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  1. i did look for any already posted ideas but didnt use the word collapse in the search so might have missed the one you suggested @Wilf Forrow. My idea was crude and definitely needs loads refining but would really help An alternate way i use is changing color of trivial extra notes to a light color but still leads to scrolling a lot. Anyway , if there's a way to promote it to catch attention of someone from devs , it'll be nice to know
  2. So when i make notes but want to have a quick glance , highlights aren't enough , also sometimes you want extra points but not have lengthy notes all the time , so to compress some additional points in a note : Add a right click /toolbar feature , that makes a read more button replacing the selected text wherever you feel extra points need to be hidden , that can be clicked to expand the points in there this is a humble request to please think about it as it's a legit gift to users who make long notes like in a school scenario
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