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  1. Couldn't agree more. I have been pointing this out for a while, no reply off course from the actual team or people responsible. Its like howling to the moon. Frustrating.
  2. Yes, indeed. There were promises but not much has happened, or what did, it was really badly implemented and full of bugs. Such as changes to the main editor. I am on the lookout for alternatives, but sadly Evernote still offers some of the best web capture tool (webclipper) which is important in the researcher. Other than that, the list of reasons to stay are only linked to the amount of time and efforts I invested in notes.
  3. Yes, but that is not a replacement for the edit ability of note taking app such as Evernote. Its a backup feature at best. I am aware of that, but I need to continue to work on the files/notes, which means that it has to be hosted in a note taking app such as Evernote, not as static HTML file. Its a good way to backup notes maybe, but its not a way to replace functionality of Evernote with something better. OneNote would be a possibility and I'm using that as well, but their Evernote2OneNote feature is not that good, need lot of polish. Anything more complex does not translate well.
  4. Yes, I agree, its not a replacement for word processing on a large scale, but things like highlighting and formatting tools, H1, H2, styles, etc. Basic stuff that it should have. On top of that, as you can see in these forums people have weird issues with font size not matching when using bullet points, as well as copy paste issues. These are basics. There should be no excuses for that. Basic table editing as well, which they try to add with new releases, but its still buggy as hell. You said "It's very easy to export your data from Evernote." I don't see how that is possible and still maintain the structure, with images and text intact. Unless you know something I don't. If so do tell, because I have not found anything I can use yet. Mind you, I'm not using only text. Its a combination of text, images, fonts, highlighted elements etc.
  5. Yes. However when you put some of the numbers in context its really disgraceful.... you have to admit. The Evernote web service launched into open beta on June 24, 2008, 200 million users worldwide. That is over a decade later, decade later.... and we still can't get a working word editor in a note taking application. Application that works with words. That is its core functionality. That's crazy. Its riddled with bugs, even things that used to work, stop working or have weird bugs. Reported bugs are not all fixed and we are greeted with new features that either broke what used to work or are things no one asked for, like that weird new note button placement. As evident by reading the forums or testing yourself. We are still missing word editor features that virtually every other word application in existence had for probably as long as Evernote has been around. And that is just a tip of the iceberg. You have been around long enough in these forums to remember all the leadership bizarre decision, tight lip development team and security concerns. If I didn't naively invested 17, 000 plus notes into this app, I would be crazy to stay. Things are not getting any better. Its been probably six months now since v6.5.4 and I still don't dare to upgrade. I mean who is crazy here!?
  6. I hate to be cynical here, but it seems that if you read these forums or try the so called GA releases, they are just betas released to general public. The bugs are either still there, or new ones are introduced that break things that used to work etc. I don't find that funny. I'm still using old version of Evernote 6.5.4. and carefully reading forums here, but it does not seems I am safe to upgrade anytime soon.... its really bad. GA might mean General Availability, but it does not mean safe for work. At least when it comes to Evernote team.
  7. Shouldn't all supported attachment be allowed to be dragged and dropped form and to Evernote as it was the case in 6.5.4 version and before. I mean that is the goal, right? Being able to drag and drop from Evernote to Web browsers for upload is super important and vice versa. It saves soo much time than having to save onto desktop than browse and copy paste back again.
  8. Yes. Drag and drop in general should work in productivity app like Evernote. It used to work in 6.5.4. Please bring that back.
  9. Older version of Evernote works just fine, despite windows updates. I don't think that is the problem, perhaps its just a matter of correlation vs causation. P.S. And yes you are right about timeline. Something that makes all the sense in the world, since they use so many beta testers and many are payed users as well as help people plan for the future... but some yahoo exec at the top has decided they don't want to share. Been a source of many frustrations for years at Evernote forums. Even promised features were changes and not delivered at all. I'm not sure what is worse.
  10. Fair enough. I understood that much. However my criticism of Evernote team still stands. We need Drag and Drop to work. Its important to many users. And what's worse it used to work, so I stand by what I said... unacceptable.
  11. I can keep calm but it does not change the fact that its not good enough. Drag and Drop is productivity 101. Something that Evernote should be about, productivity. And it used to work, so its regression. That's unacceptable. Come on guys, you can do better than that.
  12. I want to know the same thing. Its an important time saving feature that really need to be improved not removed. Please if you have removed it, fix it.
  13. I'm on the same page as you. WTF? Still using v6.5.4 and reading comments in forums while grinding my teeth. Its crazy but payed users are not beta testers and have to pay for privilege. While ever note team can't introduce a feature without introducing dozen new bugs. Reading comments in the forums about every new releases feels like reading horror novel. NSFW. I fear to upgrade and lose stuff. Or have it reformatted in some weird ways.
  14. I use this all the time. I'm still on older version of Evernote, but please make this work, its important.
  15. No need to be wisecrack about it. Its a legitimate question. And has been requested quite a few times. And as DTLow answered in more polite way, they are not treating it as a priority. Which explains why it has not been improved. However it does feel like its a very useful feature that should be improved. I don't have much faith in the upvote system, but if there is one that is actually being read by the development team of whoever is in charge I would gladly upvote. Although considering the latest streak of bugs, I'm not even sure they can implement the feature without breaking something else. If they can do it safely, I would surly like to see it. I upvoted.
  16. I find it unacceptable and disappointing as well, but not surprising. Payed user for years, BTW. Evernote development and management team persists its their inexplicable decisions. I'm still using v6.5.4 version since it works. It has few bugs, not nothing that would prevent me from working. After I tried the new releases, it reformatted my notes and was just too dangerous to use. Too many bugs. Things that used to work, don't anymore and things that should work, act buggy and feel unpolished. Typical evernote. So I'm reading posts such as yours and I really can't believe that people after so many releases and beta updates and bug reports still report the same things since v6.6. Jeez. Wake up Evernote team or hire someone new to fix this. Please.
  17. No, I didn't mean Phil. But some guy who showed up in forums. some evernote developer, this was while Phil was still CEO. Anyway this guy was more open than anyone before on forums about what they will do and asking us what we the users wanted, but I was skeptical so I commented on it. He assured me they will do their best, they changed. After we started to go back and forth the trust was building, than all of a sudden, he is gone. Quite a bit later someone in the thread I think mentioned the guy does not work in Evernote anymore. And he also promised some new big changes, I guess that went right out the window along with him, sort of speak.
  18. That one link encapsulates Evernote. lol Like that other thread where one developer said we are working on new things, tell us what you want, we tell them, and communication stops. Later we find out the guy was fired and no one ever bothered to continue.
  19. I second this feature, but as stated I imagine we won't see something that is that useful anytime soon in Evernote. Shame. It would be nice.
  20. Yeah, seems like Evernote has introduced the feature in their typical fashion, all style no substance. Since they are still struggling with basic font and copy/paste functions, and somehow manage to introduce more bugs with each version than they fix.... I imagine tables will be just for show and small spreadsheets. I wouldn't hold my breath to match something like Excel or OneNote anytime soon. Its disappointing, but not surprising. And yes, I would like that function too. It would allow me to not have to embed Excel documents in evernote.
  21. Yes please add that basic functionality that makes all the sense of the wold. Been looking for it thinking I'm crazy and missed something. Consistency please.
  22. I don't even dare updating, Tried the beta version, I mean pre-alpha and screwed up my formatting. Reading this thread it seems not much have been fixed. How can you release this as public version? Knowing evernote this is beta or pre beta, and using public users as beta testers. Not happy.
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