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  1. I've noticed the same issue. Other note apps like Apple Notes stay with the user's most recent view, which I agree would be more helpful. There are a lot of little potential UX improvements which could be made with the Evernote interface.
  2. With all of the wonderful changes to the Evernote app that have happened recently, I’d like to know if there are any plans to put the created / modified date and time at the top of a note rather than buried in the information screen (the screen you get when you hit the little (i) icon). I refer to note date quite often and find it annoying to have to do that extra tap. If there is concern about taking up screen real estate, you might try Apple’s solution for notes: hide the date and time at the top initially, then show it when you pull down on the note when you’re at the top. Hard to describe correctly, but if you have apple notes you can easily see what I’m talking about (see screen shot). Heck, it’d be awesome to have the tagging interface in that pull down area as well, not just the date.
  3. Same as some other users, I’m not able to set reminders without a date. Hitting cancel on the date popup just cancels the entire reminder. Using Evernote on iPhone X.
  4. The clipper is definitely still bugged. Notebook search is present but it is curiously case sensitive. The order that notebooks and stacks are listed is odd. It used to be that numbers were sorted before letters but now numbers are sorted after letters. I have some notebooks and stacks ordered manually using numerical prefixes so they show up first in the notebook / stack list, which they do in the application, but in the clipper, the number-prefixed notebooks / stacks show up at the bottom of the list. So not only has the order changed, it is different from how the order is in the application. Needs to be fixed!
  5. Agreed. The mobile experience leaves much to be desired. FYI the Reminders feature can be used as a kind of pin. Just set a reminder on the note and it will show up at the top of the list in the Reminders section (as well as below). It will ask you to choose a date and time for the reminder but you can just tap outside of that to just set a reminder with no date. Annoying thing though is that if you have any reminders set with dates those notes will show up above notes that have reminders with no dates. Honestly I think there just needs to be a separate pin function, completely independent of reminders. A pin function that works like the one in Apple notesor Google Keep does.
  6. To followup on this idea, I think that it could be possible to add a recently used Tags list to the picker, list itself. That way the main UI won't be affected as much and besides, when you're in the list of tags view, you're already in the "tag picking" frame of mind so a recent tags list there fits in with that frame of thinking.
  7. Would love to see this as well. One might create a small space underneath where it shows the name of the notebook to show the first few tags, then provide a control that lets you expand that area to show all of the tags. See attached mockup that I created. An alternative could be that the entire info panel be made available by swiping into the note from the right edge of the screen (I've noticed that Evernote for iOS doesn't use many of the screen gestures that are available in iOS. I think using those gestures could really improve the usability of the app a lot!). I also think it would be great to show the date of the note right on the note editing screen as well (also in mockup). You could change which date shows up (created vs modified) by tapping the date. Perhaps a long tap and hold could be used to bring up the date and time changer. Or you could have a small button to the right of the date that you tap to change the date.
  8. I also would like to comment on the time it takes for the app to open! For an app which many use to quickly jot down thoughts on the go, having to wait such a long time is a problem. In fact, it has become such a problem (on my iPhone 6) that I purchased a separate app to capture my thoughts quickly (that app is Drafts). Using Drafts, I can quickly enter what's on my mind, then easily export it to Evernote for storage.
  9. Let's then hope that Evernote is ignoring our requests for "faster horses" and is hard at work coming up with a really innovative cloud-based note product that is so great, it'll make us wonder why we ever wanted to improve the old one.
  10. I have already found the relevant individual posts in other areas of the forum and upvoted as needed. I just wanted to say something about the lack of consistency across platforms, which I think is better done in an omnibus way in the general forum rather than individually in each version's sub-forum. In any case, it doesn't seem to matter whether anyone says anything anywhere. Clearly the Evernote developers have their priorities, and they happen to not align with what many in the community (not just myself, as evidenced by all of the upvotes to various requests which have been sitting unaddressed for years, sometimes) is important.
