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  1. I am so relieved to find someone else experiencing this problem. I'm also on Chrome. EN vers. 7.14. Mac 10.13.6. I am reluctant to try anything until I have more certainty and detailed instructions on how to proceed. Have you learned anything further?
  2. I am having the same problem. Have been for the last few days on Macbook Pro. EN version 7.10. Installed 7.11 update. Happily, eliminated problem.
  3. I am having the same problem - spinning wheel. I have v 7.7. What is going on? I have hundreds of recipes arranged as icons in a notebook and now cannot retrieve that layout. It's the ONLY way I can do menu planning. Why are you making this now impossible?
  4. Thank you for your note and analysis. Like you, I have invested the time and expense in a program (Evernote) and a change of this magnitude is never easy. I have not participated in notifications on the hazards of an app before and it is clear this one is not delivering. It means a lot to know my own decision is supported by others. As to the leadership, it matters. All policy begins and ends with the individuals in place. To think otherwise is ignorance.
  5. Same on the swan song. I'm sorry but I am not a coder, developer or a critic on "nested notebooks." Nor do I have the time to go into EN continuously to discover every upset. If that is what is happening here and I am paying for the service, the problem isn't mine.
  6. I concur. And I am a paying subscriber. So I question why the problem is left to me to solve.
  7. Thank you for this. I relish simplicity and, perhaps, in this case, restraint.
  8. Count me in on getting out of Evernote after 5 years. Life's too short. Thankfully, I was late to this party and hope to learn from trials/tribulations of others. Would seriously appreciate any getaway tales re: Mac and Chrome.
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