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  1. Indeed. I did vote, first I think! Ha. I was hoping the count would grow but it doesn't really seem to be. Ha.
  2. Same for me. Sadly it doesn't seem like this is something that they are interested in adding/fixing. I don't really think that it would be that large a deal as so many other applications have it implemented already and have from the start. I imagine they would have already done it if they were going to, however I will continue to hold out hope!
  3. Thanks for the response. Yes on iOS there is a header that can be tapped and you can then move the note, I said that but probably not clearly enough, haha. However when doing it with many notes over and over, especially when they are being moved to the same place, it gets extremely frustrating. On iOS many apps allow an edit button where you can then select multiple items and then choose what you want to do with ALL of the selected items. How this is NOT in evernote baffles me. It is a tap to edit, then select each item, then move/delete/etc. and it is done. Rather than note by note.
  4. The 'trick' that I have had to use to really make this work on an iOS device was posted here by someone a long time ago and I can't remember who sadly..... Basically I share the link like DTLow shows..... a private link. Then I PASTE that link into a note and close it. Then I open that note and COPY the link. Now the link can be pasted in many places on the device or other apps and when tapped it will open that note INSIDE the evernote application and not via the web link. I use it in 2Do and Pocket Informant often. Hope that helps.
  5. I thought this might get some eyes on it faster. Done. Thanks.
  6. I now use Evernote solely on my iPhone and iPad as I have moved to just using those devices for 90% of my work now. Evernote, could be a large part of that as it has for the last many years. However there is one feature that is causing a real sticking point in my organization with the application. Selecting more than one note at a time. This is a feature that almost every single other PDF organization application has had implemented for years on iOS. I can't quite understand why Evernote doesn't have it yet as it really hampers the power of the application imho. Currently it is very difficult to move a bunch of notes in my 'inbox', if you will, to the correct Stack. This is the biggest issue for me. I might have 50 new items for a day that have been sent or scanned into Evernote, but then I have to process each one individually via tapping the note open, then tapping the stack it is currently held in, then scroll to the new stack, then select that and close the item. Sounds like a small thing, but with MANY docs like most people on this forum have I would think, it is incredibly time consuming. It would be so much easier to do what pretty much all the other PDF applications do and allow you to select MORE THAN ONE AT A TIME. Seems like a simple thing and something that may have slipped through the cracks. This would also help with deletion, merging etc. But more than anything MOVING the files to the correct spot. Organization would be greatly simplified for the iOS user. I hope that this is something that makes it in soon as I am slowly being forced to move to another application like PDF Expert, or Dropbox. I may loose some features but gaining this one would be a large win.
  7. When will multi select of notes make it to the application? I can't believe that this hasn't been added yet as almost every other PDF application has this feature. Especially with the iPad Pro being out for a year now.... I don't understand. Is this coming soon?
  8. I honestly cannot believe that this has not been implemented yet.... .especially with the iPad Pro being out for a year now. Tons of other PDF storage apps have this.... in fact I think that almost all of them do. I hope that this is coming soon.
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