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  1. Hi Theresa, I have run into an issue that I hope is just a temporary bug you'll soon have fixed. I'm finding that when I clip a webpage, it won't let me edit the body of Note by adding text. I can edit the title and add Tags, but not add text to the Note body. Which is, for me, a crucial part of my workflow.
  2. Hi I just ran across a different thread in the Windows Help area of the forum and thought it might prove helpful in your case. Forum thread link: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/66433-how-to-sort-notebooksstacks-under-notebooks/ In the above linked thread is a post by Scott Lougheed with an explanation and screenshot example of how he uses Shortcuts and a type of naming convention to organize his notebooks. You can save a copy of the screenshot for reference in your own Evernote account if you'd like. Just click where it says "Save to Evernote" at the bottom and choose the Notebook you want to save it to. Scott's screenshot example: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s25/sh/6bab0eda-cb2f-4351-a113-a08c1c0faf53/0f865f0a60ace6d4 Cheers!
  3. I'm a bit late to the party, but if your using Windows, you could just open up two seperate instances of Evernote the flick between the tabs. Have the one tab set to show your business notebooks and the other to show your personal ones.
  4. Hi Megan, Do you recall when clipping webpages if you actually pasted them into an EN Note, then Synced them up to the EN Servers? If yes, then you should be able to Sync them back down to your machine. (Presuming they were successfully Synced.)
  5. Have you considered Wordpress? They have free acconts.
  6. Honestly, I have no idea if the below linked thread is of any use in this case or not, but it's the only thread I could think of: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/81673-security-notice-sent-today-to-specific-evernote-accounts/#entry348172
  7. Hi. This is a user forum; meaning we're all just other Evernote users. If and when someone has an answer to your question, they will reply.
  8. Hmm, I see your point. I don't use the Share feature at all, but I have noticed more than a few aren't terribly happy about how it operates. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  9. You might also want to look at Tags to help keep track of your notes. There's several posts on the forum about Tags if you're interested. Just do a forum search.
  10. Yikes! I wish I had some answers or suggestions even, but it seems like you've covered all the bases. :-( Oh yes, I spent hours if not days of my precious time dealing with Tech Support. Writing emails, resending them when they got lost, making screenshots and screencasts, explaining the issues over and over again, deleting and reinstalling. In 2014 I got ZERO results. I mean, literally none of the problems I reported has been fixed. Lost notes gone forever (lots of messages exchanged with Tech Support, -> "Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do"). Contacting Tech Support has become a complete waste of time. Last time I tried it a week ago (being a paid user), no reply until now. Besides, what can they reply? "Sorry we still did not fix this issue you reported twice in 2014"? "Sorry we lost your ticket again, please reopen it"? And yes, I posted my issues here, several times. Of course experienced users can give some good advice, but unfortunately they cannot help with things that are broken on Evernote's side.
  11. It was reinstated a couple days afters they they pulled it. According to the below linked Article from the EN Knowledge Base, last updated on Feb. 17, 2015, it's now done through the Chat Feature. https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/24973036/ I would suggest you create a new Notebook called, "My Public Notes & Links," or similar, then create and add Notes with any Link(s) you want to share publicly. This would give you the added benefit of being able to Title & Tag each Note, as well as provide a short blurb explaining what each Link in the Note is regarding.
  12. One thing the author in the article failed to mention is that continous Syncing to the Servers only happens when you're working online, directly in the feature limited Web App.
  13. Nadya, I'm very sorry to hear you're having such problems with your Evernote Database. Have you worked with Tech Support on any of these issues? Even if you're a free user, I believe Support is available to you for things like data loss, though it could take a while if you're a free user. Also, have you posted on this forum about each issue you're having, with details about exactly what happened with each problem, what you've tried to do to resolve them, and what client(s) you're using? i.e. Windows, Mac, Android, etc. If you haven't previously posted about the problems you're having, then please start a new topic and do so. Other forum members will do their best to help you as their time permits. To Dan and anyone else that might read this and has Sync problems... The key things to remember with Sync are: ▶ The Save function, if your Client (device) has it, is not the same as Sync. Save is handy to use when working on a long note or when you might have interruptions on your Client. For example, when I use my Android phone to create a fairly long Note, and know that I might get a call while working or need to flip quickly to another app, I use the Save feature every few lines so I don't lose my work before finishing it and Syncing. ▶ You are NOT Syncing between devices (clients). You are Syncing to and from the Evernote Servers. This is the case with ALL Cloud Services, even when they advertise as having the ability to Sync between devices. What they really mean is they allow you to Sync your data To and From their Servers. ▶ Even a slight blip in your internet connection, can ***** up a Sync if it happens during a scheduled auto-Sync or a manual Sync. Best Practices for Syncing are: ➡ The very first thing you shoul do each and every single time you open Evernote on any device (client), is to do a manual Sync. This will download the latest, sucessfully Synced version of your Notes to your device. ➡ The very Last thing you should do before exiting Evernote on any device (client) is to manually Sync UP to the Evernote Servers. This will save the latest version of your Notes to the EN Servers. ➡ These manual Syncs are in addition to the regular, scheduled auto-Syncs set to your preference on each device - they are not instead of them. The manual Syncs provide and extra level of safety to ensure the Evernote Servers always have the most current versions of your Notes, as well as help to avoid Sync Conflicts. Cheers!
