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  1. I've given up trying to use annotating in any version of Evernote. Instead, I know use a free PDF Reader and Editor called Xodo, which can be found on Google play. Then I Share, using android's native Share Function, any PDF I want to keep in Evernote. You do need to sign up for a Xodo account at there website, which you'll find a link to in the Xodo app's "Read More" area in Google play. It's easy and free. Can't beat that combination!
  2. Yup, on the Android App, it still keeps changing the formatting on some, but not all of my notes.
  3. It looks interesting, but for some reason I can't locate the app on Google Play. I emailed the dev so maybe he can shed some light on that. :-)
  4. I haven't been here that much in a few weeks, and am really not up to backtracking through this thread, so please forgive me if I'm stating an obvious point... @Workingman and @Christozoid, I used to handle a massive paper filing system as part of my job, so I do understand where you're coming from with regards to a hierarchical system of folders and sub-folders. Not using them when I first started with EN was a huge adjustment for me, but I now, by far, prefer the Tag system. Granted, I'm not using EN in a business setting as I once did with the paper filing system, but I do recall one aspect
  5. Quick question for you, Phils. Do you ever plans to expand into the Android market.
  6. Sounds like a good plan. Just remember to do a final Sync before uninstalling and reinstaling the app. Also, after your Sync, first check the Web app on a desktop machine to make sure a full Sync of your entire database, was successful. Also, if you're Premium & have a note in your android app with a Notebook assisgned for offline status, move all the notes into a different, not offline status Notebook before Syncing. I'd just created a seperate temporary Notebook to move them all into until after you've reinstall the android app as per above, then move them all back into your Offline Not
  7. Sorry, but the max Note size for even Premium and Business users is 200 megabytes. You might want to consider a Premium account and break larger uploads into smaller chunks. https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/23258452
  8. Scott, I see that you survived the winter storms over yonder on the East Coast of Canuckville! Good to know!
  9. Awesome. Thank you for sharing! I'm sure it will be helpful for many users.
  10. You can have an unsynced Notebook on your desktop and if your Premium or Business, you can have one on your mobile device as well. Or you could get a second account, free or paid, and save all your private notes in that one. All you need to set up another account is an alternate email address.
  11. Hi Pete, sorry if you misunderstood my intenions. I wasn't trying to imply that you represent EN or that you think you do. I just wanted to make it clear for the sake of anyone who reads this Thread, especially new Forum Members, that they are free to suggest whatever they would like to see Evernote do or add. And your post sounded a bit like you were trying to shut down the conversation using words like, "...it's pointless because..." Regardless of Evernote's change in direction more for the business market, it's still a great for individual users like us. As such, I don't think we should be
  12. Sorry, Pete, I have to disagree that it's pointless to discuss. Evernote provides this forum as one of the ways they get customer feedback and staff have mentioned a few times that feature requests and suggestion are welcome. Does that mean this request or any other will actually be implemented? Probably not, but it's really not our place to summarily shut down suggestion from other users. We don't speak for Evernote. ☺ It's pointless to discuss this because it is unlikely Evernote will go down this path in view of the fact that they are adding features for their business users particularl
  13. Um, you do know that clicking on a menu option that actually says the word "Save" is not the same thing as Syncing your changes up to the EN Servers, right? I don't use that particular feature on my Windows app, but do on my phone. I find it useful if I think I might be interrupted while working, but always manually Sync before exiting Evernote. I do the same when opening it. An any device for both syncs.
  14. Hi LoveWins, (Cool username. ☺) First, I'd like clarify something not just for you, but also for anyone that happens across this post... When you Sync, it is to and from the Evernote (EN) Servers, not from one device to another. It is never a good idea to rely solely on the auto sync with any cloud service that you are not working directly in the web application. (Which is actually working directly with the servers, so is continuously synced.) Even a tiny blip in your internet connection that's fast you don't even realize you lost the connection for a moment or two, can mess up a Sync. That
  15. This has been asked for many times, including by me. Unfortunately, Evernote does not give out their roadmap so we have no way of know if they ever plan to.
  16. Hi. This is a user forum; meaning we're all just other Evernote users. If and when someone has an answer to your question, they will reply.
  17. Hmm, I see your point. I don't use the Share feature at all, but I have noticed more than a few aren't terribly happy about how it operates. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  18. It was reinstated a couple days afters they they pulled it. According to the below linked Article from the EN Knowledge Base, last updated on Feb. 17, 2015, it's now done through the Chat Feature. https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/24973036/ I would suggest you create a new Notebook called, "My Public Notes & Links," or similar, then create and add Notes with any Link(s) you want to share publicly. This would give you the added benefit of being able to Title & Tag each Note, as well as provide a short blurb explaining what each Link in the Note is regarding.
  19. You would think this is an easy concept to understand and explain, but it's really not to those of us who just expect software to do what we want. Me being one of those people....
  20. Yes, stikethorugh would be very nice. I'd especially like it if we could strikethrough texts in bullets and checkbox list. That would greatly improve using EN to as Task manager.
  21. Sorry if this is a silly question, but are you remembering to manually Sync DOWN from the Servers one each device as soon as you open Evernote on either of them? Best practices in addition to scheduled Syncs as set by you on each device, are: * Don't attempt to work in Evernote on more than one device at a time. (This one is my personal advice to help avoid Sync conflicts.) * The very 1st thing you should do when opening Evernote on any device, is to manually Sync. This will Sync the most recent successfully Synced (saved) version of your notes down from the servers to your device. * The very
  22. Hi. As you can see, discussions on this forum can indeed get a little intense at times. I hope it doesn't scare you away from participating, or asking any other questions you might have. The threads recommended to you in previous replies are excellent starting points to help you work out a system that best suits your needs, using what's currently available with the Evernote app. You might also want want to run some forum searches using keywords and phrases, such as: * Tags, Tagging, Tags versus Notebooks * Organization, Organizing Evernote * Notebooks, Notebooks versus Tags, etc. Personally, I
  23. Hi. I can sort by Tag on my Android app. All I do is open Evernote, tap on the left upper elephant icon, scroll down and tap on Tags. That brings up an alphabetic list of all my Tags, along with the number of notes with each particular Tag. For example, I keep reading notes for all my non-fiction books and one of the Tags I use is "Atheism." The list of Tags tells me how many notes I have with an "Atheism" Tag. When I tap the Tag, all the notes with that Tag are shown, alphabetically ordered by Title. Hope that makes sense and is helpful. ☺
  24. Most of my content is self generated and I have a *really* bad memory, but a combination of tags and keywords works very well for me. Come from a long background of using hierarchal folders and cross-referencing copies of documents to every possible place they might be considered logical to other people, I found Evernote difficult to wrap my head around for some time. Now? I'd never go back!
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