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  1. Hi. For both you and Paul, I suggest you each start your own threads with topic titles indicating your problem(s). Include the Client(s) your using, your Support Tickets numbers and outline exactly what your issues are. That way, a forum admin will hopefully see your posts quickly, and flag them with the Support team. Also, other users may be able to assist in the meantime. Good luck!
  2. Sorry, but the max Note size for even Premium and Business users is 200 megabytes. You might want to consider a Premium account and break larger uploads into smaller chunks. https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23258452
  3. Hi Papouda34, I think this might be a case of confusion regarding what type of software Evernote is and is not, so I hope this helps. It's a bit long, but I'm just trying to be thorough.
  4. Thank you, that's what I was trying to communicate. Apparently not that well...
  5. Okay, I did. But it only states Live Chat is available to Premium and Business users. It says nothing about only being accessible through the Web app.
  6. Hi. I would suggest using one or both of the following options to make your searches easier: 1) Tags are really useful and the below linked pinned thread has many uses case examples from active forum members. It's a long thread, but well worth looking through it. You could also search the Forum using key words & phrases to look for a number of other threads discussing tags, notebooks and organizing Evernote. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/57740-the-benefit-of-using-tags/ 2) Other tricks many of us use, include starting each Note Title with a standard dating system, and to also use key words and prefixes in the Note Title. Some examples are: Dates: * 07052015 = May 7, 2015 * Or reverse it to be YearMonthDay - 20150507 * Or use backslashes like I do - 07/05/2015 Keywords: Let's say you found an article about stamp collecting and want to save it to Evernote, your Note Title might look like this: * 07/05/2015: Stamp Collecting article from Stamps R'Us site 3) Abbreviations can be useful for both Note Titles and Notebooks. Suppose you have several hobbies, of which stamp collecting is just one, and you want each hobby's notes in there own Notebooks. But you want them to show up together when you click on the Notebooks view, so you can quickly scan them and find the one you want so you can open it & then search only only that Notebook. You decide an abbreviation would work to accomplish this, so your hobby Notebooks might look like this: HB: Orthinology HB: Sailboating HB: Stamps HB: Writing Or, if you wanted to keep all your hobbies in one Notebook, consider using abbreviations in your Note Titles, i.e.: * 07/05/2015: HB Stamps - Stamps R'Us Collecting Article I realize these ideas won't help you until and unless your pull up Evernote, click on All Notes view, then open and edit each to add Tags, or abbreviations and/key words, and Sync UP to the Evernote Servers. (Remember to also make Syncing DOWN from the Servers the very last thing you do before exiting the program on any device, any maybe create some new Notebooks to move the edited Notes into. But it might be worth your time to edit whatever Notes you currently have using any of the above tips, and any combination of them that appeals to you. Cheers! ☺
  7. I still don't see how that could the case as it would mean Premium Android only users would have no access to the Live Chat option. Androids cannot access the Web app, so... Certainly you need to be online regardless of what device you're using, for both the email and Live Chat options. If a user were to have trouble accessing Support from any app, the all they have to is go to evernote.com and access it from there.
  8. Are you sucessfully syncing the UP to their Servers as the last thing you do before exiting Evernote? And syncing DOWN from the servers when you first start working in Evernote? This should be done each and every time you access Evernote from *any* device.
  9. You did the right thing by posting your support ticket number. Hopefully on of the admins will see it soon and be able to assist you. As DP said, as a Premium member you do have the option of Live Chat, which is open Mon to Fri, 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, CST. However, I am pretty sure DutchPete is mistaken about only being able to access it within the EN Web app.
  10. Pete, where did you hear that? As far as I know Live Chat is available for *all* clients (devices) for all premium members.
  11. Shot in the dark here... I wonder if it's maybe related to Window phasing out support for Internet Explorer? http://www.pastemagazine.com/articles/2015/03/rip-internet-explorer-the-rise-and-fall-of-an-empi.html
