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Evernote Notes to WordPress CPT

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I am currently using a WordPress site with custom post types and, ideally, I’d like to integrate Evernote more into my processes. In an ideal world, I would wish to be able to post directly to this new custom post type on my blog from Evernote.

Looking at Evernote, I found out that there is some existing plugins/addons for integration with WordPress but I’m not certain if these are compatible with the custom post types or just plain posts and pages. Has anyone had any experience or issues when integrating Evernote with WordPress and using your custom post types?

If the current crop of Evernote plugins does not have support for custom post types, out of the box, I am curious if there are possible ways to leverage mechanisms like Zapier. Perhaps there is a way to set up a zap that looks for new notes added to an Evernote notebook and then posts a new entry to my WP CPT based on the content of the note.

Here I am, a novice in the world of workflow automation tools, so I would just like to know if anyone using Evernote + WordPress has something to recommend or to tell.I would very much like to see Evernote and my custom content types join the dance of harmony.

Any comments you might have will be greatly appreciated in advance.

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Hi.  Beware that third-party links may not work consistently since Evernote is still in the process of upgrading its server operations.  One integration that will already publish notes as blog pages is Postach.io and if you can find a way to move content from one web page to another you might be able to use that to service a WordPress site - or maybe just use your WP site as a portal to some Postach.io pages...

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