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  1. Tried to report it as a bug, but the only categories I was offered didn't seem at all appropriate, so have reported it in the FaceBook group which seems tbe monitored by EN staff: https://www.facebook.com/groups/evernotecommunity
  2. That's very interesting, thanks - but it can't be an Apple restriction, because other apps work fine - it must be EN. I tend to use the app store to support Apple because I know they're short of money, because the updating should be more automatic, but I think Evernote might have cracked that now anyway.
  3. Same problem on my new MacBook Pro, but it suddenly started working on my old MacBook Air only, on v10.9.10 (I'm 90% sure it wasn't working before). This is a vital universal Mac keyboard shortcut 'Move focus to next window', which works in every other application, including the old Evernote. Could there be a difference between Mac App Store and Direct Download versions? I've checked Mac Preferences and keyboard shortcuts, but can't find any reason so far. All other keyboard shortcuts seem to be working. Differences between the 2 Mac's that might explain it: 1) Works on MacBook Air, macOS Sierra 10.12.6, no Touch Bar. 2) Fails on MacBook Pro (M1 chip), macOS Big Sur 11.2.3, Touch Bar 3) Same EN version, but different software BUILDS : 10.9.10-mac-mas-public (458488). <--- NOT WORKING from Mac App Store Editor: v119.1.15375. Service: v1.30.2 10.9.10-mac-ddl-public (2439). <--- WORKING (I think this is Direct Download) Editor: v119.1.15375. Service: v1.30.2 I also have a Mac Mini, NOT working, on Mac Mojave 10.14.6. 10.8.6-mac-mas-public (458469) <--- NOT WORKING from Mac App Store Editor: v118.1.15148. Service: v1.28.5 10.9.10-mac-mas-public (458488). <--- NOT WORKING from Mac App Store Editor: v119.1.15375. Service: v1.30.2 Strictly speaking, Apple describe the shortcut as Cmd ` (accent), because ~ is the shifted version of the key.
  4. I've found a lifesaver - the only way to make sure the key notes come to the top is by prefixing the titles, like this : 1. Main note 2. Sub-note 1 2. Sub-note 2 2. Sub-note 3 3. Sub-sub-note 1.1 3. Sub-sub-note 1.2 Etc. Works brilliantly for me. Recommended.
  5. I see where we're going wrong - 'Read only' means Evernote team just need to read it but not actually do anything with it ! :-) Seriously, it's time to fix this guys. I've lost information any number of times where I found out straight away, and was able to undo. God knows how many times I did it without finding out. The worst case (for me) has been where I right click a link (to open in new window), which selects it, so the next character I type in the source note replaces the whole link. Bang, gone, and I probably won't even notice.
  6. Great request. It's really an informal form of the 'Text collapse / outlining' feature that was first requested in 2011, and has massive support. Maybe this would be easier to implement, as a first step towards the full structured outlining that we need so badly? Come on Evernote - help us see the wood for the trees!
  7. I like your idea. Many notes apply to 2 or more subject areas, so there is no single right place to file them. Tags fix this problem, as you can tag notes across subject areas, and I love them, but they don't work for sharing, and they're not the easiest to use. Managing and indexing is the next big challenge for Evernote - it's an area where Microsoft OneNote is ahead.
  8. Isn't this effectively 'Text Collapse [Outlining]', which was first requested under that name in 2011, and has 458 upvotes and has been in Microsoft Word and Excel forever. Yes, 2011. Come on Evernote! Essential functionality.
  9. I’ve given up on TOC’s for exactly this reason. But I make saved searches into shortcuts to do the same thing, and they really do update automatically. If you can find a search that selects the notes you want, you’re home and dry. Unfortunately you can’t auto-sort them (yet).
  10. Thanks Eric. I just tried Cloud Outliner 2 on my Mac and iPad. It is pretty amazing and very cheap, and isn't far off what I think is the solution, EXCEPT for the fact it's not integrated into EN. I was hoping that any changes I made in EN would be maintained in Cloud Outliner, so you could switch backwards and forwards pretty easily, editing in either. It started off looking as if it would work, based on a few simple changes, but as soon as I did anything complicated, like adding new lines, indenting, etc, it started losing some of the EN data, and that's a huge no-no for me. It might not be far off, and the sync itself worked better than I dared hope. I'll carry on testing, but for me, it's probably not integrated enough and solid enough to be useful - yet. For others it might be ok.
