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  1. With the new ability to collapse & expand headers (wonderful), headers which were pretty useless have suddenly become massively useful. But they don't stand out enough in my notes, so I've been changing them to green, bold, underscore, which works really well. But resetting the style individually on every single note, individually for large, medium and small headers is absolutely excruciating. And I have a lot of notes. I'd be happy with one preference setting for all notes, but in the ideal world, you'd be able to choose from several, perhaps on individual notes, or by notebook? I haven't used templates, but could they help - eg store the header formats with a template?
  2. I don't understand your talk of css - your example doesn't look like the web version, does the native app use css, and can you customise it? I love Evernote, but I'm struggling with the recent visual changes. Who thinks it's a good idea to have a dark grey font on a light grey background? I can hardly read my tag buttons, the font is so narrow. I use the triple hyphen shortcut underlines to split my notes up visually, but they're almost invisible now. Is it because the developers are all under 30 with huge perfect monitors? [ I've just discovered a (new?) setting for Note Width which stops centre justifying notes and truncating at 80 characters! I wonder is there are more new settings I haven't discovered to fix the above issues? ]
  3. I agree, when I moved from OneNote to EN, tabs were one of the things I missed. Structuring big notes is one of the biggest challenges for EN, and I'm open to anything that makes it better, whether it's vertical or horizontal tabs, or outlining to show or hide chunks of note.
  4. Tags are brilliant to organise notes, so it’s disappointing that they don’t work for tasks. And there aren’t many tasks worth doing where the task title is enough. Surely a task could have a note behind it?
  5. I agree nothing is easy, but we're trying to suggest a way to implement a really powerful feature for minimal code change, based almost entirely on what's already there. It's almost exactly what Mike P does manually, with the tiniest bit of automation to make it 100 times easier. I thought that one of the benefits of moving to a single code base was that they could do small developments more easily!
  6. A more stream-lined process which seems very easy for Evernote to implement :
  7. With respect, I know I can do that, but I don't, because it's just not very easy or intuitive, and it's just cludgey, almost un-usable. And if you work in separate windows, the back arrow takes you back to the search list, not the separate window master note.
  8. This would be a huge step forward and if done carefully could be the outliner so many of us are crying out for. Big notes get unmanageable very quickly. But multiple separate notes are even worse - it’s too easy to lose notes, and almost impossible to manage their sequence. This would let us structure them painlessly. Essential.
  9. I don't think trying to fiddle system dates is a good answer. I've found Evernote randomly updates modification dates on old notes so they all appear as modified 'today'. I agree, some more sorting options would be very useful, but for the moment, I use reverse date in the title, like 2022-11-14 xxxx, and it works pretty well. I also have year tags, like 2022, 2021, etc, which are good to filter by.
  10. I'll try and keep my cool here. My comments about Google are that it "just works" for most people, so they use it. I would suggest 90% of Evernote users wouldn't know what "solid search syntax" means if it hit them in the face. Evernote needs to attract that 90%, not the 10% who do, or the 1% that actually use it every day.
  11. Brilliant!!!! Just tried "Switch To" (Cmd-J on Mac) command for the first time - thank you. Found every "Intitle:" keyword I tried instantly. But I've been using Evernote for many years and I'm still learning - so I go back to my original theme: Evernote search is a key differentiator. If it doesn't find our target in the first few notes, without any complicated syntax or keyboard shortcuts, it gives us a reason to look at competitors.
  12. The reason everybody uses Google search instead of Yahoo, AltaVista, Bing and all the hundreds of others is because it returns the most relevant results at the top of the list. No trying to remember advanced search syntax. Many search words appear dozens or hundreds of times in my notes - you would have thought having it in the title was a pretty good clue, and pretty easy to implement? I know about "Intitle:" but I bet very few Evernote users do, and who wants to type that mouthful anyway? I only ever use it when the results are so useless that I have to do the whole search again.
  13. I discovered Presentation Mode late, and used it a few times. It was brilliant, especially for working with other people. But it was a very hidden feature, and most of my Evernote was working on my own. Now I do more team working, I would find it very useful, if it was easy for Evernote to do. Saying 'other programs do presentations' is only a good answer if you don't mind copying and reformatting your notes - the power of Evernote Presentation mode was that you could instantly present your existing Evernote in a way that was reasonably readable for everyone, with no effort. I'd pay for that as a Premium feature, and I wouldn't need everything that PowerPoint can do. Even better to have a 'convert to PowerPoint' button. But it's far less important than OUTLINING, which is probably the longest, most called-for missing feature of Evernote. The team's busy - do Outlining, THEN presentation mode.
  14. We discussed this in the note above. In terms of web vs app, I thought new features were tried first in the Web version, and if they work, they're added to the apps on the other platforms? In summary:- Edit tags for tag fragments or wildcards - on Mac, right click menu or keyboard shortcut (bit of a handful as ctrl/option/Cmd/T).- Add tags to avoid tag fragments or wildcards - on Mac, click the bottom line 'Add tag' button or keyboard shortcut Cmd/'.
  15. I've been having a few duplicates, but they have the same title as the original note? To the point that I have to rename at least one of them to differentiate them. But showing 'copy' in the title would at least help, because you could search Intitle:copy to find them. Although they don't happen often (mainly because the iPhone and iPad Evernote is now so slow I don't use it), Evernote has always been quite poor at warning you about them, and then about helping you sort them out. Even the new "Evernote has found a duplicate - click to see it" message is quite awkward. I'm normally reduced to copying each note to a text file and using a Compare program or Excel to find the differences. It would be great if Evernote could do that for us.
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