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  1. Yay! (I just googled "evernote why pasting text leaves double spaces" and got this thread. Thanks!)
  2. Yep, this would be especially cool. Agreed. Right now, I select all, command-Tab into Bean, command-N, command-V, and then check the word count in the bottom. It's pretty silly. :-) -d
  3. It would be really handy to be able to see if a synch error was MY network's fault, or a certain part of Evernote's system was down for maintenance or experiencing a problem. Right now, for example. I have no idea if something is wrong in my building, or if Evernote's having trouble. If it's Evernote, I'd just relax and go home. If it's my fault, I may need to do something further. -d
  4. Hey, Wouldn't a version tracking feature in Evernote be dreeeammy? If you were working on an article, you could quickly look at a change history, compare selected versions for changes (like in Mediawiki), and roll back to a previous version? Since notes are in discrete files, I suppose I could sorta hack one up...it would be a swell plugin for those of us who use Evernote as their primary writing tool. -d
  5. First time to this thread, I have two little nibbles: 1. This is the first that I have heard the "Use Arial Medium and some of the problems will fade" suggestion. Thank you for sharing this tip. I went in and selected some of my notes and changed them to Arial Medium... but upon saving and syncing, they switched to Helvetica X-Small. So I'm not sure exactly how to put this tip into effect... but maybe if I take all my text, put it in TextEdit, convert it to Plain Text, and then copied and pasted and selected all and changed it to Arial Medium, THEN it would eliminate all the formatting artifacts that I assume are part of the problem... I'll play with that. 2. Someone above discussed how Evernote has picked the "lowest common denominator" in text editing in order to facilitate multi-platform development. I would actually really like this approach, were it true. Which it is not. Evernote has no plain-text editing mode. (Yes, I know that "plain text" is often a misnomer, etc., but still!) Anyway, if Evernote developers find that they can NOT develop a good cross-platform text-editing solution, I would be happy if they'd just give us a plain text editing or code-view editing feature. Make it a tiny, optional button if they want... it would solve every single one of these problems, for me at least. In other words, if Evernote decides that the tools they need to do a proper text editor just don't exist yet, then please give us a way of stripping out all the widgety fanciful feature stuff. Give us a code-level text editor option. I'd keep all my notes in it, frankly. I'd keep novels and short stories in it. Fancy output formatting is for Word or your other "end-product-publishing" program, not Evernote. The words are what matter, not the font. All the best to the team and the community, I still believe that Evernote, and programs like Evernote, are the future of all computer software, everywhere. Douglas
  6. I don't think there's an easy workaround if you're trying to paste into one of those apps, other than paste into something else first, which is obviously a hassle. I would not mind that hassle. I have tried a round-trip with a couple of other apps without success, and if you can recommend one, or a method involving plain-text conversion, that'd be neato. Yeah: I am sorry to drag this issue out to the nth degree, I know it is being worked on. It just hits me in the face every single day (along with the font type/size swapping upon saving issue). So I'll be patient, but I'll also patiently nag. :-) All the best, D
  7. As I'm editing text, when I save a note (command-S), the fonts randomly change. Really odd. This happens especially in my To-Do lists, which makes me wonder if maybe the To-Do list item box is a hack from a particular font, and that I'm doing something dumb that causes my text to be marked up with tons of font setting tags. Questions: 1. Is there any way to edit my notes in "code" view? Source view? Like a secret command-key shortcut? That would kick ass. 2. What is the font that the square checkbox comes from? Maybe if I just use that font, my trouble will go away? Bugs: 1. Saving a text file should not cause the font to randomly change size or font set.
  8. It is great that Evernote is working on this problem, but in the meantime, maybe there is some way to figure out what is happening, and prevent it happening by adjusting my behavior? I spend a lot of time copying and pasting text between Evernote and various text editors (most notably, TextEdit, the default Mac program). Sometimes I am working in RTF, sometimes in plain text. Maybe there is a way I can adjust the preferences of TextEdit, or the default fonts in Evernote, or something similar, that would prevent this problem? Anyway know the nitty gritty who can point us in the right direction? I'd love to know EXACTLY what I am doing that the Evernote program doesn't like. -d
  9. If I e-mail a photo from my phone, the image processing (pseudo-OCR) works great. But if I e-mail myself an image in the traditional fashion (as an attachment), it does not do OCR. When I look at the note, it shows, "Image search data not available". (As opposed to the "Waiting for image search data" I normally see.) Does Evernote NOT do the image processing/OCR under certain circumstances? Also: What file types will Evernote OCR? Maybe it is mad because I use tif sometimes? -d
  10. It is VERY abrupt. And it doesn't save the buffer when it locks. If the voice recorder part of the new app can't force the iPhone NOT TO LOCK, which would be preferable, perhaps you could figure out a way of saving what has been recorded, at least in a temporary location. I don't take voice notes much, any more, because of this problem, but I would totally love to!
  11. Hey fellow-Evernote-fans, Until they can fix this, can anyone give me a tip on how to do it the "right" way? Honestly, it seems like I can't copy and paste any text from any program in/out of Evernote without it sometimes stripping all carriage returns/EOLs. It's pretty wild. Programs I've seen this problem in: I use the Macintosh's default TextEdit (both with RTF and plain text), and Firefox, and the Apple Mail.app. I have not tracked down the pattern of when carriage returns are stripped and when they are not. Has anyone noticed exactly when/how the carriage returns are stripped? I just want to know the pattern and train myself so I don't keep hitting my head against this. I'm using Evernote as my primary word processor now, so this comes up a lot. -d
  12. Hi, Thanks for the thought! But when you pinch and zoom, text does not re-wrap. Does that make sense? In other words, if I have a to-do list or a paragraph of text or whatever, and the font is too small to read, zooming really doesn't help because then you have to scroll around (which is a mess for reading.) So, yeah, I'd definitely like a "display font size" slider or three options (small, big, bigger) or something like that. -d
  13. In the meantime, a "Make Plain Text" feature in the desktop application would solve this problem for many people. Well, for ME, anyway. I use that feature in TextEdit (Make Rich Text, Make Plain Text) constantly, as I jockey back and forth between XML work and e-mail and so forth. Heck, if you made it command-shift-T, I wouldn't even have to relearn the hotkey. Great work guys, d
  14. Hi: A configurable display font size for the Mobile Evernote is a very, very important feature. The current text display size on the iPhone is only barely use-able. I keep trying to pump it up in the desktop Evernote, but I've noticed that the iPhone just overrides that and uses its own tiny text size. Trying to poke the checkbox on a To-Do list is essentially impossible.
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