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  1. I always felt that judging other people behavior was the definition of rude, hmmm.
  2. Wow. I'm fully aware that Jeff and BurgerNFries can defend themselves, but I had to chime into to say that I think both AKmecik and Fatherunit are being flat out RUDE! I'm an Evernote novice and I happen to agree that colour tabs would be useful. But just because they aren't, does not give me the right to be obnoxious and go off on these folks who VOLUNTEER their time on this forum to help us. They are NOT paid a dime by Evernote and if you think being a loyal fan of their profuct makes one a "sycophant" then I don't believe you are even aware of what that word truly means. Personally, I think you are both fortunate to have not been banned for violating the TOS. Your comments here strike me as abusive.
  3. Hurray! It appears my app updated without me even realizing it. Having the handwriting feature isn't so important for me right now, though I hope to eventually get one of those fancy styli that writes like a pen. However, the previous lack of Clickable Links was a huge PITA for me. I just checked and it seems to have converted all the notes I've made with unclickable links that I hadn't yet fixed on my pc. I only checked a few out of several dozen, but they are working, so I assume all the others are too. And I made a new test note with a link that worked great too. So Thank You for fixing this! I'm a happy camper now! :)
  4. Hi. Please don't take offense to this, but I'm about as tech clueless as one can get and I had two thoughts after reading your note: 1) Yes, to me at least, it's pretty clear that the link allow you to navigate from the TOC to headings within the same note. 2) If you just click on the link provided a few posts back in this thread, it will take you directly to the EATags service site, where everything is explained with text, graphics and How To videos, far better than anyone could explain it here. Just go have a look yourself.
  5. That's great news. Thanks Rebianchi!
  6. I don't have time to look at it extensively for the moment, but if it does what I think it does, this feature will be a HUGE help for me and many others who have been wanting the ability to have a CLICKABLE Table of Contents in long Notes with large amounts of text. I wonder why it hasn't been mentioned in the 6 or 7 months I've be active on the forums? I can especially see it be most beneficial for students with their study notes! I'll be testing it out as soon as I can and will report my findings in a new thread. However, that could mean as little as a day or two or as much as a few months. I can't make definitely plans for anything as my body frequently refuses to cooperate (MS), so if someone else wants to take on, please do. And let us know what you learn please! Thank you, SoralSokal (sp?) for mentioning this. I greatly appreciate it! :) Wordsgood
  7. So I tried the Web Clipper method and it does indeed provide a clickable link. Problem though, I don't seem able to title (with one of my choosing) or tag my notes at the same time. I have to hop over to my EN database to do that. Is it just me?
  8. OK I have found a solution and I feel pretty silly for not trying this in the first place. Basically just use "Everclip". Share the particular page/url using "Everclip", not Evernote. Don't worry about the "preview" area unless you want to, just save the note. When it syncs with Evernote on your laptop or desktop just click the note and the url will be on the top of the note. Easy, done! I can't believe I didn't use this earlier, duh. Thank you! Will be trying this in a moment.
  9. Now this would make me buy the premium version. (Really don't like Skitch.) Now all I need is money, lol. Hubby's not had much of stable income in a long time. Really hope his newest job works out. Ah well, such is life! Thanks for alerting us Troy!
  10. You can follow of thread w/o replying by selecting "follow" in the very top right hand section of the screen. You must be at the top of the thread.I don't see that option on my android phone?
  11. Oh ok thanks. I am so used to reps scanning the forums. I save a lot of articles that show up on my rss news feeds for reference. Then when I open them on my desktop I need to be able to click it. As of right now I have to convert it to a hyperlink, to make it clickable. When I save a URL from my chrome browser I have the option to save it many ways. I use the "bookmark" one a lot because it is clickable and gives me a snippet. The Evernote android app does not give you a choice and I find that odd. There must be a way to do the same thing in android as I do in chrome. Surely someone else is noticing this lol. I quoted this merely because I want to follow this thread.
  12. I'm not sure if I understand your statement, but I have found a number of iPhone apps that allow you to resize the image after you take the photo. Genius Scan+ is my favorite.thx for your advise. i wonder if anyone are in fond of programming a apps by yourselves.I happen to know some about [url=http://www.rasteredge.com/how-to/csharp-imaging/image-annotating/url]Image editing tool capable of reading, editing and converting most common document image formats,including Bitmap, Jpeg, Gif, Png, Tiff, Jpeg2000, DICOM, JBIG2, PDF, MSWord ... Well, I was interested until I saw the prices... Short of winning a lottery, those price will forever be far beyond my mean.
