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  1. Oh, I see. Thank you for clarifying that. At least I'll know what to do next time. thanks.
  2. Thank you for the reply. I deleted my original post because I managed to solve it, after resting modem few times and changing DNS setting from my ISP default DNS to Google DNS. Not sure why it started to happen all of a sudden, but works now. I was not sure if it has to do with all the sync issues people were having lately, I guess it didn't.
  3. They basically said they are planing to release a new GA with known bugs from beta 3, which has happened in the past few GA releases and seems to be getting progressively worse. Makes no sense.
  4. Exactly. Its only smaller percentage of users who follow this frustrating forum. The rest of people who install GA are in for a nasty surprise.
  5. In that case only thing is left is for them too lose customers, because it would seem Evernote is only committed to destroying their once bellowed product.
  6. Yes. And I wonder how they would feel if they got sued for pushing knowingly faulty software with potential data loss to payed users, even after the very same users used as beta testers reported the bugs multiple times. Only in Evernote, folks. Only in Evernote. A 100 year company.
  7. Fair enough. P.S. Aimed at who ever is reading this from Evernote.... I don't know if what I said is the reason or not, but I do now that if price is what we pay and value is what we get, I'm still waiting on the value for price increase which happened around that time. I would reasonable to expect that whatever the reason for problems was, the extra price we pay for subscriptions should cover it.
  8. Yes. Features wise, I have no idea why someone thought that emoji is more important to users than format painter, or some kind of font style feature. Something requested for ages, while emoji if requested I didn't remember reading about it.
  9. Cost and license fees should be taken care of by boost in subscription prices for which we got only more bugs. Perhaps you remember when that happen. We were promised features, but we didn't get any noteworthy features, and I'm not counting the now resident joke - emoji. Coincidental or not, this also happened to be time when the new CEO showed up who was former Google guy. This also included the ability to log in evernote with both evernote account and google account. Which I found supicious considering that Google is not know for privacy and Evernote was considered a place to store sensi
  10. So true. Even back than, I was the first one to post and I posted my skepticism about it. The developer assured me this time it will be differentiate, and it seem that he was honest about his intentions, but I was told later that he was probably fired, when the new management come on board. And that was all she wrote... as they say. Sad state of affairs in Evernote. Also they keep on sending us emails trying to sell us the wonderful evernote tips and tricks and new features. A marketing team totally out of touch with the development team, which only is good at delivering more bugs and feat
  11. This, I feel the same way. P.S. This happen since the new Evernote CEO came over from google. Push for Google products at the expanse of its users and features. Not cool. guys.
  12. Hi, Nick If you are the one responsible for "advocating for more frequent releases, so that we can get these behind-the-scenes changes into the hands of our users on a regular basis." Did you ever consider that being a payed user of your product does not mean we are happy to pay for the privilege to be beta testers as well? I certainly didn't agree on that. And that is exactly what has been going on. If you want frequent releases, keep them in BETA stage, and let volunteers test it. Once it hits General Release its not a joke. I'm not paying you to test your product, I didn't agree on t
  13. Indeed. At least you used sarcasm font. Kudos. I am not sure if that will change anything, but you do make a good point. I don't remember many people asking for emojis, compared to fixing bugs, stability improvements, security improvements, more devices we can use, and more notes and notebooks we can create. Something that has not been improved for a very long time and actually reduced for some users. And off course useful features like text editing features that almost all professional competitors have. Even features that were step in the right direction, like reminders got left behind wi
  14. Why is this a general release? The last half a dozen betas are alphas and general releases were barely betas. This one cannot have all the bugs fixed that have been reported. There is no way. It has been released way too soon, with not enough testing. And many bugs are threat to the users data? Why is this a general release? This is barely 6.11 beta 2, but more likely alpha 2, not a general release. Why has it been released? Why are standards of quality so low? This needs to be tested extensively for at least few months, and all the reported bugs fixed, with no new ones introduced. There is n
  15. I can't add to the list myself because I have tried few betas, lost work which is unacceptable, and in this place there is no one to complain to off course. No one cares or listens. So I went back to Evernote 6.5.4 before they changed the editor and ***** everything up. Now I'm reading horror story after horror story on these forums waiting for some kind of good news that its safe to use the application I'm paying for. So far all I'm seeing is more bugs and more bugs. Ladies and gentlemen we are paying more than we used to for the privilege to be not beta testers, but alpha testers. While eve
  16. Simple. Make it bug free and reliably stable. As for the features, they are second priority, but there are endless request for dozen or so features which users have been asking for years now and non have been implemented or responded to by Evernote in their usual fashion. Trying to make the same list and request again feels like Sisyphus impossibly thankless and incredibly frustrating task.
  17. Amen to that. Super frustrating. I'm still at version 6.5.4 for the same reason. A payed customer.
  18. Definitely agree. My hunch is that they hired bunch of untrained and unskilled developers to save cost and than try to figure things out as they go. And so first few betas after 6.5.4 were buggy but they managed to keep track of the bugs. As more people reported bugs they try to keep up with it, but with no clear understanding of what they are doing or good foundation so it became like a quick sand. Each new beta and or general release since 6.5.4 brings bugs on top of bugs. This conceited with brilliant decision to change editor of Evernote, which needed change, I agree, but not with somethi
  19. Yes Indeed. I agree. And we don't seem to be going forward either. Before version 6.5.4 every beta I tested was safe. It had only one bug or none and it was safe to test. Now its getting worse with each beta, from not safe to not even usable. Someone needs to take responsibility.
  20. Normally I would agree with you. I mean as a general principle, sticking to the topic. However , many of these new topics go unresponded, Certainly not from Evernote even when people are posting in them. Pretty soon the forums is filling up with this dead ends. I wish it was not so. Since there is no response from the Evernote team or anyone in charge of disastrous updates we are getting from Evernote lately, and not all are betas, at least not officially... maybe they can read between the lines. The reason this Nimbus business came up, is because people want more than anything for Evernote to
  21. I have heard about Nimbus Screenshot Shot tool and used it in web browser in the past, but I was not really aware of the Nimbus Note. Sounds interesting, promising even. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. I appreciate it. I agree with what you said but I have my doubts about of Evernote being around for a long time. They certainly don't seem to be acting like it. And far mightier and better managed companies have failed than Evernote. So far they seem to be getting by on old fame and lack of strong competition, but I don't see any innovation, or even maintenance, I see raise in pri
  22. Well said. I don't understand the Evernote insistence on doing that when on top of all that they have willing users feedback in forums such as this. All they need to do is give people what they want and the company prospers. Why would they insist on giving users what they never asked for and break what worked while at the same time not fixing what everyone asks for. Makes zero sense.
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