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  1. I don't think there's an easy workaround if you're trying to paste into one of those apps, other than paste into something else first, which is obviously a hassle. I would not mind that hassle. I have tried a round-trip with a couple of other apps without success, and if you can recommend one, or a method involving plain-text conversion, that'd be neato. Yeah: I am sorry to drag this issue out to the nth degree, I know it is being worked on. It just hits me in the face every single day (along with the font type/size swapping upon saving issue). So I'll be patient, but I'll also patiently nag. :-) All the best, D
  2. It is great that Evernote is working on this problem, but in the meantime, maybe there is some way to figure out what is happening, and prevent it happening by adjusting my behavior? I spend a lot of time copying and pasting text between Evernote and various text editors (most notably, TextEdit, the default Mac program). Sometimes I am working in RTF, sometimes in plain text. Maybe there is a way I can adjust the preferences of TextEdit, or the default fonts in Evernote, or something similar, that would prevent this problem? Anyway know the nitty gritty who can point us in the right direction? I'd love to know EXACTLY what I am doing that the Evernote program doesn't like. -d
  3. Hey fellow-Evernote-fans, Until they can fix this, can anyone give me a tip on how to do it the "right" way? Honestly, it seems like I can't copy and paste any text from any program in/out of Evernote without it sometimes stripping all carriage returns/EOLs. It's pretty wild. Programs I've seen this problem in: I use the Macintosh's default TextEdit (both with RTF and plain text), and Firefox, and the Apple Mail.app. I have not tracked down the pattern of when carriage returns are stripped and when they are not. Has anyone noticed exactly when/how the carriage returns are stripped? I just want to know the pattern and train myself so I don't keep hitting my head against this. I'm using Evernote as my primary word processor now, so this comes up a lot. -d
  4. After using Evernote for about ten minutes on my Mac, I thought: Why wouldn't I use this as my primary Word Processor? After playing around for a while now, I'm even more intrigued. I've been using Google Docs as my primary Word Processor for about six months. Evernote has everything that I care about in Google Docs and also has a nice, stable, offline client, and smooth and easy support for a multitude of non-text formats. Not to mention all of Evernote's other nifty features... and why would I want to use two programs? It is important to point out that I work in plain text (or RTF at most) for all of my work, and do "final formatting" later in a layout program or OpenOffice. But for the real WRITING? Evernote might fit the bill. Anyone care to speculate on the advantages/disadvantages of using Evernote as a Word Processor? Synching Question: I am wondering what will happen if I edit a note on my Mac or my PC, while offline, then edit the same note elsewhere online, and then bring my Mac online and try to synch... I can test that, and do other somersaults, but does anyone know off-hand exactly how Evernote handles "concurrency"? Is it a simple, "Last Online Save Wins" system, or during a Synch does it do some comparisons? Feature Wishes, with Word-Processing in Mind: *A full-screen editing view *Sub-notebooks within notebooks, and/or folders in which I can put Notebooks when I have too many. *Save-As for a single note to txt or RTF -d p.s. Tiny suggestion: the "Updated" column in the various list views should probably be named "Date Modified", like it is in the OS? EDIT: Sorry, this is in the wrong forum... when I started composing, I couldn't see the other forums! Weird...
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