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  1. *Blushing now* That explains the argument I had with my laptop a few days ago...
  2. Hope no-one minds my chiming in, but on a related note... I've had an issue with the Android version that I can't figure out if it's the app or android. When I try to paste a link into one of my posts on the forum, it always pastes in the very beginning of a post, no matter where I'm trying to put it. For example, say I want to paste a link directly below this paragraph and am pressing the screen exactly where I want it to appear, it will still show up before the first letter if the first word in my text. I end up having to type it out if I want it elsewhere. Does anyone else experience this? And know how to fix it? I'm using a Samsung Galaxy 3 with what I *think* is the latest android IOS, and have the current Evernote loaded. The phone is only a couple months old and I rely on the auto-updating features for Android & Evernote. Wordsgood
  3. Hi Mario, I am still, relatively speaking, a newbie to Evernote and the forum, but I do have a suggestion that might meet you're needs. There is a vitual office desktop App called Azendoo. I tried it out myself a few months ago and found it to be quite impressive. (Though it is actually more than what I personally needed for my tiny network of two...the other staffer being my husband. ) Azendoo is capable of everything you described in your post and seems to work very well fluidly with Evernote. It is a web application so would works across multiple platforms. I played with Azendoo or several days and found both the knowlege base documents & tutorials very handy. Having never used this kind of software before, I still had several question and recieved excellent, courteous and prompt replies to my queries for help. Below are the main features I that I can recall this app having, as well as a link to the app in Evernote's App Centre. *Please* keep in mind that I am going on my personal recollection, so this information may *not* be 100% current or accurate. ● The ability to attach standard office documents to the Evernote note, assign permission acess levels to what you want to allow each person you "invite" to work on specific notes and projects. i.e. Read Only, Suggest Changes, Comments, etc. ● Any changes, suggestions and comments made by team members are very clearly tracked, identified dated in note/document threads. ● It's a *free* to use app for a certain amount of users, with no time limits. (As in it's not a "trial" offer.) I do not recall how many free users one is allowed, or know what the pricing is for paid subscription. http://appcenter.evernote.com/app/azendoo/web/-apps Best of luck, Wordsgood
  4. Okay, keeping in mind that my tech skills would not fill a thimble, I have one thought... If you are trying to download it throught a 3rd Party site -such as Softpedia, Google Play, etc. - try again directly from Evernote's main website at: https//evernote.com/ If that doesn't work, state it on this thread and one of the Mods or longstanding members might be able to help. If all else fails, contact their sales department. Best of luck. Wordsgood
  5. Chin, I'm not sure if you are replying to my post or not, but just case you are... Thank you for thinking of me, but I've got it all sorted out now! Wordsgood
  6. Ah, no, not really. I gathered that the original poster was interested in organizing notes in more complex hierarchies, not organizing note contents. That being said, there is a facility that's available: you can make a master note, and use it to hold note links to other notes in your note database. You can format the master note any way that you like, and an outline / bullet list would be a natural fit. You know, this is such an obvious solution...but it never would have ocurred to me had you not pointed it out! Smacks her forehead. Thanks Jefito.
  7. Seo, I suggest you look up posts by GrumpyMonkey, a.k.a. Christopher Mayo. He has an amazing website replete with How To's and a free Shared Notebook you could join. He's an educator and his site is geared towards both other educators and students in higher education. He has several templates you are free to use and I could be wrong, but I seem to recall that one of them is for Cornell notetaking.
  8. Thanks Rheinard. As it turns out, the same day you sent this reply I also received answers to queries I've had out elsewhere for several weeks, and discovered much to my chagrin, that the blog I've been using for the last 6 weeks is not even a WordPress blog! So for now, I'm just going to going to concentrate on migrating over to an actual WordPress site, and then once that's done, notify all the folks I originally invited to read it it of the new site's name and location. But I may be back to look at your plug-in at a later time and thank you for thinking of me!
  9. Gazumped, thank you for the Treeliner tip! I just signed up for the beta testing. It looks very promising! Wordsgood
  10. Happy Friday! I finally figured this out after several months of fighting with my Samsung Galaxy 3 smartphone. The solution given here is indeed correct, but I wanted to chime in to point a small yet important distinction that appears to have been missed. Spell Check is *not* the feature you turned off on your phone. At least not in the way one traditionally thinks about Spell Check software; where mispelled words are in some way highlighted as soon as you type a word. Or in some cases, depending on your software, it's Settings and the device you're using, the mispelled words may not be highlighted (i.e. with a sqiggly red line) until you physically click the function telling it to check a selected part of your document or the whole thing. With Touch Screen devices that you use Virtual Keyboards to type in your data instead of linking the device (smartphones & tablets) to a wireless keyboard using such technology as Bluetooth, the spelling software is actually called Auto-Correct. Auto-Correct comes part and parcel in devices with Capacitve touch screen technology. (Capacitive: meaning the screen technology that allows us to access everything on such devices as smartphones & tablets, with our fingers and/or a stylus.) A big part of the Auto-Correct software is something called Predictive Text, where the software immediately starts searching your device's internal dictionary for the words it *thinks* you might be typing and will display them in a thin bar just above your Virtual Keyboard. The idea behind Predictive Text is to make working with virtual keyboards easier and faster. It is marketed to assist those who have trouble working with the much smaller size of virtual keyboards vs. a standard physical one, or for anyone physically unable to type properly - in the old school kind of way with all fingers and both thumbs placed on the "Home Keys" typing with speed and accuracy without looking down at the keyboard - and for people with poor spelling skills. (Mind you, I'm a pretty fast and accurate typist on a regular, physical keyboard myself, but I've known some folk with amazingly skilled at using the Two Finger Hunt and Peck method! The more you use your device with the Language Setting controlling Auto-Correct NOT turned OFF, the more this software will *learn* what it interprets as the words and phrases you want/need. I *think* it's tecnically not supposed to exchange a fully typed out word or phrase unless you Tap one of the "suggestions" it offers in that bar above your keyboard. (Not 100% positive about that part.) However... It's been my experience with both my phone and tablet, that while it didn't automatically replace text without my choosing one of the shown suggestions, every single time, it happened with ever increasing frequency the more I used both devices. It got even worse after I started actually *choosing* some of the suggestions that popped up. Before figuring out how to turn Predictive Text function off, I did come up with an annoying and time consuming workaround. When I realized my text had been replaced, I would ensure there was at least one space and a few characters (or words) after the offending text, then tap around that area of the screen until I could finally get the Cursor to appear just *after* said text, Backspace to Delete it and re-type what I actually wanted there. Honestly, even if suck at spelling, it's still WAY faster to turn this Not-so-Helpful Fuction OFF and when you get stuck, either open a new Window and look-up the word(s) you want, or even just pull out yout trusty paper dictionary! There. That's my daily contribution to the Pool of Useless Knowledge! Got a headache yet? Wordsgood
  11. Have you tried Right Clicking on the Shortcut, the choosing Delete from the menu that pops up? IF one does pop up, I've never used Windows 8.
