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  1. I've only been looking at the CPU for a few times since installing the latest version, but it seems like it's not hitting the CPU on my particular Windows 10 machine. Evernote: (308094) Public (CE Build ce-58.1.6897) Windows: 1803, build: 17134.345
  2. My Evernote thread CPU burn seems completely random -- sometimes stuck at 5% until I close the app, sometimes none. I've not noticed that it's predictable like any of the recent posts have suggested (e.g., a plain-text note of a few sentences in focus will burn my CPU cycles indefinitely at times, other times, not). Usually (but not always), re-opening the app will make it behave until perhaps a sleep/hibernate cycle? Anyway, I suppose the devs (if enough are still there) have already fixed it for the next release. In either case, typing in this forum won't likely make much difference in getting it fixed.
  3. For me, it's definitely intermittent (latest release). Just woke from hibernation, used Evernote, no problems (CPU = 0%). Other times, it gets stuck on something and runs the CPU indefinitely for no apparent reason (CPU: 5--10%), until I close the program.
  4. Well, the high-idle cpu issue seems to have returned. Perhaps it cannot survive a sleep/hibernate cycle, common on a notebook PC? I'm currently running (307934) Public (CE Build ce-53.4.6770). Here is my task manager while idle:
  5. After installing version (307934) Public (CE Build ce-53.4.6770), Evernote's CPU usage doesn't seem unduly high anymore. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the replies. I'm back to v6.13.13, so I don't have more debug info. If there aren't others experiencing this, then I'll assume I've a rare disorder. Misc. info: I didn't reboot between installs. Used the same database file (AFAIK, no big download of my notes). v6.13.13 doesn't seem to run the CPU to index, so unless the newer version wants a new index structure, that doesn't seem the case. I believe I remember the CPU thread was something called "evernote subtask" or some name like that beneath the Evernote task--it wasn't very descriptive.
  7. Seems that Evernote CPU usage hovers around 5% CPU while it's in the background, and not used. Was this sabotage by one of the laid off programmers? I reverted to v6.13.13, and Evernote no longer burns needless and indefinite CPU time.
  8. After the latest release [ (307881) Public (CE Build ce-53.2.6641)], it seems I'll walk back in the room after a short break to a loud CPU fan, and the Task Manager shows Evernote taking at least 10% CPU (after I pull up Task Manager--it could have been higher before I pressed a key). Switching to the open Evernote window doesn't stop its CPU use, but closing Evernote completely stops the high-CPU thread. Is Evernote now mining bitcoin to help their financials?
  9. The problem returned, this time within a day of rebooting. It has the irritating pause when the note is being checked for potential upload to the cloud as evidenced by it happening right when the blue up-arrow appears on the upper-right corner of the note-view card version of the note. If "instant sync" is enabled, this will keep happening as you type because it saves, then checks again for changes. If "instant sync" is not enabled, it happens once while typing. Quite annoying. It seems to me that the larger the note being typed in to (e.g., attachments, images), the longer the pause in typing.
  10. Sorry, I've had my db on an SSD for years and experienced the same problem. For me, the problem disappeared after rebooting (and perhaps turning off live spell check); hasn't reappeared for about a week thus far.
  11. Follow-up: based on the suggestion of others here, I rebooted Windows 10, and Evernote seems to be behaving normally again after a few days thus far. I'd likely not rebooted for 1-2 weeks (no sleeps or hibernation) when noticing this problem prior to rebooting. I don't know why Evernote would degrade over time. I didn't notice whether Evernote had a memory leak--my memory wasn't being gobbled up at the time, but I don't know what memory use is normal for Evernote. I did completely close Evernote prior to rebooting, but it didn't improve after re-starting. My other programs didn't show signs of typing lag or stuttering while Evernote had this problem. Anyway, rebooting Windows 10 fixed it for me. PS. I also disabled spell-checking as you type that may or may not be a factor. It did not fix the typing lag before rebooting. But I suspect most people would be better off NOT showing typing errors as one types because it's distracting to the purpose of getting thoughts down quickly without interruption.
  12. I have the same annoying problem (v6.8.7.6387, paid user) on a high performance Windows 10 workstation as of 12/30/2017. No evidence of CPU spike or any other common causes of such behavior. Anecdotally, it seems to happen to me on all notes (new notes, big notes, etc.). I tried disabling instant-sync, but the problem persists. The program will also often hang when switching between notes in the note list--i.e., the newly selected note will not appear for 2-5 seconds. Is Evernote going out of business? Time to find alternatives?
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