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Please provide same Tag Functionality in App as well as the browser



Usually I find apps have more functionality than browser extensions but in this case it is the opposite and a bit frustrating.

When I add a web page or article when browsing I can add Tags by typing words that are in my existing Tags.

When I am in the app though this does not work - I have to enter the name of the tag from left to right like the simple indexes of old.

I could understand if the functionality did not exist but why degrade the main app which is supposed to add the most functionality and be where you do the most work - certainly clean up etc. 

Can you possibly switch the main app to use the same functionality as the browser?

It would be much appreciated because right now I can't be bothered cleaning up Tags because it is too time consuming due to the lack of functionality.

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15 hours ago, Greg1234 said:

When I am in the app though this does not work - I have to enter the name of the tag from left to right like the simple indexes of old.

Unfortunately your post doesn't say how exactly you are asdding tags or what app you are using. If you are using a desktop version you are probably adding the tags in the tag entry area at the bottom of the note. This searches for the tags assuming the first letter you type is the first letter in the tag. I like this behaviour although I of course I wouldn't mind if there was an option to do it differently.

There are many other ways of adding tags to a note. The one you probably want is the "edit tags" function (note -> edit tags or alt+ctrl+T on Windows), This does a true search for the tags and displays them within the tag hierarchy.


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We discussed this in the note above. 

In terms of web vs app, I thought new features were tried first in the Web version, and if they work, they're added to the apps on the other platforms?

In summary:
- Edit tags for tag fragments or wildcards - on Mac, right click menu or keyboard shortcut (bit of a handful as ctrl/option/Cmd/T).
- Add tags to avoid tag fragments or wildcards - on Mac, click the bottom line 'Add tag' button or keyboard shortcut Cmd/'.

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The „web client first“ was the war cry of the development phase of the new EN client. This phase is over - since the first release of the new desktop versions, the web client updates in sync with the desktop clients: Same version number, whenever technically possible same feature sets.

For testing new stuff EN runs a beta program, to which you need to apply:

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