  12. First, please exscuse the below usages of ALL CAP in my notes. I'm on phone and am using the Androoid App, so don't have access to the Text Editor at the moment where I would normally just use Bold or Italics to emphasize a point. So understand that I am not trying to YELL. Also: The following suggestions from me are very wordy and probably not well organized, and my fofmatting is a bit screwy. Sorry. As well as working from my phone, I'm also exhausted. But I didn't want to chance forgetting about the ideas that were popping into my head as I began what started as a very short, "Me too, please!" response to the OP's feature request. Hope it's readable, not confusing and doesn't annoy anyone too badly. ● Plus one for me about the date stamp, and IF evernote does bring out a feature I'd like put in my two cents on I think would be very helpful for many users - paid and free acount holders, such as a drop dowm menu they can choose their desired Date Format, such as: ▶ Day/Month/Year ▶ Month/Day/Year ▶ Year/Month/Day ● Would also be great yo have Time Stamp either as part of the Requested Date Stamp feature or as another another - hopefully easy to access & use - ALSO with a drop-down Menu that offer the ability to choose from: ▶ Seclect & Insert the Current Time. OR ▶ Select & Insert Start Time - this selection would bring up another option: ▶ Selection & Insert End Time. ● A feature with such Time Stamps, would I think, be very helpful to Free, Premium and Business Account Holders. For example: ▶ Students using Evernote in class to take lecture notes. ▶ Anyone taking notes at a business, club or other types of meetings. ▶ For home users like myself it would provide anothef way - without needing to stop whatever I'm working on - be it online research, creating a written plain for a house project, writing a blog post, etc. - to note and keep track of the time spent working on any task within Evernote. ● Actually, that last point about Home Users could in reality be applied to ALL Evernote users, especially those with a strong vested interest in Tracking the time they spend doing everything! ★★ What would make both Date and Times Stamp being Requested Here, REALLY COOL is if they could Pop up AUTOMATICALLY every time you start a new Note, or open an existing one, BUT done in such a way with one or two clicks you could refuse such options for SPECIFIC Notes. I.E. ▶ In a NEW Note, a Pop-up option would automatically come up offering the user the opportunity to either close the pop-up or carry on. If they choose to carry on, they could then choose their prefered Date Format from the Drop-Down Menu that automatically comes up afted choosing to procced. ▶ AND once that's done, the Start Time option wouldh pop-up. Users could then close or proceed exactly as they did for the Date Stamp. THEN, when ready to CLOSE the New Note, the user could click on the Time Stamp feature - hopefully stored and easily found in either the Text Menu at the top right hand of the screen or as a Icon on the Toobar across the top of the screen. ▶ For EXISTING notes, the process could work in a similar manner to off users the opportunity to easily track ammendments to the original Note. Regarding the ability to easily locate Notes marked "Urgent, To Do, or even Due By (a certain day and or time" - can't we akready do this via Tags, Saved Searches and Nesting??
  13. Are you sure it's not your phone's keyboard that's the problem? If you're using a smartphone with a touch screen keyboard, try looking at your Settings, Language options and if possible, disable the Predictive text/Auto-correct function. This was a huge issue for me and I finally figured out how to stop it. Of course now spelling suggestions don't show up now, but I prefer that to it taking over what I want to input. Hope this helps.
  14. Okay, I just started a blog - my first ever blog - with WordPress. (Oh, I did sign-up for a Postach.io blog at the same time, but never got past my first post and have deleted that one.) After reading this thread, I signed up with BlogWith and now I'm.....lost. Unfortunately, I think I may have misunderstood the concept. Can someone please explain how BlogWith is supposed to help me post to WordPress from Evernote? Hope no-one minds my dumb questions...
  15. I just wanted to pop in to say that since I've start using Evernote a few months ago, I've also starting tracking my craft projects with it. I originally started looking for notetaking software to help with memory issues and am finding it so useful to keep track of pretty much anything one can think of! It is difficult to shift my thinking from years of relying on Windows folders, but one thing I really like about Evernote is that if my computer up and dies I don't have to worry losing all of my data. Especially since I've gotten really bad...okay lazy...about making back-up copies of all my data. After having picked up two particularly viscious computer viruses in the span of two months, I learned, or rather re-learned, that it's not a good idea to rely on merely hoping your security software catches every dang thing. It was a most expensive and infuriating way to be reminded of a very basic computer rule...
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