my notes with anyone other than my husband. I guess that maybe some NOTES that are from a SHARED user require RE-ADDING by the recipient of the SHARED NOTES? Of importance, my husband & I both use EN on our individual IOS iPhone 7 plus cell phones. I’ve had EN v10.4 since it first came out - a few weeks ago. I miss the EN v10.4 omitted standard PRINT command. But, I’m kind of getting used to the new IOS format & the more I use it, the more I like it. There are some features that require RE-LEARNING such as ADDING IMAGES but I’m not sure if the complication of that process is EN v10.4 OR my IOS update to v14; I updated both at the same time. I think I kind of figured out the ADD IMAGE & now it seems a little more logical & maybe better than the older versions. I’m liking the UNDO & several of the other new features. Find In Notes sometimes works & sometimes doesn’t work. I can’t figure that one out. Maybe it’s my error? PRINT & Find IN Note are extremely important for me. not sure if any of this will help.
  9. Kind of my thoughts too regarding 5%. How did EN determine the percentage? I would think that the standard used everywhere PRINT function command button that EN deleted in v10 IOS is a feature used by at least 101% of EN IOS users? Is he saying that only 5% IOS users find it necessary to PRINT their notes? I find that unbelievable. But that’s just me. I found easy & I found complicated ways to PRINT from IOS but the productivity is missing when using the PRINT work arounds. Am I the only IOS user who PRINTS notes?
  10. MY UPDATE: I’m an iPhone 7 Plus IOS user. WHY: Because my iPhone is always accessible & therefore always convenient. I rarely use my laptop or my iPad. Thank goodness I didn’t update to EN v10 on my laptop or iPad. I use my iPad more now because of it having an earlier version of EN. I still first reach for my iPhone to read or input data in EN & what I’m finding now is I’ve acquired more skill in implementing the new features & working around the dearly missed deleted features: standard PRINT function & Find In Note feature. I can use HP print to print but it does not allow me to not print particular pages - so if I have a 50 page NOTE & only need to print pages 1, 10 & 12, I have to print all 50 pages. Work Around is: Print from my iPad or laptop. Find In Note is a very important feature for me. I don’t use TAGS but I have a self-created structure I built into my 12,000 plus notes to specifically be used by Find In Note. My heart sinks everytime I open a lengthy note & I cannot jump to the location I want because the Find In Note SOMETIMES but MOST TIMES does not work in my 12,000 OLD notes in IOS. Because Find In Note DOES WORK SOMETIMES, but not often, I tend to believe I’m doing something wrong for it to not work - I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure that out. The new features are pretty good: The UNDO is a great feature. The resizing of the font / print size is great, etc. For me, there was a learning curve in trying to figure out inserting snapshots & formatting them into my text - but I think I’m mastering that - an instruction manual would be nice because in the beginning, that was difficult to figure out by pecking on the keys. But I did it. I’m going to hang in there.
  11. Not sure if watching the very recent YOUTUBE interview with the gentleman responsible for EN will help ease discomfort or make it worse.
  12. Find In Note on my iPhone update 14 & EN update 10.4 does not work in any of my 12,000 Old Notes BEFORE 10.4 update. 0 hits displayed but “find in note” result is highlighted in the Note but the Note is darkened or shadowed & “frozen” and won’t unfreeze. Find In Note seems to work 95% of the time in my Notes created AFTER the EN 10.4 update (on my iphone) Support provided a prompt & courteous reply stating that SEARCH works well. Unable to PRINT note using standard “share” PRINT command (no longer available) & support said PRINT not available in IOS (for now).
  13. Not sure if this is relevant to your “saved search” issue but I have similar issue with Find In Note on my iPhone 7 Plus update 14. Find in Note is extremely important for me in my OLD before EN 10.4 update. What I’m finding is Find in Note will not work in any of my old notes but Find In Note works inconsistently about 95% of the time in my New Notes created AFTER EN 10.4 update. I submitted a Support Ticket to EN & Support was Prompt. Here is cut & paste of Support’s Response to me CUT & PASTE EVERNOTE SUPPORT ⬇️
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