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  1. Hi. The only thing that comes up when I select a tag from the tag list, are the notes that have that tag. i.e. If I have a Tag called "Dogs" then tapping that will bring up all notes that have a "Dogs" tag. @Wordsgood you can go to the Tags screen and choose the tag you want to delete. In the overflow menu you'll see options to rename and delete tags.@Wordsgood could you let me know what the menu items you see when you tap on a tag within the tag list?
  2. Awesome, thank you Nancy! Greatly appreciated. I do have a pre-paid Visa but wasn't sure you would accept that as I seem to recall a user complaining hers had been rejected a few months back. And yes, we have two PayPal accounts, both with our bank account. *Secret* gift buying for each, lol. But lately they are forever messing up anything with my name on it...kinda like our mail person does. Except for bills, of course. They never seem to lose those...
  3. Um, you do know that clicking on a menu option that actually says the word "Save" is not the same thing as Syncing your changes up to the EN Servers, right? I don't use that particular feature on my Windows app, but do on my phone. I find it useful if I think I might be interrupted while working, but always manually Sync before exiting Evernote. I do the same when opening it. An any device for both syncs.
  4. Okay, I'm getting a bit confused now. If you can't purchase a subscription through Google Play then WHY is it even an option? I spoke privately to Nancy about this a few days ago and left off telling her that since PayPal is messing up a lot lately I would renew through Google Play. She said nothing in return so I assumed it was all good. Would someone please explain? To be very clear, when I go into my Android app and tap "Upgrade to Premiun," it redirects me to Google Play. That kind of suggests you can pay through them, don't you think? Geez, all I wanna do is buy a one year subscription.
  5. Hi. I'm going to renew my subscription for a year. (My free Premium status was for three months and was a gift.) PayPal's been really screwy lately and I don't have a credit card, so am just going to renew via Google Play (GP). Question though, has anyone ever renewed/upgraded their existing account and had problems, or had to take special steps like applying points (presumably by GP, if that's how it works)? Or is it just a matter of upgrading by going through my Android app, selecting Upgrade to Premium, which then takes me to GP in a window showing me that I have it already installed - checked and it does - then pay for it with my GP Gift Cards? If so, are there any steps I need to take to: 1) Ensure GP doesn't get crossed wires and think it's a new account? And... 2) Will my Premium status immediately be recognized by EN, or does it take a few days while the money changes hands between GP and EN? Any advice from someone who has previously renewed/upgraded through Google Play, would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Hi LoveWins, (Cool username. ☺) First, I'd like clarify something not just for you, but also for anyone that happens across this post... When you Sync, it is to and from the Evernote (EN) Servers, not from one device to another. It is never a good idea to rely solely on the auto sync with any cloud service that you are not working directly in the web application. (Which is actually working directly with the servers, so is continuously synced.) Even a tiny blip in your internet connection that's fast you don't even realize you lost the connection for a moment or two, can mess up a Sync. That said, below is a copy of a post I recently made in a similar thread. You might call it the "Best Practices" for ensuring the most up-to-date versions of your Notes are successfully synced to EN Servers: Your Syncing UP to the Evernote Servers when creating or editing Notes, as in uploading the data. When you want to view and edit existing Notes, you are calling them DOWN from the Servers, as in downloading the last successfully Synced version to your device (client). So... ▶ In addition to the scheduled Syncs you can alter from the default in your app Settings on each Client, it is strongly recommended that: * The very first thing you should do when opening EN from any Client, is to manually Sync down the latest version of your EN database. NOTE that on mobile devices, it will only download the Headers, which consist of Note titles and a small amount of the note content. Once you click on an existing Note, it will download the entire contents of *that* Note. It's virtually instantaneous so you shouldn't notice any real lag time. * The very last thing you should do before exiting EN on any device, each and every time, is to manually Sync again. (Upload.) This will save any newly created and edited content to the EN Servers. * Note the Save function, if available on the Clients you use, is NOT the same as Syncing. The Save feature just to temporarily save the content your working on. For example, I find it handy when working in EN from my Android phone - such as making a note to myself - especially if I'm out and don't have access to Wi-Fi. (Assuming you have ample storage space, I mean.)
  7. This has been asked for many times, including by me. Unfortunately, Evernote does not give out their roadmap so we have no way of know if they ever plan to.
  8. Hi. Adding text to clipped notes seems to be working for me again. Not sure why it didn't the other day. As for Tags... I'm using the latest Andriod version. I have no problem getting ti the Tags menu, or pulling up all the notes relates with a specific Tag. But I still can't find a way to edit or delete them in the Android app. Checked the overflow menu and it shows no such options. @Wordsgood you can go to the Tags screen and choose the tag you want to delete. In the overflow menu you'll see options to rename and delete tags.