  13. Have you tried searching your old email to see if you can find your registration email when first signing up for Evernote? Wordsgood
  14. Hi Rheinhard, Please know that I do understand your reasoning and yes, worked out over the long-term, it's not that much money. Unfortunately for me, it is actually a matter of counting my pennies. My blog is not, and will never be, remotely commercial. Essentially, it's just a cheap way for me to blow off some steam while also connecting to other folks dealing wiith the frustrations of chronic illness. But I truly do wish you much success! Wordsgood
  15. Hmm, I have never seen the spinning disc on my phone. Sorry I couldn't be more help. I am still having problem wrapping my brain around much of todays's technology. Oops, showing my age a bit there... Wordsgood
  16. That doesnt happen for me.Also, you are insinuating that one must leave a note in order for it to sync. I am set up for auto and cannot figure out how to sync my notes, while still in the note I just edited... You use the menu Sync command. Are you referring to the sync option in the pull-up list after you push the 3 little dots on the lower right hand corner of the screen? if so, this sync button does nothing. It will not initiate the "spinning circle" in the upper right hand part of the screen, which indicates the notes is syncing/has synced. Hi. I am often using my android phone when working in Evernote and I think you may be a bit confused about how Android works versus a Windows operating system. There are no spinning discs when on android when syncing a note, or a notebook, or your whole database. I am not a power user so manually sync every time I add or edit something in Evernote. If you have an open note, then tap the check mark symbol in the Upper Left corner of your screen. If you do not have a note that is actually open and are simply looking at your main database screen, then yes, tapping the three vertical dots in the Lower Right corner to bring up your Option Menu, then tap the Sync option, it IS syncing. The only confirmation you will get about when the sync is complete is pop-up text bar that will flash up on top of whatever screen/app your in by the time it finishes. In my experience, the sync is almost instant and the pop-up message confirming it flashes off so quickly that it's very easy to miss. This is something you can easily check yourself with these steps: 1) Add one or two new notes to your database, then 2) Sync the whole database by tapping the three vertical apps in the lower Right hand corner of your corner of your screen to bring up the Options Menu, tap Sync, then 3) Go to your computer, open Evernote, Manually sync the whole database and wait until the "disc" stops spinning to indicate the sync is complete, then check - the note(s) you just added via your android should now appear on BOTH your Andoid and your Computer. Remember that after you make any changes to your database - such as adding a new note or making changes to an existing one - from EITHER your Android OR Computer, BOTH locations must first be Synced to the Evernote Servers BEFORE the updated version will appear in BOTH locations. Well that was a bit windy even for me... Anyway, hope this helps! Wordsgood
  17. Sorry Rheinard, I was pretty excited about it, but $35.00 per year is way too out of my budget for my small personal log. Seems to me you should be marketing this to Evernote users with a Business WordPress site. I just can't see the millions of personal bloggers on the free WordPress blogs, being able or willing to send that kind of money fot your plug-in, especially since it's a yearly fee. Though I wish you much luck with it! Wordsgood
  18. Hello Teachers! I just wanted to drop a Thank You note. I frequently check the these education boards to find answers and ideas for my personal use of Evernote. One thing I keep seeing over and over again, regardless of someone's physical location, is that teachers & instructors are increasingly EXPECTED - not asked - to use their own personal resources to carry out their duties. Your own money, time and energy is expended far above and beyond what they you are actually paid to do. And as a whole, your wages are sub-standard...or to put it another way, they suck! I know this happens to a certain degree in most, possibly all, employment situation situation in the world. (It certainly was true of every job I ever had. Especially as a lowly clerical worker for the three different levels of government.) But comparatively speaking, educators are among the worst hit, in my opinion. I really hate it when someone starts harping within earshot about how "easy" teachers have it. I have to fight the sudden urge to bite them...especially when it's directed at K-12 teachers. I have seen, first hand, how few resources are provided to public school institutions and educators, even here in a "wealthy" western country. (Canada.) So this is my personal THANK YOU. Yes, I'm talking to YOU! Wordsgood p.s. I hope you're grading this post on a curve...
  19. *Blushing now* That explains the argument I had with my laptop a few days ago...
  20. Hope no-one minds my chiming in, but on a related note... I've had an issue with the Android version that I can't figure out if it's the app or android. When I try to paste a link into one of my posts on the forum, it always pastes in the very beginning of a post, no matter where I'm trying to put it. For example, say I want to paste a link directly below this paragraph and am pressing the screen exactly where I want it to appear, it will still show up before the first letter if the first word in my text. I end up having to type it out if I want it elsewhere. Does anyone else experience this? And know how to fix it? I'm using a Samsung Galaxy 3 with what I *think* is the latest android IOS, and have the current Evernote loaded. The phone is only a couple months old and I rely on the auto-updating features for Android & Evernote. Wordsgood
  21. Hi Mario, I am still, relatively speaking, a newbie to Evernote and the forum, but I do have a suggestion that might meet you're needs. There is a vitual office desktop App called Azendoo. I tried it out myself a few months ago and found it to be quite impressive. (Though it is actually more than what I personally needed for my tiny network of two...the other staffer being my husband. ) Azendoo is capable of everything you described in your post and seems to work very well fluidly with Evernote. It is a web application so would works across multiple platforms. I played with Azendoo or several days and found both the knowlege base documents & tutorials very handy. Having never used this kind of software before, I still had several question and recieved excellent, courteous and prompt replies to my queries for help. Below are the main features I that I can recall this app having, as well as a link to the app in Evernote's App Centre. *Please* keep in mind that I am going on my personal recollection, so this information may *not* be 100% current or accurate. ● The ability to attach standard office documents to the Evernote note, assign permission acess levels to what you want to allow each person you "invite" to work on specific notes and projects. i.e. Read Only, Suggest Changes, Comments, etc. ● Any changes, suggestions and comments made by team members are very clearly tracked, identified dated in note/document threads. ● It's a *free* to use app for a certain amount of users, with no time limits. (As in it's not a "trial" offer.) I do not recall how many free users one is allowed, or know what the pricing is for paid subscription. http://appcenter.evernote.com/app/azendoo/web/-apps Best of luck, Wordsgood
  22. Okay, keeping in mind that my tech skills would not fill a thimble, I have one thought... If you are trying to download it throught a 3rd Party site -such as Softpedia, Google Play, etc. - try again directly from Evernote's main website at: https//evernote.com/ If that doesn't work, state it on this thread and one of the Mods or longstanding members might be able to help. If all else fails, contact their sales department. Best of luck. Wordsgood
  23. Chin, I'm not sure if you are replying to my post or not, but just case you are... Thank you for thinking of me, but I've got it all sorted out now! Wordsgood
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