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  1. Nimbus Notes head office, according to their website, is in Delaware. I'd be interested in hearing your opinion of their security, Grumpy. (That stuff still makes no sense to me unless translated to English...tech speech is not, IMO, English. Oh sure, I recogize a word here and there, but mostly it may as well be Martian for all the sense it makes to me.
  2. Also, just for clarity's sake, I hope you understand this is a User Forum, not a direct link to Evernote Tech Support, which is why Gazumped pointed out that as a Premium user, you can access Tech Support if you'd like.
  3. WARNING: The following is a long read, but I've edited it down as far as I felt I could while still being clear about what I wanted to say. Hope y'all give it a read anyway! Especially the Evernote Staff... I like the concept, but in my personal opinion, having a Pinned & locked thread here on the Forum - and maybe a revised copy in an article format that is posted as one of the first thing people see when they click on the Evernote.com site - with screenshots and text showing concrete examples of several of popular organizational methods used by actual customers - might be more useful to all new users. I say this because I've noticed the majority of users do one or more of the following: ▶ They come to the forum wanting to what Evernote can do for them in their personal and or business lives, but either don't know how or where, or just can't be bothered, to Search the Forum and/or read through the many threads where examples and detailed explanations have been provided by many of us. Repeatedly. Part of that, I'm sure, is the sheer quantity of posts in the most helpful threads. And the examples are interspersed with posts not necessarily relevent from a *brand new* user's point if view, in relation to their specific questions at that moment in time. ▶ They don't generally know about the EN Knowledge Base - or how to navigate it once the do know - nor do they know about the existence of the EN Blog. On that note, navigating the blog and the Evernote company site are still cumbersome from a user's point of view. Especially for new users, and potential new users, seeking information about Evernote. I think the company's site Homepage needs to be redone and in a clear, uncluttered way, with named and clickable links to: * The Products Page(s) * The Price Plans Page(s) * A list of Support Options with named & clickable links to the Support Options available to Free, Premium and Business users. It should be clear to even the greenest and least tech savvy consumer, that by clicking on either Free Support, Premium Support or Business Support, it would take them to a page outlining what Support Options are available to them under that plan. OR it could expand into a drop-down list. Either way, lists or pages, the Support Options for each should include both an explanatory blurb, and clickable links for Option. i.e.: Free Plan * Here would be a blurb explaining that Tech Support is available to Free Users only in certain circumstances, with an explanation of exactly what that means. This blurb would also briefly explain the Evernote Knowledge Base and User Forum, including how to navigate and use them. * Link to the Evernote Knowledge Base homepage here * Link to the User Forum's homepage here As for the EN Blog, which should also be clearly named and linked to on the company site's Homepage, I also think it would help if it were organized more like a regular blog... With a Menu from which one could click on, say, specific Topics, archived by month and year (except for static pages). For example, say a potential user, or a brand new user, wants to read any EN blog posts discussing the latest features that have come out (or will soon), on specific Clients, they would see something like below. (Keep in mind that I'm typing this on my phone so can't do a very good mock-up, and I'm making up content.): New Features! Android: January 2015 * Coming Soon - Scannable for Android! ▶ Also, I've noticed that it rarely seems to occur to many new users, to try Googling their questions they have. Or, if they do think of it, they don't know enough about Evernote or Cloud products and services, to frame their Search Queries to to get the best Google results. Same goes for searching YouTube. I'm speaking from my own personal experience here. But I had (and still have, much to my dismay
  4. It's funny you should ask this... I responded in great detail to a Business user earlier today seeking something along the lines your asking for. Click on the below linked thread until you come across a really long post from me. Read the parts about the online task management app called Azendoo, including the two Azendoo links I provided and how to search YouTube for a set of how to video tours produced them. I think if you locate and watch the videos, you'll find Azendoo will work very well for your needs, and it intergrates nicely with Evernote. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/80231-is-evernote-premium-really-worth-it/#entry338957
  5. I'd like to second that welcome! Having more users willing to discuss Evernote's in and outs, and help other users where possible, is always a good thing. Having another user with tech skills who can translate "tech speech" into everyday language is especially nice. So hi, Rob. Welcome aboard! It's a wee bit early, but this drink's on me...
  6. Sadly, suggesting the web app is the sum total of my tech knowledge. I wouldn't give up just yet though as other Windows users may be able to offer some more guidance. It's my understanding Windows should have a copy of your entire database on your hardive automatically, free or premium. Not necessarily the most recent version, but possibly as it was before the accidental sync started. So before trying anything else with your Evernote, you might want to wait a bit to see what suggestions some of the power users can offer. Good luck!
  7. Hi Jane, First off, welcome to the Forum Have you checked using the Web version to see if your missing notes were Synced to the Evernote Servers? If not, I'd check there first. Trying signing here: https://evernote.com Use the same log-in info as you do with your Windows app.
