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  1. Thanks for clarifying!
  2. Okay, just chiming in here as a non-tech minded user. It's a small thing and I'm sure no offense was actually intended, but... Using the metaphor of "even a 1st year or 2nd year computer science student could do it" (I'm paraphrasing here) is akin to saying "so easy even an idiot could do it!" It's a tad insulting and a bit demeaning. Remember, just because something might be simple and obvious to you, does not mean it is to everyone else.
  3. Hi Jay and Dave, As Gazumped pointed out a few posts back, there's no way to tell when or IF such a feature will ever be implemented by Evernote. Folks have been asking for a collapsible outlining ability for years now and there's still no indication that it's under consideration for future releases. In fact, over the last year their company focus seems to be gearered more than ever towards the corparate world. If you look at the Evernote.com website, you'll notice the "Remember Everything" as their tagline has been dropped in favour of promoting EN Accounts as a Virtual Workstation, with an emphasis on collaboration through use of Chat Feature options. That's not to say they've deprecated the app's notetaking ability or completely dropped the notion of using EN as a virtual filing cabinet for all your digital data. They've de-emphasised filing cabinet metaphor, but it still functions as such. My best suggestion in both your cases is to take a look at WorkFlowy, a free, online outliner app that has the ability to collapse and expand text and lists. They've been around for years and come highly recommended by other users on this forum. WorkFlowly also intergrates nicely with Evernote. Below is a the link to their sign-up page: https://workflowy.com/ This below is one of many user made videos available on YouTube, showing some of the cool things you can do with WorkFlowy. WorkFlowy: How to Stay Productive and Get More Done, by Eric Heavilin: http://youtu.be/Oo8grkujGd8 Hope this helps!
  4. Hi Marco, this has been requested before and while Evernote staff do read all the forum posts, it is rare to have them respond. Nor is there anyway to know when, of if, such a feature will be implented. That said, I picked up a tip from another forum user (don't recall who), that's a handy workaround. I know have three tags that look like the below and what they mean for my purposes is explained in backets beside each one: * (one star means I consider the note a priority, but a low one) ** (two stars = a higher priority) *** (three stars = top priority) I only use these tags on actionable notes and the stars help remind me of their priority. Once whatever the action(s) needed are taken, I edit the note body to read Completed beside each item listed as it's done, or just tick any Checkboxes I've used. When all are items in a note are complete, I remove the Tag and archive (move) the note to a Completed Projects notebook. Cheers!
  5. Oh dear, that was one of my marathon replies. Sorry, hope it doesn't overwhelm you...
  6. Hi. You might find this YouTube video by Evan Carmichael helpful. When you open the link (below) you'll notice he has a whole series of Evernote videos. If you want to peruse them, it's easiest to just suscribe to his channel. Evernote Tutorial - Notebooks or Tags - Which is Better? http://youtu.be/lPCLknRhgvk The forum's own SPG "Evernote" Scott also has his own series on YouTube, which I also found most helpful. Here's a link to the 1st of his series: http://youtu.be/xxMJGtBXkvc These and other videos easily found on YouTube are all a bit dated in that all the apps have seen at least a few updates since they were posted. However, they do all showcase the basics of Evernote as a whole, and might help to wrap your head around the whole concept of not relying on the standard concept of files and folders in a hierarchal system that we're all so used to dealing with. The basic strengths of Evernote in my experience are: ➡ It's cross-platform access where you can all your notes from virtually any internet-connected desktop computer and all your mobile devices. ➡ It's search ability that allows you to find any note with as many (upto the 250 limit assuming you have a free account), or as few, Notebooks as you want. There are some heavy power users here who have massive research databases in their accounts accounts yet have no need for more than one or two Notebooks. Some rely heavily on the use of proper Evernote Search Grammar as outlined in the below linked Knowledge Base (KB) article. Others depend on using keywords and descriptive titles with consistent a date style starting each Note title. i.e.: YYYYMMDD, or DDMMYY, or in my case DD/MM/YYYY Search Grammar KB Article: https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php Advanced Search Syntax KB Article https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23245321/ Evernote is basically a blank slate, or virtual bin, if you prefer, where you can store various types of digital data. And while searching this forum, or Google and YouTube, to ask questions and see how other users organize their EN Databases is helpful, the only way to really see and get the best value is to experiment to see what works best for your particular use case. That might result in settling into a combination of all the above strategies and the use of Tags and/or Stacks. For me personally, as I've gotten better at structuring notes and their attributes like Tags so a