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  1. Because, simply, the Evernote app *doesn't* keep everything in sync automatically.
  2. Another vote for the manual sync option to be brought back. Currently, I have no idea if my notes are successfully synced or not. As it is, I have found nothing particularly useful in the last two major updates, and plenty to dislike. I'm seriously considering reverting to an earlier version, crappy bullet lists, tables, and all, until Evernote stops concentrating on 'new and shiny' and starts looking at bugs and user requests. I won't be holding my breath though - 'new and shiny but ignore bugs' has been Evernote's mantra for at least 7 years now. And if that doesn't change in quick order then I will have to find a new solution.
  3. They have a workaround for their main customer base (Windows), so as far as they're concerned it's fixed. Mac users are second-class citizens to Evernote. I was explicitly told (on this forum) that it had been fixed and would be implemented in one of the 5.12 release. That was obviously an outright lie, since we're at 7.6 and no change. Maybe they meant for the Windows version? i suspect that boilerplate is an Evernote template it’s used so often.
  4. So what you are saying is that I can't save any further templates - even my own - after I reach 100? How useless an "update" is this? Other than a few *very* minor bits it does nothing that the old version didn't do, and is limited to boot. I have well over 100 templates *now*, even without the new ones. Supposedly new features, that aren't, pointless UI "upgrades", and yet years-old bugs lie languishing, untouched. Stephen Silk
  5. The tags didn't show up in my web account, or on my mobile devices - only on my Mac. So creating a new database from the server worked for me. I suspect the issue may depend on how far the corruption has gone. There's a suggestion further up about a forced sync which has worked for some, but of course it won't work if the tags are on the server and on the client. But it might be worth a try - all you have to lose is some time and bandwidth. Stephen Silk
  6. Well, so much for the "a fix has been implemented and will be released in one of the 6.12 releases" comment a while back, seeing that we're on 7.2 now now, with no sign of any action. And Stuart G has just confirmed that it isn't being worked on, and probably never will be. Lies, damned lies, and Evernote Support. Fortunately I no longer have the problem, having bought a new Mac and needing to download my database again. But that does nothing for the people out there who still have this issue (and now look like they always will). Stephen Silk
  7. Is the complete inability to stop the Clipper showing "Related Notes" after a clip related to this?
  8. I also wrote, fyou'll check, that there were specific reasons that I can't take that course. And, more importantly, while that might fix my individual problem it does nothing to address the root cause.
  9. Please read the entire thread (which I started) before making suggestions that have been made multiple times before. it is *not* a problem with "just my Mac", it is reported across all platforms, including the web. It has been acknowledged as a bug by Evernote - they just haven't fixed it yet. There is a workaround for Windows, but not for other platforms.
  10. Hi Mike, There is no fix, at least for Macs. We have to wait for Evernote to fix the problem. They've been promising a fix in "an upcoming release" for over three years now. there is apparently a workaround for Windows users - you can find it here in the forums.
  11. If you had read the thread you would see that, firstly, I detailed in the very first post where these tags do and don't appear, and secondly, the reasons many of us don't want to force a sync. As a couple of examples, sheer size of the data to be downloaded on slow links and with limited data caps, local folders, and others. And really, the problem shouldn't have even occurred in the first place, and waiting almost three years (and counting) for a real fix is ludicrous. stephen Silk
  12. Thanks for your suggestion BSR and willingness to help. I've tried it and it unfortunately made no difference. You might want to read my initial report on this at the beginning of this thread. It's been an open ticket since August and a known issue by the development team for at least a year before that. Stephen Silk
  13. It sounds like you use Evernote in a similar way to me Steve, and you're having the same issues I am. As you can see above, I followed up on this back in October but still haven't heard anything and the issue is still outstanding. My suspicion is that, since there's a workaround for it in the Windows client, it's considered "only a Mac issue" and so not of any great importance. Not because it's Mac specifically, but because the Mac user base is much smaller, and there are likely to be fewer resources allocated to it in terms of developers and testers. Stephen Silk
  14. Hi, It's been 2 months since my ticket regarding this issue was escalated - has there been any progress? Given that it was reported and acknowledged over a year ago I would have hoped to hear something by now, but the silence has been deafening (as it has been with every report of this problem here on the forums). Is this actually being looked at? Or are new features still more interesting than old bugs? Stephen Silk
  15. Thanks. I was aware that it had been escalated. I had a very quick response to my ticket by Ellen G, who kept me up to date until she handed it on.
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