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  1. I wish Evernote would follow a very simple common sense rule. No new features until old ones are working as people expect. And bugs and performance issues are no longer an issue. Also when new version of Evernote is released, there need to be trust in the stability, not playing Russian roulette with updates. Will I lose my data? Will it crush two or three times per hour etc. I'm been using Evernote for years and for years it has gotten from bad to worse, with not much ability to learn from previous mistakes being shown by Evernote. Right now still version 10 is not ready for general release its basically early beta version of the program. What are you doing releasing new features when the old ones that you removed are still not there and there are stability and performance issues. What is the logic behind that?
  2. Same here as a user. But I stopped paying them. its hopeless, they deliver bad buggy products for years, and can't seem to make an update without breaking the app. The users are just paying for privilege of being beta testers of the program that is not even safe for the data, a primary function of the program. No official feedback from CEO that has been promising new evernote that will make it smooth and fast, non of that. Just more silence or lies from incompetent and irresponsible developer team at Evernote. its been like this for years and years now.
  3. Very disappointed with Evernote. After some 18 months of development, working from scratch they still managed to release in public, a broken, buggy, laggy, piece of software with features missing in a new version of program that is now what 10 years in development. Before this release all the previous releases for years were buggy mess, broken and dangers to your data. No matter the feedback, no matter the complaint, no matter the subscribers Ever note team is just unwilling and unable to release a fully functioning product. They are incompetent and irresponsible. Just read these forums, for years one horror story after another. How is that even possible? This company still demands monthly payment for pre-alpha builds release to the public, where we the users act as testers. Its unacceptable. I agree Official Statement from Evernote needed and they need to fire most of their team and get someone who can write a code and not break the application with every release. Its not one time, or sometimes, its every damn time. How is that even possible?
  4. So true. After 18 months of waiting they could not get past pre alpha but want monthly paychecks. Unacceptable.
  5. Yes, I have still the old account. And I guess they changed the new account policies. "You can contact Evernote Support and explain the situation. They have been known to allow free access." Hmm. In the past much like the original poster I got no reply. Too little staff and too many bugs for them to care. Which is the whole frustration of the original poster I imagine. So while on paper this looks like solution, it has been my experience that in the past few years on 4 occasions I had contacted them I only got someone to talk to one time and they were not much help. And this was in early days, which ultimately brought me to join the forums in hope of finding answers to problems.
  6. Evernote Plus user here and have been for many years. When I click on note history, this shows up and in the link your provided it says, that its for premium and business users. Where do you get information that its for everyone. EDIT: I see you are saying we have to pay for bugs. If I have to pay for it, why is that ok? If evernote loses my data because of their bug, now they expect me to pay for their bug too.... on top of what I'm already paying. That might be possible to retrieve that data, but come on. Its extortion.
  7. Note history is only available to Evernote Premium and Business users. So if Evernote do to their bugs loses your note, they expect you to pay more for what, more bugs? Not good.
  8. I have been using it now, and so far it seems to work fine with no major issues. Thank you.
  9. Not sure if this is what you mean about the wide margins. it shows up everywhere. I don't see a way to turn it off.
  10. Thank you for getting back to me. Appreciated it. I upgraded as well to Evernote So far it seems to work ok, but I'm on orange alert.
  11. I upgraded to Evernote_6.7.6.7584 and at the moment it seems to have worked. But knowing all the bugs Evernote is outputting I'm very skeptical of that and I don't want to lose any data or productivity time.
  12. Thank you for your feedback. That is somewhat reassuring. I guess I have no choice but to upgrade and take the risk. Still no reply form the guy who send the mail. Talking about booking a seat on Titanic. Anyways. Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.
  13. That is a very useful update, thank you. Unlike the guy who send the mail, not even replying. But having random users do their own work. They really are lower than a pregnant snail. But once again thank you. How did you upgrade to 6.7.6. Just installed it and that was it, did you have to resync the whole database. Did you lose anything in the process? Thank you.
  14. That is good, I do not want to lose drag and drop and you guys can't find a way to make it work again so, at least you kept the old way in 6.7.6. Its key productivity feature in a productivity app. That being said, are there any other known bugs in version 6.7.6 that I can expect? And just to make sure I have some back up, how do I back up my data prior to update. What is the best more reliable way since synchronization does not work.
  15. Can you please report back here if all works out well for you, I'm at 18 K + notes and 13 GB of data, that will take whole day of me just watching it do its thing and probably fail. If it works out for you , please let me know. I can't afford to stop working and not be sure it will work. Thank you so much.
  16. PDF's anything. in version 6.5.4 and earlier it worked with any file. Dropping one file or any kind from and to evernote, not issues. Than they I think changed PDF viewer and all went down hill from there. In some versions they fix it partially only to make it not work again in the next version and so on. Never mind the numerous other bugs that was one of the big reasons why I didn't upgrade. Are you a 100% sure or anyone else that dragging and dropping works. With all files, from and to evernote. It used to work and works well in 6.5.4, last known version that it works.
  17. Yeah the feedback on forums has been in a word; frustration ever since 6.5.4 version. But somehow, these developers managed to introduce more bugs with each new version, one worse than others and even if they fix one here and there it reappears two versions after that or they simply solve two bugs and introduce five more. I have tried to talk on it as many have on forums no change. I talked to people in marketing and they assured me they will do something, off course nothing happened. I can't reach anyone with any authority to fire the whole development team because without exaggeration they are simply incompetent. No self respecting team can do this much damage to their own product in each new release. We the users now don't even know a list of known bugs in each version after 6.5.4. I mean they are all unstable and buggy but some more than others. I don't even know which one is less worse than others. This is really terrible.
  18. Reading it now. I send email to Rich Tener yesterday and no reply. I posted on his timeline, no reply. So frustrating.
  19. Same problem as everyone. I wrote to their security person Rich Tener who send the email notification and still no reply. Great. What the hell Evernote? At least give us option to stay with older version that is still working. All new versions are bug ridden with missing not only features but even UI elements. This is terrible.
  20. Same thing here. Just when you thought they couldn't do worse, evernote pulls this beautiful ace out of their sleeve. Unbelievable. I can't even reach the main security person who send an email.
  21. Oh, man this is ***** storm of epic proportions. If I remember, they changed PDF editor in 6.7.6 which didn't have drag and drop feature, everyone wanted and looks really clunky. Also its buggy, last time I lost data. And all other version after that are mind field of bugs and broken features or missing features. I can't believe this geniuses are forcing users to use products that they broke and force us to upgrade now. You can't make this stuff up. Jeez. What ***** storm. And off course no way to reach the guy who is forcing this upgrade. I posted on his wall a clear question on this, no reply. And no one down here in forums cares about users, because its been silent for years now. No replies. I just don't see why would anyone want to buy ticket to this Titanic anymore. So frustrating.
  22. Mr. Tener you have send an email to me and I assume other Evernote users on windows to upgrade to new version of evernote out of security reasons. "Evernote for Windows Update Required". 

