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  1. Thanks, guys. I'm glad to know it wasn't just me. Clumsy but I shall live with it.
  2. Since the new forum design was launched I am required to sign back in if it has been more than an hour. Is this another android conflict? Or is this forum glitch you just have not gotten to yet? Generally I am enjoying the new version. I am just not as comfortable yet as I was with previous iteration.
  3. These nearly 80 year old eyes can manage the pale green font. Not great but I can manage. It is not a deal killer. OTOH, the faded fonts are challenging and incredibly tiring. First year design students learn "Form follows function." If it can't be read, it doesn't matter how pretty it is. Use green in the trim but not in the text. Really like the new forum generally. I didn't understand the navigation very quickly but I am learning.
  4. Iiii up 97iiiiiiiiiiiiuuuulyy8u9uiiiiiiiiuuuulyy8u9uuuuu>9iiu9iiıa1avap11avaiui9uuu9uuuuuuu08uti9
  5. I think this is a function of Windows. Don't know why Foxfire may have corrupted the file but then I rarely know for sure anyway. You can edit your "Send To" list by going to C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo (substitute your user name for <username>, of course). Works for me. Credit thewindowsclub.com for the assistance. Bill
  6. Finally figured it out!!!!! I had narrowed this down to a conflict between my Galaxy S6 and the particular website that was furnishing me with the emails. As I was exploring Morticia's questions and suggestions, I noticed that when I opened the same email in my Galaxy S6 and in my Windows 7 laptop, the displayed email was slightly different in each. On the phone, the email had a very small line (almost invisible on the phone screen) that said, "If you can't see this email, click here." When I clicked on the line, the email reopened and suddenly the options included that beautiful little green elephant. Click on the green elephant and the email is immediately forwarded to my EN default notebook. Just like it is supposed to do! Thanks to everyone who made suggestions or asked questions. Everyone of them helped me to get the solution. Bill
  7. Have never used syntax when successfully forwarding these emails on my S3 or Win 7 laptop or Win 7 desktop. I clicked on the email I wanted forward. Clicked on the "Forward" option. Clicked on "Contacts" to insert addressee (my Evernote email address). Clicked on "Send". After several minutes I receive a "Send Failed" message.
  8. Didn't mean to be so cryptic. Thought it is some dumb thing I was simply overlooking. I am an Evernote Plus user. I cannot forward an email to my Evernote account from my Samsung Galaxy S6. I have only had the S6 a couple of months and thought this was probably a learning curve problem. I can successfully forward emails from both my Windows 7 Laptop and my Windows 7 Desktop. I am using the native email app that came with the S6. I have also tried using a Gmail app with the same results. I use Mozills Thunderbird on both my laptop and desktop. I have a S6 screenshot of the error message but have no clue how to attach it to this message. The exact message says: Warning Only part of the message has been downloaded. If you continue, the rest of the original message may be lost. The message doesn't appear every time. I have never gotten the message on the laptop or desktop. The problem occurs when I am attempting to forward Spanish vocabulary (Word a Day) to my Evernote notebook. I have been doing this sucessfully for the past couple of years with a Galaxy S3 so it is reasonable to suspect the S6 setup. The emails vary in size from 25 KB to 150 KB, no attachments, so I doubt size is the issue. I am not likely exceeding my account limits since I can continue to both forward and "Send to Evernote" on my desktop and laptop. I have forward single emails and groups of 5-6 without a problem, I will probably have to address this stumble on a Samsung Galaxy S6 Forum but this is where I started. Continuing to explore possibilities, I have been able to forward other emails to my Evernote account with the S6 though. Curious, isn't it? Bill
  9. Seems to work flawlessly on laptop or desktop. When I click on "Forward" in my Android, I get a warning that the complete message was not copied... When I punch "Send" it whirls a while and then announces the email failed to send. What am I missing? Bill
  10. I was a VOLUNTEER moderator for several years on a completely different kind of forum. It was enormously rewarding. I corresponded lots of great people from all around this world. I was finally worn down by the cyber bullies (yes, bullies!) who chose to vent their rage in a forum. Do you have a right to an opinion? Absolutely! Do have the right to abuse volunteers or even employees who have limited time, energy or resources to respond? That is the very essence of bullies. If you are an occasional free poster or a heavy duty power user with a desperate need to bully, find another playground. I am grateful for the forum, the moderators, the questions, the replies and points of view. Bill
  11. Déjà Vu all over again. (Sigh) If you overlook the posts that exist for the sole purpose of insulting users, you may find this thread informative... https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/85924-emailing-to-evernote-now-a-paid-feature/ A word to the few who posted personal attacks in the above thread (or those new to the topic who are so tempted)...I would caution you to refrain from it in this thread so that this one does not get locked...
  12. Thanks, Gaz. I've got to remember it is Firefox that Evernote conflicts sometime with. I can use Chrome! Bill
  13. s6 won't log onto evernote forums. I can access my notes, add new ones or delete note. When I try to log onto EN forums using the address that works on my laptop, s6 hangs. Did I miss an address change for androids?
  14. Well said, Gaz. I am trying to keep all the changes and forum posts in perspective. I have played with OneNote for the past few weeks and have decided it simply isn't worth the learning curve. OneNote is probably Microsoft's best application since Word and PowerPoint. But, I am not a "power user". There was a time when I would have been but this is now. Evernote meets my needs. I would miss the people I have followed on this forum. Thanks for your thoughtful observations. A lot of folks said, after the 4GB limit came in, that they'd never use all that monthly bandwidth - I only ever got to over 1GB a few times, and I was digitising a small library. When 'unlimited' was announced, my general view was that it would make no difference. If the 4GB limit didn't lead to a melt-down, then just losing the bar completely wouldn't make any difference. Clearly, for some users it did. I don't know what the issues have been, and it seems pointless and counter-productive to speculate.
  15. That's why I enjoy this forum!!! I have been reading books on a Kindle almost since they came out. I often highlight passages or lines. I had no idea they were saved on the Kindle site. I just logged on and, sure enough, they were right there. Another new use for Evernote. Thanks, JMichael!!!
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