  12. No worries. I figured it was just an accident. Happens to everyone!
  13. To clarify, I was on a free (Basic) account for over a year, then went Premium for a few months and am temporarily back on free. During all this time, at least 95% percent of all my computing, including Evernote, had been done using my Samsung Galaxy 3 Android phone. I have had zero problems and here's why: 1) I always make sure there's enough memory, plus some to spare, so that I can access key notes I tend to use when not home and away from my Wi-Fi. I can also create new Notes when out and offline, I just make it a point to Sync UP to the Evernote servers as soon as I'm home again. 2) Your portable device's Cache Drive is temporary storage that will, over time, clear itself with or without any help on your part. A full copy of your Evernote (EN) Database is automatically stored on your desktop computer, assuming you have one. No cloud based service can offer you permanent, free access on mobile devices. If you expect to take lots of notes while away from a reliable Wi-fi connection so you can Sync them UP to the EN Servers, and/or Sync them DOWN so view and edit them, you might want to consider investing in the new Plus Plan, which does offer some offline access and is cheaper than Premium. Below I've provided a link to the Knowledge Base (KB) articles that show a comparison chart for each plan, and one listing the price of each. 3) You need to understand how the Sync proccess works: * Only what are called Headers, which include Note Titles and maybe a small snippet of the Note content, are Synced DOWN to your mobile device. When you open Evernote on your mobile, on or offline, it will show you a list of your Notes, or Notebooks, depending on the view you choose. The default is the list view of All Notes. * When you are online (have Wi-fi), you can click on any Note and it will automatically call down the latest successfully Synced copy of that Note from the EN Servers. It's nearly instant so you likely won't even notice any lag time at all. * The most advised rule of thumb to ensure you don't experience data loss is that as soon as you open Evernote on ANY device, mobile or not, is to immediately manually Sync DOWN from the EN Servers. The very last thing you should do before exiting EN on ANY device, is to manually Sync UP to the EN Servers. *Note, this is in addition to your regular, scheduled Syncs. Please check out the the 3rd post down, by JMichael, in the below linked Forum Thread. In it he gives a brief explanation of how to Sync across all your devices and provides a very handy graphic that visually demonstrates it: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/72206-duplicating-entries-into-evenote-in-two-computers/ KB Article - Comparison chart of Evernote Plans: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23258452/ KB Article showing Plan Pricing: https://evernote.com/pricing/ Hope this helps clear up any confusion. Cheers! Did you even read this thread? Free accounts never did have offline notes. Please read the posts above.
  14. Popoll, you posted the same thing twice. I realize it was probably just a mistake and have deleted the other one. But I will ask that you not double post in the future. Thank you!
  15. Thank you gentlemen, your offer of assistance is greatly appreciated!
  16. Hi. I know some the power users on here use password software. I signed up for a 14 day trial with LastPass and it expires this coming Friday. I've into a problem that I don't think Support Dept could address that well...plus I don't want explain yet again to more stranger that my MS memory issues are the root of my confusion. Plus, their job is to sell me on the product so I don't want to deal with a sales pitch that convinces me it's easy...then hang-up & realize I've forgotten most of what they said.
  17. Scott, I see that you survived the winter storms over yonder on the East Coast of Canuckville! Good to know!
  18. Hi Popolll, Welcome to the Forum! Many of us can relate to your confusion, and I agree that when first starting out it can be a daunting task to wrap your head around a non-hierarchical system. Most of tend to come to Evernote after years of in working with Windows Office style software where hierarchy reigns supreme. I know I certainly was!
  19. Are you trying put all that in one tag? i.e. "key metrics overview strateg" - all written in one tag's text box? If so, then yes, you've hit the character limit while creating tags. A comma between each one will create separate tags, i.e. Type "key metrics" then add a comma right after the S in metrics, then type "overview" then another comma, then add "strategy" and another comma if you want to keep creating new tags. Once tags are created and you've Synced UP to the Evernote Servers, then when you want to apply existing tags to a note, you'll have the choice to start typing a tag name and all the tags that start with the same first letters will appear for you to choose from, or you can just bring up your tags menu and select all the ones you want. (Hope that made sense.) Also, I am heavily reliant on tags and some of my notes have upto 10 or more of them. So no, there is no real limit on the number of tags you can use for each note.
  20. Hi Jules, Welcome to the Forum! The first thing you should be aware of if you're uploading big files, is the upload limits for the type of account you have. As of earlier this week, Evernote has three tiers, Basic (free), Plus and Premium. Each has different upload limits as per the below article from the Evernote Knowledge Base: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23258452/ As for checking the status of each Sync as it's ocurring, I honestly can't recall...brain blank moment...
  21. Awesome. Thank you for sharing! I'm sure it will be helpful for many users.
  22. You know, I find it strange that some people now don't even know how to read or write in cursive. Granted, my handwriting has gone way downhill, but I was shocked several years back when tutoring some teens to find that many had not ever been taught to read or write in cursive. A couple didn't even know how to read an analogue clock either.
  23. I must be a really slow phone tapper... I noticed that change too, but really don't find tapping my screen one more time in the title field to be all that onerous.
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