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  1. Well, after seeing that Postach.io won the Dev-Cup, I went and looked at it again. Several of the features that seemed to be missing a few months ago (or I couldn't find a few months ago, maybe) are now available. I switched to that. It's integrated already, which makes it much easier. Right now they can't import from WP or Blogger (adding it in the future) so that is something to consider.
  2. Thanks everyone! I tried the IFFT as one of my early attempts. The problem with sharing the public link is that again, it doesn't come over well. Not at all formatted right. It's been a C/P job, which is what I kind of figured it would be unless I went to Post.achio. I was really hoping for a plug-in or app that would connect the two, since I know that when I C/P, the formatting goes a little wonky. I've had a few posts where I've had to spend a good 10 minutes fixing the formatting issues, some of which don't show up on the editor, only when you preview/publish it. I will check out the template you linked to, Peter. There are so many reasons I like to keep all of my work in Evernote, so maybe that will be the solution for the formatting problem when I copy/paste.
  3. Yes I do! My ticket number is 148545
  4. OK, this is something that bothers me as well. Not a deal breaker, but yes, it drives me crazy, especially since I don't have much in the way of formatting. I write in Times New Roman 12 pt. I even set the EN default to Times New Roman 12 pt. So why does it always become Times New Roman 13.5 pt in Word? My bold/italics come across fine. As do the sections in Times New Roman 18 (I actually need 20, but it is not an option in EN). So why does 12 always turn into 13.5?
  5. OK, I do this with Excel all the time (I don't know why I thought it would be different in Word.) And I ran into the issue again, although I caught a step this time I forgot to mention (and may be part of the problem). After I paste, I sync, to ensure that the new version is properly saved. That's when it freezes, during the sync. I'm off to submit a ticket for it.
  6. Hi Jacqui, I have just tried this and had no problem. Check what version you are on. Did you update to the latest version with bugfixes? http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/41939-evernote-for-windows-501-ga-bugfixes/ Obviously try re booting your computer to see if that fixes the problem. If it is still a problem get a ticket raised. A possible workaround would be to right click in the Note and choose 'Paste as text' Best regards Chris I had not updated yet (I hadn't realized a new update came out since I only downloaded late last week!). After updating, a quick test showed it to paste fine, but my articles are in the 1000 word range, I'll test again later. I also didn't know EN now searches Word documents. Can I simply attach it and have it search, or do I need to do something special (I'm a Premium User if it makes a difference).
  7. OK, I found a bug/problem. I normally copy/paste from a note to Word 2010. Then I check/correct/save in Word so I can send it to my editor (we only use Word & Dropbox). After I finish saving, I copy the data in Word and paste over the previous text in the same note (so that I have the corrected copy in EN). The problem I've run into is that after I paste back into my note, EN freezes. I get a "Not Responding" message and have to force close. I've waited for over 10 minutes and it doesn't do anything unless I force close it through the task manager. When I reopen EN, the text did not paste, but if I paste over again, it works fine. Is there a workaround? I don't want to attach the word documents, since I want to be able to search through the text as reference for later work.
  8. While I'm still rather new to using Evernote for everything (as they so hope) I can tell you one thing about Expenses/Budget. You can't have it do math, but you can attach a file (like an Excel Spreadsheet) and access it from any device and edit it there. I have a rather complicated math/financial spreadsheet that I have attached in Evernote so I can check and adjust my figures on the go. The biggest issue I have found is that if you don't save and exit the file, it will not update the Evernote version (yes, I learned that the hard way when I opened my files and found old information in the middle of a meeting...). Also, if you don't sync after the update, you may or may not have your information (depends on how often you have EN set to sync automatically)
  9. OK, so I didn't find this in the Knowledge base or after a quick search of the forum, so here's my question: Is there a way to temporarily hide certain reminders? For example, let's say I have a note to mail my Christmas presents to my family on December 1, so I set a reminder for December 1 at 8 am. I'll probably want this to be on my reminder's list in late November (so I can wrap and pack the gifts) but I don't need it now. Can I hide this reminder without having to hide the entire reminder option? I want my daily to-do list to show up, and probably reminders for the next week or two, but I don't need to constantly see things that are months in advance, but I will need to remember them later on.
  10. I have granted a few new programs access, I will check them, thanks.
  11. (I marked this as Other because the change happened on all my versions of Evernote, although I discovered it on Windows Desktop originally) I opened Evernote this morning (via Windows Desktop) and did my normal "go to the notebook list & find my inbox". My default folder was named Inbox, if it makes a difference. I couldn't find it. Finally, after looking for the special tag that Evernote gives for the default folder, I found it was named @Inbox. It's not a problem, exactly. It doesn't bother me that it was renamed nor that the renaming moved it to the top of my notebook list (makes it easier to find now) but I'm wondering if that is something Evernote itself did to help me or if I should be worried that someone has access to my Evernote account? I've not shared the password or anything, but I did recently start using the Web version more and "pinned" it in Chrome. Nobody else uses my user information on my laptop either, so if it wasn't changed by Evernote, it was changed somehow online, which is my worry. So, normal Evernote thing or should I be worried?
  12. Jamie, I know Evernote does not yet support stacking notebooks (which is what you seem to be describing) but could you create a Notebook Stack with the property name (for example, Property A is the Notebook Stack), then notebooks for each project (Kitchen Project, Bedroom Project, etc). As you clip a note, you can then select the proper notebook in the stack. So let's say you find the perfect sink for Property A on the Home Depot website. You should be able to change the notebook to Kitchen Project when you clip and it will go in there. The only issue I've found with this system is you can't name two notebooks the same thing, so if you have a kitchen project for two different properties, you will need to give them slightly different names (I usually do an abbreviation for the notebook stack at the beginning of the notebook, so if it is the kitchen project for Property A, I would name it A-Kitchen Project). I'm really not an expert at Evernote, but this is the best way I've found to do it.
  13. I am using Evernote version 5.4.3 on my iPhone 4S, running iOS version 6.1.3 Recently, I have tried to create a new note, then take a picture, only to have Evernote force close on me. I open up Evernote and there is a blank note, no picture. If I tried to add a picture to the blank note or try again with a new note, it does the same thing. I can add a picture a picture I have already taken, or take a picture with a 3rd party app, like Skitch or Art my Kid Made, but not in Evernote itself. It also only happens when I have the feature to save the picture to my iPhone turned on. I turned off picture saving and it works fine and when I want to save it to my phone, I take it with the iPhone camera app then add it to Evernote, but this seems like a bug that may need fixed. Thanks!
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