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  1. Is there any hope of a modern, REST API coming to Evernote - even if it provides limited functionality relative to the full APIs? It would dramatically ease the process of supporting Evernote in a consistent fashion across platforms. It's becoming more and more difficult to support Evernote in my apps. The iOS SDK does not properly support being embedded in a extension friendly framework. The Mac SDK is abandoned. And on the whole I would rather not included any third party SDK to support basic capture functions. I know there are some wrappers that have been written, but I'm not interested in passing data through additional servers to reach Evernote. It seems it's table stakes for a tool focused on capture like Evernote to provide at least basic REST API endpoints to create new notes and do some basic queries for notebooks and existing notes so that it can easily be incorporated into a variety of workflow and automations without the heavy overhead of an SDK. Thoughts? Finger-crossed we'll see something on this front in the near future.
  2. agiletortoise

    64-bit iOS SDK

    Any updates on the 64-bit iOS SDK? This is becoming a significant liability adding Evernote to new projects.
  3. agiletortoise

    iOS apps and account creation

    Updated the SDK to use the in-app auth process and was able to get approved.
  4. agiletortoise

    iOS apps and account creation

    I just had a rejection on these grounds over the weekend. What's the current best answer? My version of the SDK is a couple months old, will refreshing my SDK and resubmitting fix now?
  5. agiletortoise

    ARC status of evernote iOS sdk

    Check with inkedmm, I gave him some notes on the steps offline and he was going to write something up.
  6. agiletortoise

    ARC status of evernote iOS sdk

    Nevermind, I was able to work around this by building the SDK as a static library for my app.
  7. What is the current status of ARC support for the Evernote iOS SDK? The github read me says it's not supported. Are there ways to integrate it still, if so does anyone have a tutorial or guide of some sort? I have the need to integrate just to create notes from my app, which is a iOS 5.0 or greater ARC app. Thanks for any direction. Greg Pierce