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Ability to add task details



Add the ability to add text, links, and other rich content to a note.

This is critical to the use of a task list item.

The argument that tasks exist within a note is missing the point.

A task is something simple, like "Do a thing" but often details about how to "do that thing" are needed in the task. Or at least there needs to be a way to link to a note where those details can exist.

If a task exiting in a note is expected to accomplish this, it is not clear how this functionality is used.

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Tags are brilliant to organise notes, so it’s disappointing that they don’t work for tasks. 
And there aren’t many tasks worth doing where the task title is enough. Surely a task could have a note behind it?

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14 minutes ago, Wilf Forrow said:

Surely a task could have a note behind it?

It can.  Just create the note first with the information you want and add a task item to the note.  When you later view this in the task list you are given an option to go to note if you want to see the details.

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