quick search will drill through hundreds of notes quickly, that my reliance on Notebooks is getting smaller all the time. I don't use Stacks or the Advanced Search Syntax at all now, and find searching with "natural language" and/or for specific Tags, gets me to the note(s) I need pretty fast. For example, I read a lot and like to keep reading notes, reading lists, favourite authors I follow and book wishlists. I can locate specific notes by searching my Reading notebook for specific books by typing in the book title or author or whatever other Keywords I think might bring up what I need. If they write in more than one genre, I can first narrow the search paremeters by pulling up all the notes Tagged with the specific genre or sub-genre. That isn't how I started out when new to Evernote. I had come from decades of thinking and working, in a deeply complex, large paper and electronic heirarchal file and nested folder systems. The idea of not working within that framework horrified me. I restructured my database a few times, first adding notebooks like crazy and gerry rigging a cross-referencing system. My best advice? Date all your Note Title in a consistent manner, use keywords that make sense to you both in the titles and the body of your notes. Watch some YouTube videos and search this forum using keywords such as Tags, Organization, Optimizing Evernote, Note Titles, Dating, Keywords, Plain Text, etc. Read through long threads where various long-time users have posted some great examples. Good luck!
  7. On the upside, by posting you have both officially added your voices to those requesting this feature. On the downside, folks have been asking for it for a long time and it's anyone's guess about when, of if, such a feature will be implemented. In the meantime, using a dedicated Task Manager and/or Calender app is your best option. Their are many that intergrate nicely with Evernote and they can be found in the Evernote App Centre. Best wishes.
  8. Hi. I have no idea if this will help anyone or not, but thought I'd chime in just in case. I'm a free user with plans to upgrade to Premium by early to mid next week. I work primarily from my Android phone (SG3), and have for about a year. Since the latest Android update, I have lost no data and had no problems editing or moving notes (to another Notebook). That said, while I use it nearly every day, I am not a power user. I frequently edits the same notes repeatedly over hours, days, weeks and even months. Here's my workflow on both my Android phone and my Windows laptop: * I never log-out on ether device, ever. * As soon as I open Evernote on either device, I manually Sync DOWN from the EN Servers. * While working in EN on the Android app, if I'm spending more than 2 or 3 minutes in one note, I use the Save feature - NOT to be confused with the Sync function - which can be accessed by tapping on the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the screen in any open note. (Pre-existing ones open once you tap the Green Circle icon, which opens the note in Edit Mode.) * The same is true for any notes you are currently creating. In either case once you tap those three vertical dots when in an open note, two options come up - Save and Settings - tap Save. i.e. If I am making extensive edits to a pre-existing note, I will tap Save after every few edits - big or small. I do the same if I'm creating a note with a lot of text. I tap Save or Sync, one last time before moving onto another note, be it to another pre-existing note or to create a new one. (I don't recall if the latest Windows app as the Save feature of note. But if not and you also use Windows, I recommend manually Syncing every five minute or so. More if you adding or editing a Note's content fast and/or for a long period of time. Regardless, the local copy of your Evernote Database on your desktop's hardrive should save any changes or additions until you can successfully Sync UP to the EN Servers.) * Before I close or exit out of Evernote I manually Sync UP to the EN Servers. Then I check to be certain my final Sync was successful before exiting or closing Evernote. If not, I locate and deal with any Note Conflicts that might have occurred, and try Syncing again. There has been a few times I couldn't connect to the servers, but I just kept trying every few minutes until I could. So to re-cap the essential points: 1) When opening EN from ANY device (client), you ALWAYS first *manually* Sync DOWN from the EN Servers. 2) When working in Evernote from ANY device (client) for any extended period of time, you should utilize the Save (where available, such as on Android) and/or the Sync functions, frequently. Just remember that Evernote is NOT like MS Word that autosaves versions of your work every couple minutes as work in case of a power failure or a computer crash. You have to be diligent using the tools EN provides - auto-Syncing set to a schedule you set, manual Syncing at any time, and in Android at least, the option to Save your work until you can next Sync it UP to the Servers - to ensure Evernote always has the most current version of all your notes available for you to access from any device you use it on. 3) Before closing or exiting out of Evernote - NOT to be confused with Signing-out - MANUALLY Sync UP to the EN Servers. Then check to be sure you've had a successful Sync. Or, to put it in terms of old school video games kill monster or baddy and immediately Save. Kill more monsters or baddies and Save again! Cheers.
