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  1. definitely a bug. i'll make sure we have that captured. apologies for that!
  2. Hi Stephen, we're actually working through some changes/improvements to the formatting options. We've heard a lot of feedback similar to yours, and we agree, we need quicker access to bullets, checkboxes and other formatting tools. I can't give an exact estimate of when the improvements will be available, but please know we are working on it, and definitely taking the feedback seriously! Thanks!
  3. @Colin@LW – ok, I actually just checked this myself by searching for content in shared notebooks, with the same steps that you outlined above. I've used our internal version (the latest, much more updated than the app store version), and I get results from shared notebooks. In the app store version, I do not. So it seems that this bug has been fixed and should be coming your way soon! Hope this helps!
  4. Hi Colin, let me dig into this and see what's going on. Would you mind trying something else for me? Do you get the same results (well, lack thereof) when you search in the search tab itself (tapping on the search icon in the tab bar)? Or is this only the case when searching within the All Notes view?
  5. Hi there - wanted to circle back with you on your feedback here. We are planning to add this functionality; so when you tap the reminder icon (top of each note list), not only do we filter down to show only reminders, but also sort by date, like we do in the All Reminders view. Thanks for being patient with us -- we're fixing lots of bugs, especially with performance right now -- so those have been the biggest priorities. Look for an update soon!
  6. Have you contacted Evernote Support? I haven't seen your issue of automatically simplifying formatting in notes, so this might be something to talk to support about. I hope that helps!
  7. Thanks for the feedback. We originally took this out since we found very few people actually used this option. We're looking into potentially bringing this view back.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I'm assuming you're talking about iPad specifically here. We had decided not to implement card view on ipad for v8 since very few people actually selected that option. We have heard this feedback from some other users as well, so it's something we are considering bringing back!
  9. Thanks for the feedback. I've noticed this too. I found that it's easier to select text downward than upwards. I'll let the team know so we can get this looked at. Thanks!
  10. As others noted, this feature is absolutely coming back soon. Thanks for your patience, and our apologies for your frustration.
  11. Hi there. Would you mind sharing more specifics about what's not working for you in v8? I understand it's frustrating for you, but I'd like to know more about what you don't like. It's never our intent to make things worse for any user.
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