  11. I've been using Evernote for awhile now and think that the user interface could use some improvement. Here are some ideas I've had that I think would make the program just a little bit easier to use. Some of these might be particular to me. Make the icons for tag, notebook, and note more distinct from each other. Right now, at least for me, I have to stare at them for a little while to tell which is which. This would be especially helpful in the shortcuts list. Provide color-based cues that users can specify. Let us choose colors for notebooks, or perhaps colors for notes, so we can scan through long lists more quickly. It would be great, for example, if I could color a note red so I know, for example, that it's important. In note snippets in the snippet list, at minimum, list the notebook that the note is in. It's frustrating when going through the All Notes view and not knowing which notebook a note is in until I actually click on a note. IT's not hard, but I tend to skim and scan and the interface could be improved with regard to that. More hierarchy! I realize this is something that people have been asking for for years, and Evernote shows no signs of adopting. But it would be simply amazing if we could add just one more level of hierarchy to the notebooks list. Stacks > Notebooks > Tabs. For people who think hierarchically, this would provide a better sense of where I am in my notes, much better so than tags plus the Stacks > Notebooks hierarchy we have now. And yes, I know you can create pseudo-hierarchies with nested tags, but that feels (to me) like a hack, and has its own problems as well (such as inability to have two lower-level "sections" with the same name). Plus, the lack of nested tags on mobile means any pseudo hierarchy I set up on desktop is lost on mobile, even on the iPad. Provide consistency in the interface across platforms. I use Evernote on a Windows PC, a MacBook, iPhone, iPad, and Web. The Windows experiences differs from the Mac experience which differs from the iPhone / iPad experience and Web experience. It's frustrating when I can do something like nested tags on my desktop and web version, but can't on the iPhone / iPad versions. It's frustrating that the desktop version shows tags at the top of the note while the iPad version hides tags behind a little (i) button. It's annoying that the date and time are shown at the top of a note on desktop, etc., but again, hidden behind the little (i) button on mobile. Also frustrating is the fact that I can change notebook names directly from the left column in the Windows version, but not on Mac version. Reminders - when I set one, I see a little alarm clock in snippet view on Web, but not on Mac desktop. I know it's not easy to do consistency across platforms, and I do appreciate the efforts being made to make it happen, but it would be awesome if we could speed the process up a little bit. Allow tags to be listed in a user-specified order in the top of the note. Right now everything defaults to alphabetical. For God's sake, in the desktop versions, provide the option to auto-complete tags with strings from the middle of the tag, not just the beginning! Unlike some people here, I'll sometimes tag something "red apple" instead of "apple - red". I'd love to be able to get "red apple" in the tags part of the note UI from typing "apple" rather than having to type "red". In other words, give the desktop version the same tag autocomplete that the web and iOS have, and let people turn that off if they don't like it. Allow us to change the color scheme of the app. While green is quite the soothing color, and I realize it is your brand color, not everyone likes it. Further, in my opinion, I think it makes things hard to read sometimes (this applies more to the web and mobile versions). Allow us to change the size of the interface elements. Desktop version - Windows, in particular. On higher resolutions screens, interface elements are sometimes far too small. Can we get the ability to bump it up? Font consistency across platforms. Windows is one font, Mac is another, the web and iOS are yet another. Can we please get some consistency? And also ... the Gotham fonts has terrible hinting on less-than Retina displays (most typical Windows displays). It's not so pleasing to look at. Password protected sections. OneNote does them. Why not Evernote? I'd be more than happy to provide more detailed suggestions on how to at least design some of these things.
  12. Good idea! That also works to solve the immediate problem. Though since it's a saved search and not a shortcutted notebook / stack, you won't have the search box nor the tag filter / reminders filter available. It would be neat to have a "search within these search results" feature. Off to the feature requests forum! I also noticed ... when you use a saved search from the shortcuts bar, you won't be able to tap the back arrow to go back to the shortcuts list (this appears to be a bug). And I also noticed that when you tap on a saved search in shortcuts, it lists the number of notes as "0" regardless of how many there are. In contrast, when you actually run the search, it shows the correct number of notes (seems to be another bug).
  13. In iOS, the only way to do this is first, add the notebook stack to the shortcuts area by holding and dragging to the little star in the left side. Then, in the shortcuts view, you will see the stack plus all of its notebooks. Then you can tap on the stack and see all of the notes in that stack's notebooks. Unfortunately, when you put a stack in the shortcuts, you cannot close the stack when it's in the shortcuts view. So if the stack has many notebooks, you will see all of those notebooks in the shortcuts list, which makes the list possibly very long. It would be nice if it were possible to directly access this "all notes in a stack" view directly from the notebooks list, but unfortunately, at the moment, it's not possible.
  14. If you wanted to tag the insurance company itself, you could just tag it as "insurance" as well. Or ... I imagine that the search function would let search for any tag / nested tag called "insurance", sort of mimicking the existing universal unique tagging that we have now.
  15. I recently had the pleasure of using the iOS note app called Bear and I have to say, I'm a huge fan of how it handles tags -- in particular, nested tags. I wonder if something similar could be adopted by Evernote? The key difference between Bear-style tag nesting and Evernote-style tag nesting is that, in Bear, the combination of a parent tag plus a child tag yields a unique tag. That means you can actually have multiple tags of the same name, as long as they are each children of different tags. This makes it easy to set up a real parent/child relationship between groups of notes using tags alone. In contrast, in Evernote, tag nesting is for organizational purposes only. That means that tags must be unique, even when they are nested underneath other tags. So, let's imagine that you own two cars, and want to organize information about insurance and service records. Bear You can set up something like this in Bear: car1/insurance car1/servicerecords car2/insurance car2/servicerecords You could then filter by car1, or car2, etc., or drill down. You could also potentially search by insurance, servicerecords, etc., and cross cut across car1, car2, etc. Evernote In Evernote, you would need to do a workaround, as you can't create two tags with the same name. One workaround: car1-insurance car1-servicerecords car2-insurance car2-servicerecords etc., but you lose the information that the sub-string "insurance" is really supposed to "mean" the same thing for both car1 and car2. Or you could use completely independent tags car1, car2, insurance, servicerecords, etc., and then organize the tags into a hierarchy with all of the tags underneath a general cars tag. But then what if you also have, say, health insurance, and use the insurance tag for that? Or home owners insurance? It wouldn't make sense to put the insurance tag under cars, right? You might say that you could keep insurance as the high level tag and nest other tags like cars, home, health, underneath, but that causes its own problems. You might say, then, you could have organizational-only tags like ^INSURANCE or ^CARS, but then you end up organization-only tags and the ensuing messiness (with especially huge amounts of messiness on iOS, where there is no tag hierarchy at all). Or you might have two notebooks, Car1, and Car2, and use the insurance, servicerecords, etc., tags. This is pretty much what I do now, but the 250 notebook cap is always looming in the back of my mind. Plus , there's no clear place to put the insurance tag under, i.e. the tag nesting problem is still there because tags must be unique, even when they are nested. And for people who want to don't want this new fangled tag hierarchy, an option could be put into settings to enable / disable. Thoughts?
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