  9. Shouldn't they also do a clean unistall using Revo or similar just for safety's sake? Or is it different with a Mac?
  10. Afraid not. It's a much requested feature on this Forum, but there's no way to know when, or if, they will implement it. But, if folks keep asking it might, eventually happen. In the meantime, you'd be better off looking at apps like Workflowly, which I believe intergrateds well with Evernote. Any status on this?
  11. Yegads, I hope they don't do that with the Windows verson! My sincere sympathies to all Mac users.
  12. I definitely agree, you've waited too long for a response. I do know, having spoken with an EN staffer today that Support is swamped and was assured they are doing their level best to get back on track. Us Android users also have the ability to Undo and Redo the last action taken. I realize it won't help you this time, but for future reference, when you have a note open, look at the lower left side of your screen. There you should see two circular arrows. One is Redo and the other is Undo. I have found them, along with the Save button (remember, it's NOT Sync) to be quite handy! I'm afraid I don't have much else to offer, but now that you have posted your ticket number and the details, I expect you will likely hear from someone from EN tomorrow. (Though I fear your note may well be toast at this point.) Good luck!
  13. Okay, it's probably 'cause I'm tired and maybe missed something in your post, Frank, but as far as I know Save is not the same as Sync. Save is useful when working on a long note, or when taking more than a minute or two to work on a note so it doesn't get messed up in the event of power failure or some other issue, but you must Sync to ensure it's on the Evernote Servers. Mivan be aware that if you cancel your Premium status, Note History will no longer be available to you, nor will Tech Support. When did you submit your Support Ticket. It's well known on the forum that many people are not recieving a response in the advertised 24 hours for Premium members. I can only assume they are working to rectify that. But you also have to remember that if you sent submitted your ticket on the weekend or late Friday, that they only respond during business hours, which for EN is Monday to Friday, Pacific Standard time. If you haven't yet cancelled your Premium status and still want to speak with Support, then I suggest you do two things: 1) Post your Support Ticket number here, with details of what client(s) you're using - Windows Desktop, Windows Touch, Mac, Android, etc. - and state exactly what happened, when it happened, and what, if anything you've done to try resolving issue yourself. And... 2) Try support again on Tuesday during business hours and this time pick the Live Chat Option. Good luck!
  14. I strongly suggest you create you own thread on this one, and that you move it to the General section, with a good descriptive title. It would greatly enhance your chance of faster help! Also, in your post, *clearl* state what your problem or question is. Also, state what client(s) (devices(s) their matching EN app. i.e., Mac, Windows Desktop or Touch, Android, iPad, etc. Cheers!
  15. Search through old and new threads here in the Evernote for School section of the forum. There are many other educaters who use Evernote in their teaching, and who also Forum member, some of whom have generously shared their wokflow, many with screenshots! It will take time, but it''s your best chance to get real world answer by other educators in your position. The good, the bad, the ugly...so to speak!
