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  1. Well, after seeing that Postach.io won the Dev-Cup, I went and looked at it again. Several of the features that seemed to be missing a few months ago (or I couldn't find a few months ago, maybe) are now available. I switched to that. It's integrated already, which makes it much easier. Right now they can't import from WP or Blogger (adding it in the future) so that is something to consider.
  2. Thanks everyone! I tried the IFFT as one of my early attempts. The problem with sharing the public link is that again, it doesn't come over well. Not at all formatted right. It's been a C/P job, which is what I kind of figured it would be unless I went to Post.achio. I was really hoping for a plug-in or app that would connect the two, since I know that when I C/P, the formatting goes a little wonky. I've had a few posts where I've had to spend a good 10 minutes fixing the formatting issues, some of which don't show up on the editor, only when you preview/publish it. I will check out the template you linked to, Peter. There are so many reasons I like to keep all of my work in Evernote, so maybe that will be the solution for the formatting problem when I copy/paste.
  3. OK, this is something that bothers me as well. Not a deal breaker, but yes, it drives me crazy, especially since I don't have much in the way of formatting. I write in Times New Roman 12 pt. I even set the EN default to Times New Roman 12 pt. So why does it always become Times New Roman 13.5 pt in Word? My bold/italics come across fine. As do the sections in Times New Roman 18 (I actually need 20, but it is not an option in EN). So why does 12 always turn into 13.5?
  4. Jamie, I know Evernote does not yet support stacking notebooks (which is what you seem to be describing) but could you create a Notebook Stack with the property name (for example, Property A is the Notebook Stack), then notebooks for each project (Kitchen Project, Bedroom Project, etc). As you clip a note, you can then select the proper notebook in the stack. So let's say you find the perfect sink for Property A on the Home Depot website. You should be able to change the notebook to Kitchen Project when you clip and it will go in there. The only issue I've found with this system is you can't name two notebooks the same thing, so if you have a kitchen project for two different properties, you will need to give them slightly different names (I usually do an abbreviation for the notebook stack at the beginning of the notebook, so if it is the kitchen project for Property A, I would name it A-Kitchen Project). I'm really not an expert at Evernote, but this is the best way I've found to do it.
  5. OK, I think I already know the answer, but I'm a firm believer in asking for clarification. I am really starting to get into Evernote and it has become, by far, my go-to source for my freelance writing work. I love the very basic/clean interface (I get distracted very easily) and that I can access it from all my devices (so I can I actually work when I have five minutes and don't have my laptop.) I am in the process of launching a new Wordpress blog and I want to write my posts in Evernote as well. I know everyone so far says "Why not write in Wordpress?" The two main reasons are: 1. When I write in Wordpress, I often get distracted by the rest of the Internet world (I use a couple programs to help, but it doesn't solve all my problems). In Evernote, I'm not as distracted by everything else, I just write. 2.There are times when I don't have access to the Internet, especially with my tablet, which is wi-fi only. With Evernote, I can use offline mode (I have premium) and keep working. The problem has been finding a way to transfer the information over. I realize (through posts here) that you can't simply copy & paste. I looked at postachio (I'm not sure where the "." goes) but I can't use my Wordpress blog, I would have to use one of theirs, which I don't want to do. I've tried a few things that didn't work already (email post to Wordpress, c&p to MS Word and post from there, create an IFTTT recipe to share a note & have it go to Wordpress). Is there an easy way? Does anyone have a good idea? Like I said, I really don't want to write in Wordpress itself unless there is no easy work around.
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