  14. I've been using Evernote (EN) for almost two years now and only recently became Premium. Though I would have done so long before had my finances not been so tight. (Senior furry kids requiring a of extra vet care.) Many of the problems you probably read about in other threads on the Forum are likely things that I too was alarmed about. I spent a few months looking at other notetaking options, including Onenote. But as others have said, it's a really personal decision, and in the end, Evernote won me over. There is one thing you may want to consider if you think you'll be aquiring many tens of thousands of Note in a relatively short period of time, and that is EN's ongoing struggles with scalability. They advertise as being able to handle up to 100,000 Notes per account, but a few people had so much trouble when reaching 30 to 40 thousand or more notes, that their accounts slowed so much as to be useless. I know of a couple former power users who did move their data out of EN. One did switch to Onenote for this and a couple other issues. Her username is BurgersNFries and she's still active on the Forum. As is Grumpy Monkey, the other former power user who moved his data out of EN. If you want to know more about why they (reluctantly) moved their data out of EN, then do a couple Forum Searches for posts authored by them, and maybe add the word "scalability" to your search. To be clear, neither BurgersNFries or Grumpy Monkey are anti-Evernote and both still think it's a great app. While EN has switched it's focus to Business users, and the quality of Tech Support isn't what it used to be, all the features that make it a great "External Brain" to help you "Remember Everything," are all still there. And it's ability to do both, and do them well, are precisely why I use Evernote. Plus, there web clipping is 2nd to none. Plus, I think their Tech Support is still light years ahead of Microsoft's. The latter is great at producing How To articles and interactive tutorials for all their products, but my personal experience of dealing with their Support dep't a few times, were frustrating to say the least. And their user forums don't come near to being as easy to use and helpful as this EN user forum. Oh, if it matter's to you, I use the Windows and Android clients. Both have always worked quite well for me.
  15. Hi Eric, Welcome to the Forum! It sounds like you're off to a great start. Far more organized than most of us when we first started! If you do get curious about how other folks like to organize their Evernote databases, run a few Forum Searches using keywords/phrases like: * Tags, or Tagging * Tags versus Notebooks * Organizing, or Organization, or Organizing Evernote, etc. There's also a lot of great How To articles in the Evernote Knowledge Base (KB), including a "Getting Started Guide" for every Client (device specific apps). Though reading your post, I have doubts you'll be needing much help at all! I suspect you could teach many of us non-power users a few things before you've been at it a week.
  16. Thanks Justin. That's a handy tip and I've duly Evernoted it! I hope you won't mind if I take this opportunity to to echo previous requests for visually easier ways to differeniate between the various types of Notebooks. I means to do so in a way that tells User at glance, exactly what type it, whether with the use if icons or color, or both. And I mean in a way that is consistent across all platforms (clients). As in a way to tell if a Notebook is: * One you Shared * One you Joined * One you have allocated as a Local, offline Notebook on both the desktop and the mobile clients Sorry about going a bit off topic, but it seemed like a good way to maybe get some direct feedback from the Dev Team.
  17. Can't remember what I was going into another room for, but this I remember.
  18. You would think this is an easy concept to understand and explain, but it's really not to those of us who just expect software to do what we want. Me being one of those people....
  19. Actually I believe the developer of Sentinote is, or at least was, a Forum member. *If* I recall correctly, he couldn't keep up with the development due to other commitments and turned the app out into the wild, as it were, for anyone to use and/or further develop. If you search the forum, all his posts should still be there. They might be dated as far back as 2012 or 2013.
  20. As you're new to the Forum, and your posts in this thread don't clarify how long you've been using Evernote (EN), how experienced you are with the EN App, or how Sync works, please keep in mind that I'm responding with the assumption that your new to both. And even if you're not, I try to frame my answers so they make sense to any newbies who may come across this thread later.
  21. Please advise him NOT to. I like Evernote, but it's nowhere near to being secure enough for your husband to store other people's highly sensitive information and from a patient's perspective, I view such a move as downright criminal negligence.
  22. Yes, stikethorugh would be very nice. I'd especially like it if we could strikethrough texts in bullets and checkbox list. That would greatly improve using EN to as Task manager.
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