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  1. I'm not Gazumped - but can tell you - on Windows anyway - that both of these are separate - if you're running Legacay and don't want to play with v10 - uninstall and you should only have the Legacy database remaining. In my case, I have a 38gb database - I have the entire database downloaded in Legacy and v10 also downloads the entire database - so I have 76gb of space used up with Evernote - if I remove either Legacy or v10, I'll drop back to 38gb used. Legacy and v10 databases are completely separate and completely different database formats.
  2. I use the service If This Then That (IFTTT) to build a new journaling page each day at 5 am with the days weather forecast already built in and all my writing/journaling prompts for the day. Here's how I do it:
  3. Have any of you played around in the Electron wrapper Developer Tools ( View menu -> Advanced -> Toggle Developer Tools) ? I was playing around with different devices being emulated and found when running on ipad pro, was actually getting fast loads - images would render much faster than as running as default. Granted, resolution changed, and other headaches present themselves - BUT - the TL;DR is that I remain "hopeful" that the Evernote team can do some code tweaks and further bug fixes to improve the performance drastically (especially when I see a slew of errors & warning
  4. Does the section I've bolded also mean that Evernote "note links" in v10 will stay within v10 instead of opening web browsers? I have numerous IFTTT applets generating notes during the day, and they have links to notes - Legacy opens them within Legacy app... where-as v10 forces a browser to open to Evernote Web. Any timeline on this particular fix?
  5. I maybe forgot to post a video update I did recently - but I found it working just fine with Apple Scribble mode on or off. However, the main bug I found was it taking too long to save files - it seems like we have infinite 'paper' and although that idea is nice, I'm guessing it is generating far too large of file sizes - I waited SEVEN minutes for a simple sketch note to save and then gave up and aborted it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iwwm8LVXLwE
  6. Definitely not - all the attachments are kept separately in individual files from what I've seen playing around in the folder structure this morning .
  7. You're OK for now.. There is a local sql database and attachment folder BUT if you have limited bandwidth , it is going to download EVERYTHING to get fully synced up.
  8. For files inside the new Evernote structure, here's what I've found: But first, here is an example note link: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s144/nl/27217275/a504b0b6-5aa9-42f9-aa12-505ef1f8737a?title=Server Rebuild / Computer System Plan Out See that a504b0b6-xxxxx number? That's your note ID - at least what I'd assume is the note ID. The 27217275 number is your user ID number/account number. FYI, the link has been altered, so it won't likely do anything for you if you do click on it. So... On Windows anyway, your data at: C:\Users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Evernote\resource-cach
  9. I'm going to have to do a new video to update from my last one about 'offline mode' ... I just tried this again - confirmed my v10 Evernote folder is rolling in at 36GB and that is pretty much the same as the Legacy edition. I pulled the plug on my hardwire connection and can confirm throughout a random selection of notes from recent through to a couple of years old all loaded up just fine. I was still getting broken thumbnails in my snippet view, but that's minor - the note contents (including attachments) appeared to be working. Maybe 2 days wasn't enough for Evernote to download eve
  10. I really question any usable functionality of Evernote while offline at present. Maybe if you're creating a note, but searching and using tags and saved searches was useless for me. evernote had 2 days to build it's cache. Definitely if we could specify notebooks to be available offline like on mobile, or even if we new a notebook would cache the latest 100 notes (as example number) we would be in a much better position than currently where we know nothing specific and offline is totally hit or miss.
  11. 10.0.4 sketch notes have drastically improved... I even had Apple Scribble mode turned on and experience no missing input! HOWEVER.... due to what appears to be "infinite paper size" - I'm seeing problems saving sketch notes. I waited on one for SEVEN MINUTES before forcing Evernote closed and just starting over. The next one I tried was much smaller, but I got tired of waiting after TWO MINUTES. Might need to reconsider infinite paper size or figure out some other way of dealing with this. Seven minutes or more to save a relatively simple sketch is completely unacceptable!
