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  1. To be fair, I think a big part of this may be on the OS. I switched to the 13.3 public beta. There are still issues, but not quite as bad as 13.2.2 release.
  2. Yes, I am having the same trouble. Also, whenever I use the app in SplitView (iPad), the typing becomes extremely laggy.
  3. I recognize Evernote is used in many different ways, but personally I think that the power of Evernote tags is in filtering. IOW, instead of trying to define a structure such as "Taxes", "Taxes-2018", "Taxes-2019", simply have tags "Taxes", "2018", "2019". Then, when you are searching for tax-related notes, filter first by the tag "Taxes" and then add to the filtered search which year tag corresponds to the search you want. The power of this is that the year tags "2018", "2019", etc. can also be used as filters for completely different searches. For example, you may have a tag "Journal" or "Correspondence" with the year tags to helpfully categorize which years those notes fall under. So instead of trying to figure out some complicated tag structure like… Correspondence Correspondence-2018 Correspondence-2019 Journal Journal-2018 Journal-2019 Taxes Taxes-2018 Taxes-2019 You could simply have the following list of tags… 2018 2019 Correspondence Journal Taxes Note: I use special characters before certain tags for major areas of work, life, etc.
  4. I've had some issues with sync not working properly both today and about a week ago - using an iPad and iPhone. Manually syncing it did not actually cause it to sync. In both cases, about 30 minutes later everything was okay. Makes me wonder if something is going on server side.
  5. I think you are mistaken regarding web link vs. Evernote link. https://evernote.com/… IS a web link. And that is why you get an ugly blue URL. I have seen the same behavior, which is very annoying. You would think an internal link would be an internal link. I am not sure if the underlying link is a web URL or Evernote link, but if you go to Share -> Share another way -> Copy link and then paste this into another Evernote note, it will produce a nice green link with the title of the first note. I know… seems backwards, but what can you say?
  6. I have the same problem. My notebooks are all marked for offline, but notes, sometimes even notes that I had just been in before switching to a different app, have the spinning wheel in the content area. My personal theory is that it has to do with the syncing of the notebooks. On your iPad, when you next open the app, open the Notebooks pane and just leave it there for a little while. It will go through the initial sync and various notebooks will have the green line showing the downloading/syncing of notes. After that is done, a few seconds later, the green line will appear on various notebooks again, and sometimes stay there for awhile.
  7. Yes, this works well. I only wish you could use the multi-select to quickly select tags for all the affected notes. I organize mostly with tags, not notebooks.
  8. Yes, actually the note list titles are bolder and smaller text. And as a result, you can see more of the title in the note list view. I like it! The previous version had titles in the note list that were virtually the same as that of the title in the note view.
  9. I like this idea, but I hope it works better than the recent notebooks feature. I have one notebook I am constantly putting notes it, but for whatever reason the notebook seems to never be put into the recent notebooks list. Kinda frustrates the purpose.
  10. Am I the only one seeing a lot of buggy/sluggish behavior, especially on the iPad, with Evernote's latest releases (the one release to the App Store 3 hours ago, as well as the one a few days ago)? I create a new note … and nothing happens. Maybe 20-30 seconds later the window finally appears. I try to create a duplicate - nothing appears to happen for several seconds. Opening a note (I have everything offline) - in the content area I simply see a spinning wheel for 10-15 seconds.
  11. That's great to know. Actually, however, if you turn off "Smart Punctuation" in Settings - Keyboards, you can type the three hyphens like before. This works for me - maybe I'm crazy but I detest curly quotes.
  12. I was just about to report the same. This really messes up ability of linking different notes to navigate around in Evernote.
  13. I have a similar Workflow that creates a new note and then appends some info to it. I was having the same problem, but fingers crossed, I have "fixed" the issue by putting in a "Wait" action set for 15 seconds. I tried it for 5 and 10 seconds but still got the second note. I think something with Evernote's server is either not responding as quickly or maybe they have something set that will not allow an "immediate" append.
  14. @Stuhrer What version of iOS do you have? I’m having difficulties with the iOS 11.1 public beta, but nothing that extreme.
  15. Are you also seeing a lot of lag/unresponsiveness when tapping various icons? I think this might be an iOS 11 issue, as it is not only in Evernote that there is a huge delay after tapping various buttons before anything happens. For Evernote, I see it mostly with filtering notes by tags, however. Plus, I’m having big issues with my Bluetooth keyboard not disconnecting.
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