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  1. Yes, Copy & Paste on the Android app is terrible. I get the same issues.
  2. Hi Deven. I'm also on a GS3 and have had no problems. My account is set to Sync only when I have Wi-Fi access. I have set to sync to Evernote's servers frequently, but am also careful to manually sync UP to them when I've accessed anything while away from home.
  3. Thank you, Pete! I'm not in the least bit offended and very much appreciate the suggestions!
  4. A bit, Pete. But, my EN use case is literally a medical neccessity to keep track of really mundane stuff that's of zero value to anyone else, should I get hacked. (Well, that and my "Reading Note's to Self," lol!
  5. And to upgrade to Premium or Business, go into your app Settings and click on Upgrade. That will walk you through how to upgrade to a paid account. As a free user, official tech support from the company is only available if you are having trouble with accessing your account or other related specific to your account issues. Also, when you say you emailed Evernote, did you submit actual Support Request Tickets as per the below pinned Forum Thread? If so, you should have recieved an auto-email reply with a ticket number assigned to your case. Free users are last in the Support cue and it take several days (or more) before you get a reply. Even then, if it doesn't have to do with technical problems I mentioned above - which are more clearly explained in the below linked post - or something like your having problems paying to upgrade, you'll likely be directed back here. If you haven't submitted a Support Request Ticket before and need to as either a free, premium or business user, please carefully read through the entire post first. Then click on the appropriate link and follow the prompts as they pop-up. Be sure to select the categories that most closely match why your seeking Support and provide details in the text box that will pop-up, then hit Submit. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/51807-best-practices-submitting-a-support-ticket/ Lastly, the below link is to an article from Evernote's Knowledge Base. Click and scroll down to the part about posting Public Links, if you choose that option, as a free or paying user. https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/24973036 Cheers!
  6. I just thought it would be nice to publicly thank Evernote for a job well done! I had to flip to a replacement phone this week and after carefully Syncing my entire account to the EN Servers, then wiping the old cell, I had zero problems accessing all of my notes on the replacement cell. I'm not missing a single one!
  7. I'm already using EN for bookmarking both ways. I've given up, at least for now, on bookmarking apps like Diigo. I don't find bookmarklets without some kind of context notes and/or tags useful anymore. Great concept, but Evernote is already capable of doing this without a 3rd Party app. ☺
  8. I vote for Android. The only thing I can't do on it make or edit tables.
  9. Personally, I'd copy the entire note contents into a Word or other trusty word processing program document, format as desired, print and save the document to EN as an attachment. ANY attachment will be a copy of the original and just safety's sake, I also reccomend keeping the original on your hardrive or on disc. Include dates and cross-referencing info with both copies to remind you if you ever edit one copy, to also save (replace with) the newest copy in the other location. EN is great for storing online research and for keeping simple notes. Not so much at creating beautifully formatted documents, complete with graphics and pictures where you want them, and at the size and resolution you want them. Printing abilities are also very basic in EN. My method might seem a bit redundant and/or labour intensive, but it's really not once you get a rythm going. Plus the thought of losing my *only* copy of something I went to the effort of formatting and printing, all because of a momentary glitch in my internet service, or the myriad of rare, but still possible ways things can be lost or corrupted when using a cloud service, makes me wee bit twitchy.
  10. You can have an unsynced Notebook on your desktop and if your Premium or Business, you can have one on your mobile device as well. Or you could get a second account, free or paid, and save all your private notes in that one. All you need to set up another account is an alternate email address.
  11. Hi Jeff. Welcome to Forum! Please be aware that this a "Users Helping Other Evernote Users," forum. Evernote (EN) provides the forum and do monitor all the threads, but it is not an official or direct link to Evernote Customer Service. Staff will occassionally chime in to help, but most, possibly all, suggestions and advice will come from fellow EN users. I suggest you re-post this into its own, new Topic (thread) with a title saying something to the effect of "Need advice on choosing the right type of EN Account." Also add some more details if you can. i.e.: * Do you mean sharing with friends, family or for a business? If it's for a business, are you the owner and operator? And again if a business, as I suspect it is based on your wording: * What volume and type of documents do you want to share via Notebooks. If it's a large volume (hundreds or more) of business notes then I'd looking at getting a Business account. * And what level of Sharing do you want to do? Meaning are you looking as an employers wanting to give limited Sharing priledges where they can view but not edit notes and attached office documents? (Read-only access.) Or do you want one or both people to have full editing priviledges? * Are you looking to build a Knowledge Base with company info, templates, contacts, contacts, etc., all stored in one location? * Have you worked with a cloud service like Evernote before and understand that your database lives on the Evernote Servers so everyone with editing priviledges, including you, would need to understand how the Syncing process works? It might help if you just explain what you need, and if it's for a business, what type of business it is. What specifically, do you need Evernote or other software to do accomplish for you? i.e.: * Tracking sales? * Storing client data? * Manage properties? * Etc. Here's a link to Business Help section of this Forum. I'd suggest you re-post this with some clarifications, in that area as a New Topic thread. And also look trawl through some of the threads there by actual Evernote Business Users. https://discussion.evernote.com/forum/277-business-help/
  12. Glad to hear that! And I've Evernoted it so I don't forget.
  13. Now that is a truly outstanding idea! I've been using EN in a sort of related way to help with memory issues for important things I can't afford to forget, but it never occured to to use it quite that way in regards to my reading notes. Thank you!
  14. Hmm, I've never had an issue searching via Tags, free or premium status. In addition to what's already been suggested, maybe take a look at the below YouTube video. Evernote Tagging System - How To Use Tags in Evernote: https://youtu.be/tubLiL1CJz8
  15. Oh you better run...I might club you with your own 'puter...
  16. I'm sorry, but I don't see how you're getting that votes for feature requests has that big of impact. I do up-vote feature requests that appeal to me, but also know this forum is just one of Evernote's product feedback avenues. Maybe I am misunderstanding what you're saying? (Yes, I followed the link to the relevent threads.)
  17. Very nicely done, Frank! I love How To videos. (I used to be almost as ambitious with Word, but alas I haven't got that much patience anymore. Plus Microsoft is forever coming out with new versions and it drives me a bit batty trying to figure out where they hide all the features I regularly use. Well that, and nobody pays me to play with Word anymore...
  18. You do know that the Sync and Save functions are not the same thing right? To save changes to your Evernote database servers, you must Sync UP to them. Then, when next opening Evernote from any device, Sync DOWN to dowload the latest sucessfully Synced version of it.
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