  12. I've got a video up that shows how Evernote 10 handles being offline (spoiler - it doesn't). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3r1ryU5Ffo
  13. FYI - I saw this same behavior again this morning this time when notes were generated from iOS. I entered several notes into Evernote for iOS last night while brainstorming in bed... this morning, the notes do not exist in the Windows Evernote v10. I can see them in my 'created today and created yesterday searches' as being in my inbox - BUT they aren't in my inbox. I fully exited out of Evernote v10 and restarted it - the notes magically appeared in the inbox. Please fix - ASAP!
  14. I see syncing 'freeze ups' still exist. I opened Evernote 10.04 on iPhone 11 Pro this morning and didn't pay attention to if it last synced up or not. proceeded to type up 2 separate notes into my inbox. jump back to inbox. not there! realize the sync freeze up occurred, force closed Evernote and restarted. of course, notes not there. THIS IS DATA LOSS! Please fix - you've left a good many users with Evernote in an unusable state at this point in time!
  15. Here's a strange one... Note created on computer A in my inbox notebook - I have in my video example an image sketch, but have also tested it with basic text notes. Jump to computer B - the note(s) DO NOT show in my inbox - BUT they do show in my 'created today' search - AND they show as being in my inbox. BUT they aren't in my inbox with a regular scroll through the notes of that notebook. Using my created today search, if I then give those notes a title, they now show up in my computer B inbox notebook. Please fix ASAP - to me this is a missing data problem... someone could
  16. as per the subject. When fixed, a bonus would be to let us select the date format to be used in options!
  17. Created a note on device 2 - using Evernote 10 for Windows. It saved from what I could tell. A couple hours later on device 1, I didn't see the note. Ran a search for notes created today and it shows up - and shows up as being in my inbox. Click on my inbox. Note isn't anywhere to be seen. Re-run my search - verify that yes, the note says it is in my inbox. Double check the inbox notebook directly. No, it's not there! Re-run the search - change the note title (it was untitled previously). Check the inbox (my default notebook). Finally, the note is now there (li
  18. Also keep in mind color coding tags doesn't change a search or the requirements of a search. I can have a tag "importantstuff" that is red in color - and then search for the tag "importantstuff" instead of dealing with emoji coded tags for "importantstuff" instead - and then dealing with search complexities. That all being said - I do have a few tags with emoji's -- but again, simple tags that can be coded independently (with the colors) was very nice to have.
  19. Another missing feature -- I have notes shared to me, but I can't duplicate or copy those notes into my own notebook(s). The menu option is there, but greyed out. Work around: - export the note as an ENEX. - import the ENEX (BUT evernote creates a new notebook in the process). - move the note where you want/need it - delete the now empty notebook.
  20. Dear Evernote.... this is what your average CUSTOMERS are seeing with version 10.0. We have performance problems, sluggishness and otherwise have questions to the status of our notes. Things are missing, things are downgraded. What is going on behind the scenes? How many times have you watched an Apple announcement saying "Here is the Shiny New Macbook... BUT... we downgraded the diplay to 1024x768... AND installed a traditional spinning hard disk instead of a superfast SSD?" "It's worse than last years model, BUT hey it is shiny and new so enjoy!" Anyway... Maybe I'm just old and
  21. It's horrible for me... improved after the first install, but "day 2" - despite being improved - is still sluggish. I've done a 'day 2' video here showing casing a few bugs and problems. https://youtu.be/A3r1ryU5Ffo
  22. Noticed this on the beta and submitted feedback on it - but for some reason it is still a problem in the public release. It is 8:15pm where I am currently. My "activity today" shows one note that actually says it was created at 8:08pm. My search is: created:day -tag:library-pocket and that normally shows me all my notes from today. Where is "created:day" getting its date and time information from? Certainly note the note information. Please fix.
  23. It’s gone. For now anyway. I certainly hope it returns very very soon!
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