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  1. I've noticed the same issue. Other note apps like Apple Notes stay with the user's most recent view, which I agree would be more helpful. There are a lot of little potential UX improvements which could be made with the Evernote interface.
  2. With all of the wonderful changes to the Evernote app that have happened recently, I’d like to know if there are any plans to put the created / modified date and time at the top of a note rather than buried in the information screen (the screen you get when you hit the little (i) icon). I refer to note date quite often and find it annoying to have to do that extra tap. If there is concern about taking up screen real estate, you might try Apple’s solution for notes: hide the date and time at the top initially, then show it when you pull down on the note when you’re at the top. Hard to describe correctly, but if you have apple notes you can easily see what I’m talking about (see screen shot). Heck, it’d be awesome to have the tagging interface in that pull down area as well, not just the date.
  3. Same as some other users, I’m not able to set reminders without a date. Hitting cancel on the date popup just cancels the entire reminder. Using Evernote on iPhone X.
  4. The clipper is definitely still bugged. Notebook search is present but it is curiously case sensitive. The order that notebooks and stacks are listed is odd. It used to be that numbers were sorted before letters but now numbers are sorted after letters. I have some notebooks and stacks ordered manually using numerical prefixes so they show up first in the notebook / stack list, which they do in the application, but in the clipper, the number-prefixed notebooks / stacks show up at the bottom of the list. So not only has the order changed, it is different from how the order is in the application. Needs to be fixed!
  5. Agreed. The mobile experience leaves much to be desired. FYI the Reminders feature can be used as a kind of pin. Just set a reminder on the note and it will show up at the top of the list in the Reminders section (as well as below). It will ask you to choose a date and time for the reminder but you can just tap outside of that to just set a reminder with no date. Annoying thing though is that if you have any reminders set with dates those notes will show up above notes that have reminders with no dates. Honestly I think there just needs to be a separate pin function, completely independent of reminders. A pin function that works like the one in Apple notesor Google Keep does.
  6. To followup on this idea, I think that it could be possible to add a recently used Tags list to the picker, list itself. That way the main UI won't be affected as much and besides, when you're in the list of tags view, you're already in the "tag picking" frame of mind so a recent tags list there fits in with that frame of thinking.
  7. Would love to see this as well. One might create a small space underneath where it shows the name of the notebook to show the first few tags, then provide a control that lets you expand that area to show all of the tags. See attached mockup that I created. An alternative could be that the entire info panel be made available by swiping into the note from the right edge of the screen (I've noticed that Evernote for iOS doesn't use many of the screen gestures that are available in iOS. I think using those gestures could really improve the usability of the app a lot!). I also think it would be great to show the date of the note right on the note editing screen as well (also in mockup). You could change which date shows up (created vs modified) by tapping the date. Perhaps a long tap and hold could be used to bring up the date and time changer. Or you could have a small button to the right of the date that you tap to change the date.
  8. I also would like to comment on the time it takes for the app to open! For an app which many use to quickly jot down thoughts on the go, having to wait such a long time is a problem. In fact, it has become such a problem (on my iPhone 6) that I purchased a separate app to capture my thoughts quickly (that app is Drafts). Using Drafts, I can quickly enter what's on my mind, then easily export it to Evernote for storage.
  9. Good idea! That also works to solve the immediate problem. Though since it's a saved search and not a shortcutted notebook / stack, you won't have the search box nor the tag filter / reminders filter available. It would be neat to have a "search within these search results" feature. Off to the feature requests forum! I also noticed ... when you use a saved search from the shortcuts bar, you won't be able to tap the back arrow to go back to the shortcuts list (this appears to be a bug). And I also noticed that when you tap on a saved search in shortcuts, it lists the number of notes as "0" regardless of how many there are. In contrast, when you actually run the search, it shows the correct number of notes (seems to be another bug).
  10. In iOS, the only way to do this is first, add the notebook stack to the shortcuts area by holding and dragging to the little star in the left side. Then, in the shortcuts view, you will see the stack plus all of its notebooks. Then you can tap on the stack and see all of the notes in that stack's notebooks. Unfortunately, when you put a stack in the shortcuts, you cannot close the stack when it's in the shortcuts view. So if the stack has many notebooks, you will see all of those notebooks in the shortcuts list, which makes the list possibly very long. It would be nice if it were possible to directly access this "all notes in a stack" view directly from the notebooks list, but unfortunately, at the moment, it's not possible.
  11. Yes, you're right. Sorry, I was apparently looking at a bunch of untagged notes. Thank you. It would still be immensely helpful to me to have the notebook displayed as well, though.
  12. In the snippet / notes list of the Mac version of Evernote, in each note snippet, it very helpfully lists the notebook (if any) that the note is in as well as a few of the notes tags. The Windows version lacks the notebook name and tags in the snippet view. Can we please add these to the Windows version as well -- and to the iOS / mobile versions, too? It's very helpful for quickly understanding how things are organized without having to drill down to the individual note. and yes, I know the list view in Windows shows the notebook and tag, but that view eats up more screen real-estate, and furthermore doesn't show a note preview. Thank you.
  13. Well I’ll be damned, thanks for showing me how easy it is to search by stack on mobile. Had no idea! For now, I’m just tagging all of my Journal entries with a Journal tag and excluding them as you suggest. All that typing is cumbersome on mobile, but fortunately, I don’t need this level of filtering as much when I’m on mobile (mostly need it on desktop when I’m running searches with someone using the computer with me). Thank you!
  14. Yeah, I considered that, but that would force me to undo my stack organization. And it wouldn't work at all on mobile, given that you can't limit searches by stack at all. Thank you for the idea, though, I appreciate it!
  15. Sure, thanks for asking. So recently I've been helping my parents get their medicare / insurance squared away, and I've been using a few different tags to organize the information that I find and the notes I make. When tagging notes, sometimes I forget the exact tag name (my memory is not very good when it comes to things like that), so at the beginning of an organization session I often find myself making a few guesses (or worse, coming up new tags) before I remember / find the tags that I last used. Having a list of the most recent, say, 10 tags that I used would be helpful for me as I wouldn't need to remember / go searching for the tags I was using last time. For people who use a lot of tags all of the time, I guess this wouldn't be as useful. But for me, it would be quite useful. I actually struggle with tags. Like I said, I have a hard time remembering how I've named tags, and I've tried coming with a variety of systems for organizing the tags but it's hard for me to find one that actually works. I guess I could just add the tags that I'm currently using a lot to my shortcuts list. Hm, yeah, I should give that try. Ha!
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