  8. Oh, one more thing. All bookmarks are by default set to be public. Meaning anyone can see them. If you don't want to make yours public, be sure to tick the Private box for each one. I don't, *yet,* know how to ensure my yet-to-be imported bookmarks are to be marked as private if I import them in bulk. Pretty sure it can be done, I just don't know how.
  9. This post isn't a direct response to Scott's reply. It's more of a speaking of Diiigo thing. I wasn't going to go into it on my first post, but what the heck, I'm a happy Diigo fan so... I've been using the free Diigo plan for months and have been so impressed with it that I asked for (and got, yay) it as a Christmas Present! It's got a lot of features I haven't yet learned, but there's a few that I'm quite excited about. Over the years I've collected and lost, then collected and lost again on various devices, countless Bookmarks on EI and Chrome browsers. All were poorly organized and hard to navigate once I had more than a couple dozen. I kept my eye on a few popular online Bookmarking services, only to see them either lacking in function or die off within a few years. Or both. All the recommendations for Diigo on this forum convinced me to try them out. Keeping in mind that I haven't yet fully learned or utilized all of the features in either the free or paid versions, I've grown to love it for just a few of it's features, including: * All of my bookmarks being fully searchable. Now that I've become more comfortable with a minimal use of the hierarchical system of organization, I love this feature. * I can add Tags and a large summary or note to every bookmark. I will be importing several hundred (or more) bookmarks from currently saved on EI, Chrome and disc. (After doing the hard work of culling to find duplicates, invalid links and ones I just don't need anymore.) The best part for me, is finally having them all in one location and available from any device. Plus, Diigo has an excellent Knowledge Base and their customer service has been good. They recently introduced a new Outliner feature. It looks interesting, but it's still very new and seems very beta stage. Below is the link to their pricing page for anyone that wants to look. I, pardon me..Santa, went with the Standard Plan for $40.00 USD. https://www.diigo.com/premium Clicking on "See More" underneath the plans listing *should* bring up a detailed comparison chart for each plan. However, since I upgraded, I can't seem to bring that up even when logged out. But that could be simply be a case of my being too tired to think straight...I recommend contacting customer service if you can't locate it and are really curious! Cheers!
  10. Well, on the upside, by posting here you have officially lodged a Feature Request. EN Staff do read every post, though they seldom respond and they don't generally discuss their development roadmap. I'm an Android (and Windows) user myself, but my personal opinion is that such a feature is unlikely to happen. At least not anytime remotely soon. I say this because of the shift in the entire smartphone and tablet market towards the use of the capacative touch screen market. Finding ones that come with built in physical keyboards is nigh on impossible, discounting Blackberry (horrid phones) and laptop wannabes like the Microsoft Surface. My point being that swiping and other gestures are apparently the future of all the apps and none of them seem to understand what pain in the patootie is is to not be able to click or tap our way through screens one at time! But, I'm with you on this one and would like to see such a feature for all the mobile Evernote apps!
  11. I see both of you gents are feeling a little cheeky today.
  12. Now there's a cool trick I didn't know about. Evernoting this one, so thanks!
  13. Wow! That sounds like a great idea and I'm sure other educators will find it most helpful. Thanks so much for sharing!
  14. Hi. I'm not a teacher, but I do have a few thoughts about where to find out how other educators are also using Evernote in their teaching. Another EN user, also a teacher, has blogged extensively about using Evernote in teaching. Below are two links copied from a post she made here in the forum last August: http://evernote4teachers.postach.io http://becspink.com/evernote/ The link to the actual Forum Thread where other users chimed in and had a good conversation is: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/64692-getting-started-guide-for-teachers/ Also, I came across this link while surfing the web recently and thought it might prove helpful: http://www.thenerdyteacher.com/2014/04/use-evernote-for-all-of-your-lesson.html?m=1
  15. Frank, allow me to say how happy I am since you joined the forum...now I don't feel nearly as bad about my longer posts...
  16. Hi. Evernote, along with regular back-ups of your own, is a great place to store your research as it can store any kind of digital media, but no, as Jefito said their is no citation utility. However, a quick Google search turns up a wide range of hits. I've linked to one search result that highlights 14 online bibliography apps. http://elearningindustry.com/14-best-online-bibliography-and-citation-tools An online bookmarking service I highly recommend you also consider also consider to help track your research is Diigo. There are free and premium plans available https://www.diigo.com
  17. Thanks for clarifying!
  18. Thanks for clarifying!
  19. Okay, just chiming in here as a non-tech minded user. It's a small thing and I'm sure no offense was actually intended, but... Using the metaphor of "even a 1st year or 2nd year computer science student could do it" (I'm paraphrasing here) is akin to saying "so easy even an idiot could do it!" It's a tad insulting and a bit demeaning. Remember, just because something might be simple and obvious to you, does not mean it is to everyone else.
