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  1. These nearly 80 year old eyes can manage the pale green font. Not great but I can manage. It is not a deal killer. OTOH, the faded fonts are challenging and incredibly tiring. First year design students learn "Form follows function." If it can't be read, it doesn't matter how pretty it is. Use green in the trim but not in the text. Really like the new forum generally. I didn't understand the navigation very quickly but I am learning.
  2. Thanks, Gaz. I've got to remember it is Firefox that Evernote conflicts sometime with. I can use Chrome! Bill
  3. s6 won't log onto evernote forums. I can access my notes, add new ones or delete note. When I try to log onto EN forums using the address that works on my laptop, s6 hangs. Did I miss an address change for androids?
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