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  1. Sorry, but both answers still fall short of the mark. When doing research, I seldom do it at one go. So, I cannot just select all notes and assign the tags all at once. In addition, I sometimes use previously tagged notes to create a first cut and review tags as needed. What is the difficulty about not bringing back the "hide the unassigned tags" option? Just adjust the previous code to the new Evernote. I understand all the reasons that justified building a new app to make it an unified code across all platforms. It will be easier and cheaper to maintain. It also expedites features release in all devices. However, the new app still lacks many features that permit an user to have a more efficient experience and better control of the note format. Hopefully, the development team will manage to "restore" some of the functions that make Evernote a quick and effective way to capture data from multiple sources in multiple devices. Right now, I prefer using both the Legacy and the new app on my desktop. The former gives better control on the notes formatting and faster productivity. The latter provides better compatibility between the Web and the desktop app.
  2. The option to "Hide unassigned tags" is a great time saver. When I am doing research, I usually collect several Web clippings on the same topic. After this harvest, I select one of the notes and assign all pertinent tags. Then, I select all clippings and using CTRL+ALT+T I make all selected notes share the same tags. Very fast and efficient. The new version requires a lot of extra effort to do the same task. So, please please bring back the "Hide unassigned tags" option back.
  3. Same EN Windows, Clipper and Chrome setup. Using Win 10 version 2004. All other behavior with EN are normal. Anyway, thanks for the reply.
  4. I use Evernote Windows and it has the following behavior: If I insert material using the Web Clipper, all images included in a article do not present the contextual menu that allows annotation & editing If I download image to my PC then paste (or drag) into the note, the contextual menu with the annotation options appear. What would be nice is to have images included in material clipped from the Web also present the annotation contextual menu.
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