  11. It's great that they're working on a single cross-platform editor - surely this would be a great time to introduce the simplest of 'Lock Note' / 'Unlock Note' feature? I suspect that the best is the enemy of the good here, because there are many other things we'd probably also like, for example: Default this note to Readonly again after close. Default all notes in a Notebook to Readonly. Restrict or give permission to lock or unlock a note. And no doubt, dozens more BUT - people are losing data NOW from typo's, accidental clicks, inadvertent changes, often without realising it. A simple Lock/Unlock Note button would eliminate 99% of them!
  12. I'd like 'Simplify formatting' to offer to compress images for me quickly and easily, without having to worry about the technicalities. I almost always want the image as a small thumbnail to remind me what it's about, not to provide huge detail, and I also want fast (therefore small) notebooks. Ideally 'Simplify formatting' would tell me the size of the note now, and estimate what it could reduce it to with various levels of compression. Ideally with the option to take me through each image in turn, with storage used, and options for the size in the note and compression levels, plus option to delete it completely. Cropping would be an added bonus, but I find most of my images come in to Evernote cropped already.
  13. I absolutely agree. The tool should not dictate the content, but I have to keep my checklist items very short to avoid them wrapping, which is bad - the tail wagging the dog. In other words, checklists should wrap and justify correctly just like bulleted and numbered lists. Perhaps we're asking for an option to make the bullets clickable checkboxes? But whatever's easy to fix this.
  14. I put ‘1.’ in front of the title of the top level note in each category, then 2, 3, 4, in front of second, third and fourth level notes (just the important or fixed ones). That means a quick sort by title brings them to the top, and it works well. I also use shortcuts to do searches by tags of Lev1, Lev2, Lev3, Lev4.
  15. I love Evernote, but it is weak on organising and outlining our notes. With well over a thousand notes, on many topics, it's really hard to keep control, even though I use tags extensively, and create master notes to help index it all. But that takes huge manual effort. Search links could be an easy way to help with this. I think proper outlining and/or tabs to link notes would be more powerful, but would be massively more work. I would not want to wait for searches to complete every time I open a note, so it would need to cache the last contents, perhaps with a 'Refresh' button and a 'last refreshed n days ago' . Great idea though.
  16. I'm guessing it's because Evernote is effectively supporting already horrendously complex HTML. When I merge clips from multiple different websites into a single note, each with their own complex multi-level style sheets, I'm just staggered that it can make any sense of it. So what looks easy on screen hides massive complexity under the covers. But that doesn't mean to say I don't need it - I resort to the 'Simplify formatting' command so often that I've nearly given up trying to format anything in Evernote - that's not good for my notes, or for Evernote's long term survival. Please do it!
  17. For me this needs to include selective hiding of topics and levels, live MS Word has done for ever. So for example, I can just show levels 1 and 2 at heading level, but expand one section that I'm working on to show the detail, and lower level text. The reason it's so important is that you can see the overview of a big document, but dive into the detail as and when you need to. As has been said so many times, we currently have to break down big or complex notes to multiple notes, which is a pretty poor workaround.
  18. +1 It's just too easy to lose data to accidental edits. Even if I spot it, its hard to undo on iOS, but often I don't until too late. Here's what I would like, in descending order of importance: 1) Specify that all notes are read only until edit mode is specifically enabled on each note - eg by button or menu. Ideally a user setting per platform, so that people could better protect their iPad, which is often left around, without restricting their PC. Read only notes would still allow non-destructive operations such as searching, selecting, copying, printing, etc. Ideally, the first time the editor detects a change on a read-only note, it would prompt to ask whether to enable edit mode. 2) If that is too hard, then show a highly visible 'change marker' whenever an edit is detected, so I can undo it if was accidental. Ideally, a brightly coloured button in the note title, which would be cleared automatically when I closed the note window, or when I clicked it to acknowledge the change, and showing the time it was last edited (to distinguish previous deliberate edits in the same session). Ideally the button would include an 'undo' option, especially for iOS if you have disabled the 'shake to undo' function. 3) Less important, but very useful (to me anyway). Specify that individual notes or notebooks are read only. Perhaps by a special tag of 'ReadOnly'? Perhaps require elevated authorisation to enable edits - perhaps by Evernote password.
  19. Just tried two levels of tag hierarchy on a Mac, and it looks great. I checked what IOS made of it, and it does understand that they're in a hierarchy, and makes a reasonable job. It displays all tags at the top level, not in an explicit hierarchy, as the Mac does, and it does display the notes as you would expect according to which level you click. I.e. click a top level tag and you see all notes owned in that hierarchy, click a second level tag, and you see just the notes for that tag. But I'm nervous about relying on it, given all the comments about Evernote's lack of enthusiasm. I'd like to see Evernote say that it's a fully supported feature.
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