  16. NOTE: I moved your post out of the 3rd Party Apps forum board as you are asking if the EN Android app will work on your Blackphone smartphone, not offering, asking about or discussing a 3rd party app. Hopefully now you will get some responses!
  17. Shot in the dark here, but are you sure JuneCloud actually intergrates with Evernote? Not all apps do. If it does, have you given Evernote permission to accept the others app to access your EN account on all of your clients (devices/platforms), and vise versa with the other app? I know I could be completely off base here, but as I said, it's a shot in the dark!
  18. You might want to post something in the Business section stating that you have a new app out that cen track changes in shared notebooks and send the user notification of said changes. I don't think you'd get away with just reposting your original post there, but a note saying something similar to my suggestion along with a link back to you original post might be okay. I have seen a couple people in that forum asking for just such and ability. Worth a try! If you're worried send GBarry a PM asking permission. If you do go the GBarry route, also ask if you can post it in the main evernote section as I know of at least one couple that use a Premium and free account to organize their lives, and there are also several other Premium (non-business) and free users that share Notebooks and I think some might be interested to know. Remember, most folks only go to the areas of the forum that directly affects their particular EN Clients(s) and wouldn't even think to look at the 3rd Party Applications board if they are not in the market for something new or specific. Also, feel free to use my reasoning if you ask GBarry to post in one or both areas, which, as I write this, think is probably the way to go. Good luck!
  19. Okay, maybe I can clarify things for you. When working with the Web client, that means your working directly with the Evernote (EN) Servers, so Syncing should not be needed. When using a computer or mobile client, automatic Syncing is done according to the schedule you set on each device (client). I use Windows (7) Desktop and Android. I set both to Auto Sync every 5 minutes. However, for safety's sake, the recommended best practices for for manually Syncing, in addition to pre-set auto Syncs is as follows when working on any Client OTHER than the Web one (which, remember, workers directly with the EN Servers): As soon as you open EN on your iPhone or any other client you might use Evernote on (i.e. a computer or other mobile device), the first thing you should do is MANUALLY Sync DOWN from the EN Servers. This will give you access to all of your sucessfully synced notes. When you have finished working in Evernote on that client, the last thing you should do is to MANUALLY Sync UP to the EN Servers. The will save your work to the Servers. Remember, the above steps should be done in addition to the scheduled auto Syncs you have set on all the devices you use. Also, a couple points to note: 1) I don't know about the iPhone, but on the Android App on my phone, one I have a pre-existing note fully open for editing or create a new one, if I tap on the vertical three dots in the upper, far right side of my screen, a menu appears offering me two options: one is to Save and the other is Settings. If your iPhone offers you the Save option, do NOT mistake it for the Sync function! 2) The mobile clients do not pull down the full contents of your notes when Syncing DOWN from the servers. The pull down what is referred to as the Headers, which consists of the Note Title and possibly the first few lines of a note. However when you click on a note and open it - on android I do this by clicking on a floating green circle with a pencil icon in it - that note will be instantly pulled down from the servers, ready to view or edit as desired. So, if the Guide shows you where to find the Sync button, and with the tips above, is it making more sense now?
  20. Kathy, below is a link to a Getting Started Guide from the Knowledge Base for your device, as well as a few other that have the same OS. Go through it and it should show you where and how to use the Sync on your iPhone. http://evernote.com/evernote/guide/ios/ Hopefully, this will clear matters up for you! Good luck. ☺
  21. Kathy, I noticed your posting on an older thread so wanted to just double check that you understand the Sync process. Devices (platforms) do not Sync to each other, they Sync to the Evernote Servers. Are you manually Syncing DOWN from the servers when you start working in Evernote on either device, then manually Syncing back UP to the Servers when finished? Note that this should be done in addition to whatever timed schedule you have set on you Mac and iPhone. Please see the graphic in JMichael's post (3rd one down) in the below link: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/72206-duplicating-entries-into-evenote-in-two-computers/?fromsearch=1/ I've been using a free account for over a year now and haven't lost a single note, so I I hope this helps. ☺
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