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  1. Fully agree. The tables in Evernote are lacking. Your suggestion — if implemented — would make them universally better.
  2. Here here! I'd like to be able to have images flow, inline, with text again too.
  3. @DTLow Really? You can't collapse images—from "inline" into "attachments"? I can, with any kind of image. This is available on all platforms I believe. Here's a gif. And really... It takes 3 clicks to collapse an image from "inline" to "attachment", and then expand it back, from "attachment" to "inline"! Evidence! CLICK #1: Click the image to make the menu pop up... CLICK #2: Click the "3-dot" menu in the menu... that just popped up. CLICK #3: Scroll down to the "VIEW AS" section of the next menu and hit either "Atta
  4. It would be cool if I could do this!!!! \ Right now, when you've set an image / picture / photo as an attachment (i.e. have it hidden), to change it to a viewable image, to reveal it, you have to click— like 3 times! If I could do it with one click, that would be better. Thoughts? Think it'll ***** everything up? Want it? Comments!
  5. I know man. Sorry. As I was writing that, I was thinking of not posting it. Sorry if it peeved you or anyone. I just saw the word "Nimbus" and had one of those triggers everyone is talking about. Nothing to do with you. I probably should have said this first: I think your DYI roadmap is really cool. Because I do. When I first saw it, I noticed how cool the table looked on that shared page. I don't use tables much, because of how clunky they are. Your page made me wish tables in active notes were better. Have they reached out to you at all on that—to help/clarify
  6. I've gotta jump in here. Nimbus does indeed have that roadmap, but... Looking at that roadmap is like paying 5 bucks to see a "bearded lady" in one of those old circus tents. You're all excited. You go in. You see her... You get closer, and then... You realize the beard is glued on. 😞 Anticipation. Excitement. Then trick! That's my experience looking at that roadmap. I get excited about features I see planned, and then whatever I'm excited about either gets pushed to the left, completely removed, or "get's completed" but actually isn't. That, and the majority of what
  7. Here here! I second. I'd love to be able to watch vimeo videos in a note just like I can with youtube.
  8. Hi there, Is there a way to "auto-generate" annotation summaries when attaching a PDF in Evernote... that you've annotated... in an app outside of Evernote? Unless I'm wrong, and missing something, the only way to get those summaries to show up at the top of a PDF in Evernote, is to physically annotate the PDF in Evernote... I can't get my pdfs from Notability to generate annotation summaries. If you've tried something like this and were successful (or weren't) I want to hear about it! There has to be a way.
  9. Bingo! You said it. The dashboard is a "sign". The big "Evernote Development Wheel' is actually alive & moving—now visibly. That is a very Very good thing. The dashboard, and the speed it was shipped, i think, is like the "first big positive benefit" of the architectural switch to PWA from native. They can now ship stuff way faster. Aside from the scratchpad, I don't use the dashboard. Still, I don't care. This feels like they're competing again. What I hope, is that this is just the beginning, and soon, we'll start to see them innovate and push the envelop
  10. Yeah, this bothers me too. I'm trying to figure out how to make clipped content look the same in light mode and dark mode.
  11. Hey @RobertJSawyer, I saw your old post about changing the EN-color.txt file to affect some sort of visual change— I know it's a long shot, but do you have any kind of idea, or hunch, on how to control the color-inversions that occur inside web-clippings / web content when you're in dark mode? Everything that the great web clipper clips... is always inverted, when darkmode is on! Just thought I'd ask. CHeers!
  12. There doesn't seem to be much support for any feature request. You've been here a while. You might know this, but: Have they ever implemented an actual feature request—of any kind or type? I'm really curious if they have.
  13. Hey @icurly, Pink Elephant is wrong. It has nothing to do with anything being a "new client generation." You just need to do it in a browser, and, based on your comment, of CMD + OPTION + I not working, I bet you're using safari. To be able to pull up the inspector in Safari, go to preferences, then select the advanced tab, then hit the box at the very bottom that says "Show Develop Menu In Menu Bar" Once that's done, go to the menu bar click 'DEVELOP', then click 'show web inspector' in the list, like in the pic. (Mine says "connect web inspector" yours will say
  14. Explain please. How are web fonts used to track and then identify a user specifically?
  15. Hey Steve, unfortunately, the only way to access the inspector is via browser. On Chrome and safari (on mac), hit CMD + OPTION + I.
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