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  1. The Behind The Scenes series hints that it's something that they're considering with the new editor:
  2. In previous versions, it was only possible to view PDFs one page at a time with a page forward/ back controls at the bottom. In 6.7 PDFs can be viewed in full by scrolling (if the user wants to) As for the printing, I *think* it's been tidied up somewhat.
  3. Things I've 'found' in 6.7... * Find & replace * PDFs can be displayed in full as well as page by page * something different about printing Any others?
  4. FWIW, I really like the new version. It's not yet perfect but once, you overcome the change, it's great to use.
  5. Beta v 6.5.0 addresses that for me
  6. With the recent speculation that the revised desktop apps are going to be Electron based, suggesting that something along similar lines to the current web beta app could become standard, I thought I'd share a few notes and suggestions that I've recently made through the app feedback. Things I would like to see in Evernote: Suggested note when adding a link (see how Google Docs does it but without the wider www search) When clicking a link to an external website, I don't need to see a warning that I'm about to leave EN. It's silly. The web app need
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