  9. Theresa, I must be missing something. How does one delete Tags as you mentioned?
  10. Hi Theresa, I have run into an issue that I hope is just a temporary bug you'll soon have fixed. I'm finding that when I clip a webpage, it won't let me edit the body of Note by adding text. I can edit the title and add Tags, but not add text to the Note body. Which is, for me, a crucial part of my workflow.
  11. Hi I just ran across a different thread in the Windows Help area of the forum and thought it might prove helpful in your case. Forum thread link: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/66433-how-to-sort-notebooksstacks-under-notebooks/ In the above linked thread is a post by Scott Lougheed with an explanation and screenshot example of how he uses Shortcuts and a type of naming convention to organize his notebooks. You can save a copy of the screenshot for reference in your own Evernote account if you'd like. Just click where it says "Save to Evernote" at the bottom and choose the Notebook you want to save it to. Scott's screenshot example: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s25/sh/6bab0eda-cb2f-4351-a113-a08c1c0faf53/0f865f0a60ace6d4 Cheers!
  12. I'm a bit late to the party, but if your using Windows, you could just open up two seperate instances of Evernote the flick between the tabs. Have the one tab set to show your business notebooks and the other to show your personal ones.
  13. Hi Megan, Do you recall when clipping webpages if you actually pasted them into an EN Note, then Synced them up to the EN Servers? If yes, then you should be able to Sync them back down to your machine. (Presuming they were successfully Synced.)
  14. Have you considered Wordpress? They have free acconts.
  15. Hi. This is a user forum; meaning we're all just other Evernote users. If and when someone has an answer to your question, they will reply.
  16. Hmm, I see your point. I don't use the Share feature at all, but I have noticed more than a few aren't terribly happy about how it operates. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  17. It was reinstated a couple days afters they they pulled it. According to the below linked Article from the EN Knowledge Base, last updated on Feb. 17, 2015, it's now done through the Chat Feature. https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/24973036/ I would suggest you create a new Notebook called, "My Public Notes & Links," or similar, then create and add Notes with any Link(s) you want to share publicly. This would give you the added benefit of being able to Title & Tag each Note, as well as provide a short blurb explaining what each Link in the Note is regarding.
  18. Can't remember what I was going into another room for, but this I remember.
  19. You would think this is an easy concept to understand and explain, but it's really not to those of us who just expect software to do what we want. Me being one of those people....
  20. Actually I believe the developer of Sentinote is, or at least was, a Forum member. *If* I recall correctly, he couldn't keep up with the development due to other commitments and turned the app out into the wild, as it were, for anyone to use and/or further develop. If you search the forum, all his posts should still be there. They might be dated as far back as 2012 or 2013.
  21. Please advise him NOT to. I like Evernote, but it's nowhere near to being secure enough for your husband to store other people's highly sensitive information and from a patient's perspective, I view such a move as downright criminal negligence.
  22. Yes, stikethorugh would be very nice. I'd especially like it if we could strikethrough texts in bullets and checkbox list. That would greatly improve using EN to as Task manager.
  23. Sorry if this is a silly question, but are you remembering to manually Sync DOWN from the Servers one each device as soon as you open Evernote on either of them? Best practices in addition to scheduled Syncs as set by you on each device, are: * Don't attempt to work in Evernote on more than one device at a time. (This one is my personal advice to help avoid Sync conflicts.) * The very 1st thing you should do when opening Evernote on any device, is to manually Sync. This will Sync the most recent successfully Synced (saved) version of your notes down from the servers to your device. * The very last thing you should when ending a session working in Evernote, is to manually Sync again. This will Sync, as in save, the latest version UP to the Evernote Servers. Remember, you are *not* Syncing from one device to another. You're Syncing to the servers, where your dated is stored online in a Cloud Service. The initial manual Sync downloads the most current version to that device only. The final manual Sync before you exit out of Evernote is uploading, as in saving the most current version of your notes to the Evernote Server (or "cloud"). Regular, scheduled Syncs from your devices are also uploading the most recent versions of your Evernote database - as in saving it - to their Servers. But you should never rely on them 100% to catch everything. The same is true for ANY cloud based service, including Wunderlist. And any changes you make while your device is offline (without an active internet connection) will need to be successfully Synced to the Servers when you're back online. Your computer should have no problem storing changes while offline as a copy of your database will be automatically stored on the hardrive. But a manual Sync when back online, will ensure the most recent version is uploaded (saved) to the Servers. Your phone, however, may or may not keep copies of notes created or edited while offline. Unless you have a Premium account and can designate a Notebook for offline use, you're at the mercy of your phones temporary cache drive, which auto deletes stuff when it's running low on storage space. Again, this is why manually syncing when starting & ending an Evernote session, is so important. Even when you have a reliable highspeed wifi service, there are many things that can knock it out of whack and interfere with scheduled syncs. All it takes is a second or less of interrupted service that you might not even notice while you're working online, to mess up a Sync. Manual syncing is a safety net to avoid data loss and conflicts.
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