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Creationdate as of 1990



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Just to make that point again: This field is maybe editable, but in general it is under system control. I would not use it to store any information of value, or that involves a significant amount of effort into that field. It is the creation date of a note, nothing else.

If you want to get options with the contents date, find a personal structure for the title field, starting with a sortable date (yyyymmdd), or use tags to set a date.

If you however want to edit it: You may find it easier to use one of the legacy clients to set it to the date you would like to have it.

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3 hours ago, Gerald_Jungeblut said:

Hello, I have old newspaper articles that I want to give a new creation date so that sorting by creation date works. Unfortunately, the oldest possible year is 2014 and beyond. Can't the date field be displayed as a simple input field? This would then allow all valid date values.


There is a workaround, click on the earliest year shown, 2014, it then drops you back into the note detail box. Click on the date modifier again and it will show you 9 years earlier from 2014, select again, rinse and repeat. 
It's a poor substitiute for a slider scroll, but it works in a pinch if you've only a few entries to edit in this way. 


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I don't think trying to fiddle system dates is a good answer.  I've found Evernote randomly updates modification dates on old notes so they all appear as modified 'today'.

I agree, some more sorting options would be very useful, but for the moment, I use reverse date in the title, like 2022-11-14 xxxx, and it works pretty well.

I also have year tags, like 2022, 2021, etc, which are good to filter by.

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