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  1. Oh hey, I did make it back to your thread, Raeve. But I see the gents have already offered up all the ideas I had. And then some...
  2. Okay, I'm going to take a completely different tactic then than todays two class clown... (Sorry Frank & JM
  3. Hi Pete, sorry if you misunderstood my intenions. I wasn't trying to imply that you represent EN or that you think you do. I just wanted to make it clear for the sake of anyone who reads this Thread, especially new Forum Members, that they are free to suggest whatever they would like to see Evernote do or add. And your post sounded a bit like you were trying to shut down the conversation using words like, "...it's pointless because..." Regardless of Evernote's change in direction more for the business market, it's still a great for individual users like us. As such, I don't think we should be discouraging folks from posting Feature Requests, suggestions or any other thoughts they have about anything to do with Evernote Also, I'm not entirely sure if submitting Feature Requests directly to EN through Support Ticket, is anymore useful than posting them here on the Forum. Either way, they get them and once it's in their hands, we, as users, have done all we can. But at least on the Forum, if it's a widely desired feature and large numbers of users chime in to support it, then we can present a united front to EN so they can't later says their wasn't enough users unterest to impliment a much wanted Fearure. But I wasn't trying to insinuate anything about you, Pete. You're opinions, insights and thoughts are every bit as valif as everyone elses!
  4. Hi Raeve, Welcome to the Forum! I a few suggestions for you, but unfortunately don't have much time at the moment. I will get back to you in the next 24 or so hours. This is a much discussed topic on the Forum, so in the meantime, I would suggest doing some Forum Searches using Key words and phrases such as the following: * Organization -or- Organizing Evernote * Notebooks versus Tags (or use "vs") * Tags -and- Tagging * Going Paperless * The Benefits of Tagging - (NOTE: There's actually a long, pinned post by that name in the General area of the forum. It's several pages long, but if you skim though you should be able find actual user examples from forum members where they explain how they organize their Evernote databases, that you might find helpful in adjusting your own database management. Some don't use Tags and some don't. Some have several Notebooks while others has a little as one.) * You might also want to try Searches using Key words and phrases that make sense to you. Another quick suggestions I have is to try running some Google and YouTube Searches using the same or similar Key words and Phrases listed above. By the time I can get back to your with some concrete ideas, there's a good chance several other forum members will have chimed in with some great ideas of their own. Good luck! ☺
  5. I know this is a really old thread, but it addresses an issue I still struggle with... After reading a How-To Geek article the difference between exporting copies of my notes versus creating a true back-up I could use to fully restore my EN Database if ever needed, is finally starting to make sense. I think... I like that Copy & Pasting the .exb file (on Windows) will preserve my Notebooks, Tags and Note Links, so thanks you for that BNF! One thing I'm still not clear on us will this also preserve clickable weblinks? As in links to web pages not other EN Notes, which are preserved in a clickable form, right? Argh, starting to confuse myself again... I'm not sure what you're wanting to discuss with Evernote. It has been repeatedly pointed out on the board that the correct way to backup/restore (which is what you're essentially doing when moving to a different computer) the Windows desktop client database is to copy/paste the exb file. (Please search the board for more info, should you need it). And that exporting to enex is not a backup/restore method but rather a way to restore *selected* notes from a backup or move notes to a different account. Additionally, when copying/pasting the exb file, all note links remain intact.BTW, the only file you need to copy/paste is the exb file, not all the additional files in the various EN folders. Again, please search the board for more info, as this has been discussed several times. Furthermore, when importing from an enex file, any notes moved to sync'd notebooks go against your monthly upload limit. Whereas when restoring by copying the exb file, those notes do not, since they are not reuploaded to the EN servers. I know this is not your scenario, but I'm pointing this out for anyone reading this thread in the future.
  6. Sorry, Pete, I have to disagree that it's pointless to discuss. Evernote provides this forum as one of the ways they get customer feedback and staff have mentioned a few times that feature requests and suggestion are welcome. Does that mean this request or any other will actually be implemented? Probably not, but it's really not our place to summarily shut down suggestion from other users. We don't speak for Evernote. ☺ It's pointless to discuss this because it is unlikely Evernote will go down this path in view of the fact that they are adding features for their business users particularly, and those can be turned off.
  7. POST 2 of 2: Section 3 - Details to Include when posting on the Forum: ▶ If you are posting with a question(s), or asking for help with a problem(s), or making a Feature Request(s), or registering a complaint(s), always include - EACH and EVERY time you start a new thread, or join one belonging to a User with similar issues to ask questions or say something like "Me too," what Client(s) you are using EN on, and specify which of those client(s) is affected. * Clients refers to the device specific Evernote apps. i.e.: Mac, Windows Desktop, Windows Touch, Windows Metro, Android, IOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Web (I *think* that covers them all, but don't quote me on it, please.
  8. POST 1 of 2: Hi Joe, First off, welcome to Evernote (EN) and the Forum! I'm bit late to the party... I was in the middle of composing a response in the wee hours of the morning the night you originally posted the above, when I fell asleep while typing.
  9. Hi. The only thing that comes up when I select a tag from the tag list, are the notes that have that tag. i.e. If I have a Tag called "Dogs" then tapping that will bring up all notes that have a "Dogs" tag. @Wordsgood you can go to the Tags screen and choose the tag you want to delete. In the overflow menu you'll see options to rename and delete tags.@Wordsgood could you let me know what the menu items you see when you tap on a tag within the tag list?
