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  1. The behavior of the new Webclipper in Firefox 75 (Windows 10 prof. x64) is annoying: it does not start immediately when you click the Webclipper button and therefore does not clip the desired page. Only when I deactivate and reactivate the webclipper on the AddOn page it starts clipping the desired page(s). In addition, like the previous version, he NEVER finds related notes, although this is set.
  2. My question in this post was just that I accidentally deleted the Android subscription. Meanwhile I can say that it works perfectly if you buy Evernote via Android -> Google Play credit and also renew it. You just have to make sure that you top up your Google Play credit shortly before the end of the annual subscription.
  3. In the Evernote Android app, I can set "sort by" in a notebook as I need it, but this then applies globally to every notebook in the app. Different in Evernote Desktop (Windows): I can set "always use for this notebook" and there the sorting option only applies to the respective notebook. Apparently there is no such thing in the app, or have I overseen something? What I want to achieve: I need some notebooks sorted by "last updated" and others alphabetically by title - and I would also like to be able to do this via the app. Isn't this possible in the Android app?
  4. Hi, how can I get rid of the indentation that a pointed list creates on the left (Evernote Desktop, Windows 10)?
  5. that mean I have no change ("workaround") to work with my notes with (lots) of tables in it on Android? I would be satisfied if I could at least work with Evernote Web on Android devices in a browser.
  6. Hi, I'm a Premium user and use a Note9 smartphone and a Samsung tablet with Android 9 for working with the Evernote app besides mainly working with Evernote Desktop for Windows 10. When I am on the go (work, travel, vacation) I only have the smartphone and tablet with me with the Evernote app installed. However, I cannot create tables in the Android app, I cannot edit existing tables (created with Evernote Desktop / Windows 10) like editing the colors, adding, removing columns or rows for example, I can only edit the text. Well, then I tried to access Evernote Web with a browser (Firefox, Chrome) and get the message that Evernote Web is not supported by Android browsers. So I have no chance to edit my table notes in the above situations! Is there a way to "emulate" a "Windows" browser on Android to at least be able to edit these notes with Evernote Web on Android? Or what ideas do you have?
  7. This is not a forum link, and the described solution works perfectly with the latest version of Evernote!!!
  8. you can link to notebooks! It works with ENScript, unfortunately the post is in German, but perhaps you can translate it with Google Translator: http://www.notieren.de/der-super-index-teil-3-notizbucher-verlinken/ @merman
  9. ... not Evernote, but the OFFLINE NOTEBOOKS I'd like to use. I don't know the problem, because currently I installed DropSync, for example, and a notification popup said, that the user needs to give authority to write on the SD-Card; and as soon as you click to allow that, writing on SD-card is possible (Android 9). So IT IS possible in general - and I have NOT a rooted device, just saying ...
  10. 4 years later ... what are now the news about storing offline notebooks on SD card?
  11. With the newest update the search on Android works perfect now!
  12. okay, but on any internet linked desktop computer you cannot pay via Google Play; for this you need to be on an Android device. I contacted the support, but only get the message to push the upgrade button, that I do not have in my Evernote settings in my German Evernote on Android. Here even Premium is noted, although that expired on 27.9.2018. I logged out and logged back in, updated the app and synced it, just the same: http://imgbox.com/X33SSTsP
  13. thanks, I already tried this link https://www.evernote.com/subscriptions/manage at my Android tablet, but then I got message, that Evernote Web is not supported in Android browsers. So I cannot access this link, no matter if I use Chrome or Firefox at Android ?
  14. Hi, I purchased Evernote Premium (Android) by paying it with Google Play. By accident I deleted this subscription and now it ends and needs to be renewed. Unfortunately I cannot find at my Android tablet and phone anything how to renew it. At Google Play -> subscription it is already deleted, so I cannot renew it there. Since Evernote Web does not support Android browsers at all (really a joke!!!), I cannot access there my online account of Evernote. Today I got an email: but there is no setting anywhere, where to do this. Can anyone help me please how to renew it? I already bought Google Play credits for this renewal :-/ Thanks.
  15. Evernote is in my autostart (WIN 10 x64), at my computer and at my notebook. On both systems I got the same error since the last Evernote update. Arthur's solutions does not fix it. Anyone else an idea please? Thanks.
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