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  1. Hi. Thanks for your reply and for directing me to your GTD/TSW topic/thread (which I am yet to go through), and for the PhraseExpress tip. Massive gratitude to you for letting me know legacy can be re-installed. My experience has been that software normally doesn't allow this. I have been away from my PC but have just downloaded and installed. My notes all displayed instantly, all my formatting, settings and preferences intact - was bathed in warmth and light as the sun broke through the clouds, birds started chirping and flowers bloomed! Bitter-sweet though - like you I now wonder how l
  2. I have been using Evernote for about 12 years and am extremely disappointed with this update. I worked ninja fast and efficiently on the old platform but this new build is clunky and inefficient. For a start it takes a good 5-15 seconds for notes to load or for search results to show. That in itself is a game-changer. This build has also lost the ability to Control ":" to add date and time stamps which I have been using for years to update contents of my 37000+ notes (eg 210306 12:16 p.m. as I write this posting) which gives me the ability to quickly search for any notes that were in the
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