  20. Hi Jay and Dave, As Gazumped pointed out a few posts back, there's no way to tell when or IF such a feature will ever be implemented by Evernote. Folks have been asking for a collapsible outlining ability for years now and there's still no indication that it's under consideration for future releases. In fact, over the last year their company focus seems to be gearered more than ever towards the corparate world. If you look at the Evernote.com website, you'll notice the "Remember Everything" as their tagline has been dropped in favour of promoting EN Accounts as a Virtual Workstation, with an emphasis on collaboration through use of Chat Feature options. That's not to say they've deprecated the app's notetaking ability or completely dropped the notion of using EN as a virtual filing cabinet for all your digital data. They've de-emphasised filing cabinet metaphor, but it still functions as such. My best suggestion in both your cases is to take a look at WorkFlowy, a free, online outliner app that has the ability to collapse and expand text and lists. They've been around for years and come highly recommended by other users on this forum. WorkFlowly also intergrates nicely with Evernote. Below is a the link to their sign-up page: https://workflowy.com/ This below is one of many user made videos available on YouTube, showing some of the cool things you can do with WorkFlowy. WorkFlowy: How to Stay Productive and Get More Done, by Eric Heavilin: http://youtu.be/Oo8grkujGd8 Hope this helps!
  21. Oh dear, that was one of my marathon replies. Sorry, hope it doesn't overwhelm you...
  22. Hi. You might find this YouTube video by Evan Carmichael helpful. When you open the link (below) you'll notice he has a whole series of Evernote videos. If you want to peruse them, it's easiest to just suscribe to his channel. Evernote Tutorial - Notebooks or Tags - Which is Better? http://youtu.be/lPCLknRhgvk The forum's own SPG "Evernote" Scott also has his own series on YouTube, which I also found most helpful. Here's a link to the 1st of his series: http://youtu.be/xxMJGtBXkvc These and other videos easily found on YouTube are all a bit dated in that all the apps have seen at least a few updates since they were posted. However, they do all showcase the basics of Evernote as a whole, and might help to wrap your head around the whole concept of not relying on the standard concept of files and folders in a hierarchal system that we're all so used to dealing with. The basic strengths of Evernote in my experience are: ➡ It's cross-platform access where you can all your notes from virtually any internet-connected desktop computer and all your mobile devices. ➡ It's search ability that allows you to find any note with as many (upto the 250 limit assuming you have a free account), or as few, Notebooks as you want. There are some heavy power users here who have massive research databases in their accounts accounts yet have no need for more than one or two Notebooks. Some rely heavily on the use of proper Evernote Search Grammar as outlined in the below linked Knowledge Base (KB) article. Others depend on using keywords and descriptive titles with consistent a date style starting each Note title. i.e.: YYYYMMDD, or DDMMYY, or in my case DD/MM/YYYY Search Grammar KB Article: https://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/search_grammar.php Advanced Search Syntax KB Article https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23245321/ Evernote is basically a blank slate, or virtual bin, if you prefer, where you can store various types of digital data. And while searching this forum, or Google and YouTube, to ask questions and see how other users organize their EN Databases is helpful, the only way to really see and get the best value is to experiment to see what works best for your particular use case. That might result in settling into a combination of all the above strategies and the use of Tags and/or Stacks. For me personally, as I've gotten better at structuring notes and their attributes like Tags so a quick search will drill through hundreds of notes quickly, that my reliance on Notebooks is getting smaller all the time. I don't use Stacks or the Advanced Search Syntax at all now, and find searching with "natural language" and/or for specific Tags, gets me to the note(s) I need pretty fast. For example, I read a lot and like to keep reading notes, reading lists, favourite authors I follow and book wishlists. I can locate specific notes by searching my Reading notebook for specific books by typing in the book title or author or whatever other Keywords I think might bring up what I need. If they write in more than one genre, I can first narrow the search paremeters by pulling up all the notes Tagged with the specific genre or sub-genre. That isn't how I started out when new to Evernote. I had come from decades of thinking and working, in a deeply complex, large paper and electronic heirarchal file and nested folder systems. The idea of not working within that framework horrified me. I restructured my database a few times, first adding notebooks like crazy and gerry rigging a cross-referencing system. My best advice? Date all your Note Title in a consistent manner, use keywords that make sense to you both in the titles and the body of your notes. Watch some YouTube videos and search this forum using keywords such as Tags, Organization, Optimizing Evernote, Note Titles, Dating, Keywords, Plain Text, etc. Read through long threads where various long-time users have posted some great examples. Good luck!
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