  10. Awesome, thank you Nancy! Greatly appreciated. I do have a pre-paid Visa but wasn't sure you would accept that as I seem to recall a user complaining hers had been rejected a few months back. And yes, we have two PayPal accounts, both with our bank account. *Secret* gift buying for each, lol. But lately they are forever messing up anything with my name on it...kinda like our mail person does. Except for bills, of course. They never seem to lose those...
  11. Um, you do know that clicking on a menu option that actually says the word "Save" is not the same thing as Syncing your changes up to the EN Servers, right? I don't use that particular feature on my Windows app, but do on my phone. I find it useful if I think I might be interrupted while working, but always manually Sync before exiting Evernote. I do the same when opening it. An any device for both syncs.
  12. Okay, I'm getting a bit confused now. If you can't purchase a subscription through Google Play then WHY is it even an option? I spoke privately to Nancy about this a few days ago and left off telling her that since PayPal is messing up a lot lately I would renew through Google Play. She said nothing in return so I assumed it was all good. Would someone please explain? To be very clear, when I go into my Android app and tap "Upgrade to Premiun," it redirects me to Google Play. That kind of suggests you can pay through them, don't you think? Geez, all I wanna do is buy a one year subscription.
  13. Question: Why would you want to eat a frog? Were you tormented by frogs as a small child?
  14. Hi Arpy. Welcome to the Forum! Gazumped pretty much covered it. If you want to see examples of how others used Evernote, I suggest searching the forum using key words and phrases such as: * Tags or Tagging * Notebooks versus Tags * Organization or Organizing Evernote You could also try Google and YouTube searches. They'll both bring up a ton of hits. Good luck.
  15. Hi. I'm going to renew my subscription for a year. (My free Premium status was for three months and was a gift.) PayPal's been really screwy lately and I don't have a credit card, so am just going to renew via Google Play (GP). Question though, has anyone ever renewed/upgraded their existing account and had problems, or had to take special steps like applying points (presumably by GP, if that's how it works)? Or is it just a matter of upgrading by going through my Android app, selecting Upgrade to Premium, which then takes me to GP in a window showing me that I have it already installed - checked and it does - then pay for it with my GP Gift Cards? If so, are there any steps I need to take to: 1) Ensure GP doesn't get crossed wires and think it's a new account? And... 2) Will my Premium status immediately be recognized by EN, or does it take a few days while the money changes hands between GP and EN? Any advice from someone who has previously renewed/upgraded through Google Play, would be greatly appreciated!
  16. Hi LoveWins, (Cool username. ☺) First, I'd like clarify something not just for you, but also for anyone that happens across this post... When you Sync, it is to and from the Evernote (EN) Servers, not from one device to another. It is never a good idea to rely solely on the auto sync with any cloud service that you are not working directly in the web application. (Which is actually working directly with the servers, so is continuously synced.) Even a tiny blip in your internet connection that's fast you don't even realize you lost the connection for a moment or two, can mess up a Sync. That said, below is a copy of a post I recently made in a similar thread. You might call it the "Best Practices" for ensuring the most up-to-date versions of your Notes are successfully synced to EN Servers: Your Syncing UP to the Evernote Servers when creating or editing Notes, as in uploading the data. When you want to view and edit existing Notes, you are calling them DOWN from the Servers, as in downloading the last successfully Synced version to your device (client). So... ▶ In addition to the scheduled Syncs you can alter from the default in your app Settings on each Client, it is strongly recommended that: * The very first thing you should do when opening EN from any Client, is to manually Sync down the latest version of your EN database. NOTE that on mobile devices, it will only download the Headers, which consist of Note titles and a small amount of the note content. Once you click on an existing Note, it will download the entire contents of *that* Note. It's virtually instantaneous so you shouldn't notice any real lag time. * The very last thing you should do before exiting EN on any device, each and every time, is to manually Sync again. (Upload.) This will save any newly created and edited content to the EN Servers. * Note the Save function, if available on the Clients you use, is NOT the same as Syncing. The Save feature just to temporarily save the content your working on. For example, I find it handy when working in EN from my Android phone - such as making a note to myself - especially if I'm out and don't have access to Wi-Fi. (Assuming you have ample storage space, I mean.)
  17. This has been asked for many times, including by me. Unfortunately, Evernote does not give out their roadmap so we have no way of know if they ever plan to.
  18. And if you're not a premium user, you could upgrade for a month so you could contact Support and see if the can help you retrieve it. Also, I would suggest you use the Live Chat option, during business hours. By the way, this is a user forum, not a direct route to Evernote Support. One last thing, please don't double post. I'm going to mark your 2nd post as spam. Good luck.
  19. I think that would be a very cool feature to have! Especially for those us who use Evernote to take reading notes. You've got my vote.
  20. Hi. Adding text to clipped notes seems to be working for me again. Not sure why it didn't the other day. As for Tags... I'm using the latest Andriod version. I have no problem getting ti the Tags menu, or pulling up all the notes relates with a specific Tag. But I still can't find a way to edit or delete them in the Android app. Checked the overflow menu and it shows no such options. @Wordsgood you can go to the Tags screen and choose the tag you want to delete. In the overflow menu you'll see options to rename and delete tags.
  21. Oh you are new... A discussion closed? On this forum? Don't be silly, it's what we do around here. Talk a subject to death, I mean.
  22. Hi Pat, I've never heard of this before. I'm confused as to exactly what it is, and also intrigued. Is Microsoft or a private developer offering the product? And what, exactly, is the product?
  23. Theresa, I must be missing something. How does one delete Tags as you mentioned?
  24. I haven't uaed my Windows app for several months and don't recall if I ran into that problem or not. I do know you can't do it on the Android Client. It's definitely a pain in the patootie!
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