    Are you aware that after version 6.5.4, ever version is unstable for work because it has bugs all over the place. Features not working or missing etc. Its been a source of frustration for everyone in the past six months and every release is less stable than the previous one, no matter if its beta or not, its all alpha. That is the reason I'm staying with 6.5.4 because I can actually get work done. Am I to understand that you are forcing users to upgraded to buggy unstable release now. Which is not safe for work. I repeat not safe for work. Last update I lost data. 

    The original announcement is here. 


    1. Krunoslav


      I totally agree with you. this is unacceptable. I did boycott the new version by staying with old 6.5.4. Now these geniuses are forcing everyone to upgrade to unstable, insecure buggy version. Each new version more unstable and buggy than the last. I'm not even sure how that is possible, but evernote its the new normal. And no one can be reach in Evernote. They all went silent. I'm a paying user, one of many and we are being treated like this. Come on, what is wrong with you evernote. Talking about booking a trip on titanic. This company has to tank, its heading head first to ice berg. Just beyond frustrated and disappointed. 

  23. I just got an email that is about this evernote announcement: I am using version 6.5.4 precisely because it is more secure for work. After that version, features are missing or a broken, bugs on every corner. Evernote, are you really forcing us to update to new versions that are still not stable? Really?
  24. Completely agree. Seems very limited as a choice for editor. But I guess it could have something to do with the fact hat Evernote has close ties with Google. The current CEO is ex Google guy. They also forced adding chrome PDF viewer that no one likes if I'm not mistaken. The more Google stuff I hear the less things seem to work as they should.
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