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  1. Many thanks to SottLoughheed and also dbeipi for their very interesting contributions. Somehow when I know a little more about why an annoying problem exists it makes it a little more bearable. I have to admit that an active number link in an appropriate setting is worthwhile and helpful - but it does not seem unreasonable to expect software designers to realise that not all numbers are telephone numbers. Thanks again to those who replied.
  2. I did eventually take the matter up with EverNote support and got the following reply yesterday (3 Mar 2014):- "Unfortunately this feature cannot be disabled due to that [sic] your operating system determines the link detection." I do not know enough about Operating Systems etc to know if that is a sensible answer or, if it is, whether the restriction can be readily overcome. Gerry
  3. Many thanks for replying dbeipi. I am very glad to know that someone else has noticed the same problem on a different device. The behaviour is therefore unlikely to be a fault or wrong setting on my phone. Best wishes to you. Gerry
  4. Hi Wordsgood - thanks for your suggestion. Don't think it is my phone keyboard set up that is at fault. I tried altering various settings but the issue remains . I have also discovered that numbers included in notes created with the Evernote PC version will appear as "active" numbers when synced to the Android version. The problem seems to arise only with numbers containing 9 or more digits. Gerry
  5. Every time I enter a numeral in an Evernote note on my Android phone it appears to be treated as a telephone number, though when synced to my PC version it is not. I find this extremely annoying, being in at my grumpy time of life. I am sure there must be a way to solve this but so far it has alluded me. Can anyone suggest a method please? Gerry
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